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Welcome to the Season of Nesting! If you're eager to design a cozy, personal space, this Season is for you.

Plus, dive into the latest Sky event with this update. Sweet moments wait for you during a special Sky × Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Cafe collaboration.

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Sky: Children of the Light Game SCREENSHOT

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Sky: Children of the Light Game DESCRIPTION

Sky: Children of the Light is a peaceful, award-winning MMO from the creators of Journey. Explore a beautifully-animated kingdom across seven realms and create enriching memories with other players in this delightful puzzle-adventure game.

Game Features:

In this multi-player social game, there are countless ways to meet and play with new friends.

Every day offers an opportunity for adventure. Play frequently to unlock new experiences and be rewarded with candles to redeem for cosmetics.


Express yourself! New looks and accessories are available every new season or event.


Learn new emotes and gain wisdom from elder spirits. Challenge players to a race, get cozy around a fire, jam on instruments, or race down mountains. Whatever you do, beware of the Krill!


Join millions of real players from all across the world!


Join our talented community of creators! Take photos or videos of gameplay, and share memories while playing with your new friends.

Winner of:

-Mobile Game of the Year (Apple)
-Outstanding Design and Innovation (Apple)
-Most users in a concert-themed virtual world (Guinness World Record)
-Mobile Game of the Year (SXSW)
-Best Visual Design: Aesthetic (Webby)
-Best Gameplay & People’s Choice (Games for Change Awards)
-Audience Award (Game Developers Choice Award)
-Best Indie Game ( Tap Tap Game Awards)

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Sky: Children of the Light is a peaceful, award-winning MMO from the creators of Journey. Explore a beautifully-animated kingdom across seven realms and create enriching memories with other players in this delightful puzzle-adventure game.Game Features:In this multi-player social game, there are countless ways to meet and play with new friends.Every day offers an opportunity for adventure. Play frequently to unlock new experiences and be rewarded with candles to redeem for cosmetics.CUSTOMIZE YOUR LOOKExpress yourself! New looks and accessories are available every new season or event.ENDLESS EXPERIENCESLearn new emotes and gain wisdom from elder spirits. Challenge players to a race, get cozy around a fire, jam on instruments, or race down mountains. Whatever you do, beware of the Krill!CROSS-PLATFORM PLAYJoin millions of real players from all across the world!SHOW OFF YOUR ARTISTIC SIDEJoin our talented community of creators! Take photos or videos of gameplay, and share memories while playing with your new friends.Winner of:-Mobile Game of the Year (Apple)-Outstanding Design and Innovation (Apple)-Most users in a concert-themed virtual world (Guinness World Record)-Mobile Game of the Year (SXSW)-Best Visual Design: Aesthetic (Webby)-Best..

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This is an amazing game, love (almost) everything about it But recently there's been a bug that render the game unplayable. Basically everytime you enter a new realm or location, the game will stutter, become unresponsive and crashing. This has happened to me consistently and there's no way to fix it for now. I literally cannot leave Home. Please, please! Fix it immediately!


U need to allow players to be able to view all their friend's constellations instead of going back and forth litting half of it and then returning litting the others again, while the rest can't be seen + u need to allow players to teleport to each other at all variety of places, so that they can at least meet again on eye of Eden when they dealt with a split yellow wifi issue error


I have no idea if this is relatively new or not but lately I haven't been able to switch apps/leave the app for any amount of time without it restarting or straight up closing. After 15 minutes or so is one thing, but even if it's for 20 seconds to respond to a text or even an accidental home button press the app will restart and I have to manually go back to where I was :,/ Also the instruments' key keeps changing in the middle of playing music sheets now :(


A beautiful and immersive game with a unique artstyle. There's so much to do and explore. You can collect cosmetics and props to personalize your skykid which is fun. Main issue is that items that aren't part of your base game constellation are very candle / heart heavy which demands you do alot of daily grinding which can be a little exhausting. Overall a wonderful game that offers great experiences and connections. Remember to take it at your own pace.


I've been playing Sky for A LOT in the past, took a break that lasted around 2 years and came back last year. The amount of grinding is still overwhelming, but it's bearable with experience and good friends. The amount of good new things is getting smaller, cosmetics quality lower, there almost is nothing new lore wise. I'm still frustrated android devices have lower quality graphics that iPhones that are worse in terms of hardware. But I recently realized I'm staying for my people so I'm good


This game brings me so much joy and peace. I have to remind myself from time to time that it is not just about getting all the cosmetics and completing all quests but about these small moments when you're hugging a friend that you haven't seen in a while or seeing a new player get exited about something you showed them. I've only ever had a problem with one thing - Splitting servers. I tried to join a friend and before I was able to run up to them, the server split. At least 10 times.


I still love the game, but the amount of IAP stuff getting pushed is insane. I appreciate the new seasonal event tickets, but there's still so much being toted around with insanely high prices. IMO, a cape/hairstyle/pants with no special capability shouldn't cost more than a season pass. And all the issues with nesting should have compensation. I'm not the only player who missed out on a week's worth of season pass stuff because of these issues. More than ever it looks like yall only care abt $$


Beautiful game, but there is far too much wrong to justify $15 for one cape. All I can seem to do is get stuck in weird places and slip-slide. The flight mechanic doesn't feel like it responds consistently. It's VERY hard to keep track of your own progress- which is important to get into locked areas- and the game is just desperate for you to use a guide. I get pop-ups every 3 minutes telling me to ask for help when I'm just exploring. Cutscenes trigger randomly and often.


changed my review form 5 to 1 since I've been sending about this issue/bug in this game about the buttons that doesn't appear! its been months, still no action to solve this kind of issue.. I can't lit lights nor change cosmetics, and especially i can't communicate with my friends! I can't even hold them even though they are offering to hold cause the button icon doesn't appear. I can't see the constellation and can't enter the passages even though i completed the requirements.


I love the game a lot, it's got great graphics and can be really calm and fun. however, the one thing I find a bit annoying if that travelling spirits keep coming in and the costs of some in-game cosmetics are really high, it can be really hard for players to farm for the candles to purchase them...


really one of the best games I've played! i haven't permanently quit since around 3-4 years ago, i did get a few burnouts and leave for a few months though. the graphics are super good, it's a really interactive game where you meet players online, do quests, and can sometimes be a little frustrating; the crabs will charge at your, depleting your light, but the fun part is that you get to knock them over and COOK them. anyways, i enjoyed all the seasons' events but please fix the bugs ASAP. °~♡~°


Everytime I load the game, 5-10 minutes later, it crashes and I have to basically almost start back over or pray that I reached a check point that saved my progress before it crashed again. I deleted the app and then reinstalled but not even 2 minutes after signing back in, barely get from home into the quest world and then BOOM! I crash. Very frustrating and sucks cause I think I would have loved it. Uninstalled..


Beautiful game. I was looking for something free-roaming and immersive where I can just wander (or fly!) around exploring and doing nothing any time I need a bit of escapism, and this is exactly that. It's not overly challenging for the most part (I'm generally not that skilled when it comes to gaming) - the "final challenge" section (not wanting to give any spoilers) is surprisingly brutal and a bit scary but it's very pretty and quite moving.


I loved everything about this game. However, since the most recent update, the amount of lag I've been experiencing is absurd. Not only that, but most of the game modes (shard events, eden, NORMAL game mode) have been so impossible to do. I could be at the end of eden, and I still won't be able to enter orbit because of the lag. I could be finished with the shards event but can't even access the rewards. I've had this BLINKING RED DOT on my screen, CONTINUOUSLY. Disappointing.


I love the game! The graphics was amazing, the landscape is outstanding and the quests are so fun! Also, I'm playing in android and I kinda have some problems with the game. When I was about to do my 6th quest in the Aviary Village, the moments guide didn't move or taught me to photograph. I tried multiple times but he just stood there. Can you guys fix it?


An incredible game, very soothing and uplifting! And a great community. New cosmetics CAN BE expensive, but thats what they are, cosmetic. I would love to see an expansion of cosmetics available year-round for in-game currency. Still, they don't lock any story behind paywalls, there's no ads, and they're constantly expanding the world. I've loved it for a good while now and I expect to continue.


I've been playing on & off since 2021, they've had some amazing seasons and collaborations. The art style is beautiful & music is gorgeous. But the glitches & crashes are way more frequent. Not to mention the costs of items. If it's with in-game currency (candles) needed to buy an item, it used to be way less & candles were much easier to obtain in the past. & then there's the items that can only be bought with real money, the price of 1 item can be up to $25 CAD?!


I have been playing this game for years. It is a beautiful game with amazing senory, music, and lore. However, recently, they have been pricing their cosmetics ridiculously high, making it nearly impossible for a lot of people to get the cosmetics they want. I also feel like the game gets very repetitive very quickly, plus some spaces and spirits are far harder to get through than the rest for no reason. and in my opinion, the last couple of seasons have fallen short compared to previous ones.


This is the best game I've played till now...if u are looking for a peaceful, interactive yet a bit challenging game...then this is perfect The music is amazing The storyline is really cool and even if the game isn't too long...after finishing the game there is still much left to do in it... The best part is how the players help each other through the hard part of the game (Edens eye) and the visuals are amazing You need internet to play this but There are no adds at all. I love it!


Sky really is a magical game. I have had a great experience playing. The animation is lovely and there is much attention paid to the details. The realms are really big and I keep discovering new things. One issue I had though is that when I got to the fourth quest of the season of Flight, I watched the cutscene, sat on the white circle and nothing happened. I got the instructions but nothing changed. I tried many times but with no success. Overall it is a good game, I reccomend trying it.