Whet your appetite for fun and earn amazing rewards with the all-new Slay The Spice feature in our latest update! Join SpongeBob on a culinary cruise across Glove World. Complete unique challenges at each stop as you make your way across the event map en route to a delicious (and highly rewarding) destination. Stay tuned – more epic events and delightful diners are coming soon!


【图】SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off(截图1)【图】SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off(截图2)【图】SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off(截图3)


Cook delicious food and drinks in this FREE online cooking game! Play with SpongeBob SquarePants in this restaurant simulator game and become a chef in an hilarious adventure across different restaurants.
SpongeBob SquarePants is waiting to prepare your favorite food, burgers, and drinks across the restaurants of Bikini Bottom.

Enjoy creating your own kitchen, decorating and customizing your furniture, improving your cooking chef skills, and getting ready to serve delicious food to your guests in this café simulation game.

In our familiar restaurant chains the success relies on your time management skills as a chef: Get ready to have fun and fire up the familiar grill to start cooking acrros different levels and restaurants of the amazing SpongeBob universe.

Don’t lose the cooking events, boosters and rewards inside this cooking simulator. Speed up in SpongeBob’s SquarePants grill and provide fast food to all the series characters like Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Squidward and many more: Play this restaurant simulator by the hand of SpongeBob’s friends! Cook your fast food recipes to keep customers happy and get exciting bonuses in this time management challenge. Start as a junior fry cook and train yourself to level up and become a premiere restaurant chef in this SpongeBob café.

Cook delicious Krusty fast food in our addictive cook-off challenge: Burgers, Steaks & Ribs, Hot Dogs, Drinks… Find all type of fast food in our familiar restaurants and new kitchens after each level. Learn new recipes and upgrade your chef and kitchen equipment to cook faster in this café service simulation. Start out with a basic burger restaurant design until you build the ultimate kitchen of an expert chef!

Choose your favorite cooking utensils, decorations, and food ingredients to add your personal unique touch to the restaurants of SpongeBob SquarePants. Unlock your favorite characters, collect great rewards and bonuses, and prepare the best burgers in town in this SpongeBob SquarePants café. Upgrade your chef with amazing outfits for the restaurant chefs inspired by the show and get a variety of awesome prizes and events to help you cook in new and delicious ways in our restaurant simulator.

Experience a new variety of cooking skills inside our story based on the TV show, where you will find SpongeBob SquarePants, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Sandy, and Patrick. Fast Food Games & Events are waiting for you!
Earn awesome rewards and show off your krusty cook-off skills on leaderboards in our awesome cooking simulation. Become a real chef in SpongeBob’s burger restaurant with fantastics events and new challenges added every week. Become the master of the kitchen and start cooking now.

This SpongeBob SquarePants game is a free to play cooking simulator that includes optional in-app purchases. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

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Privacy Policy:

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SpongeBob Game DOWNLOAD

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The game is really fun and i enjoyed it very much. But the only problem is when i open the app usually, it will load forever! The percentage of it downloading to start the game is 5 percent and doesn't even move. Please fix this prob asap. I would give it 5 stars if this isn't happening.


I got it for my 8 y/o daughter and she tried on the ad to get more coins and when she tried to get off of it then there were no exit button but this is a nice game perfect for challengers and it's the best because you unlock new levels but some are just too hard I'll say it's for 11 to 12year old but if you don't have anything else it's fine it's free for everybody.


The hot contest is going on for 5 days, I bought the premium pass, it wouldn't let me play for a while day and today it does and it put me all the back to the beginning and my premium pass is gone.. the game has been screwing up a lot and I'm close to just uninstalling it. I want my money back.


I don't remember having to use gems to upgrade items along with the coins, but for whatever reason that was changed, it was a braindead move. The ads are TOO often. I get you gotta make money, but with how you're expecting to get money from gem purchases, you need to tone down the ads. I DID enjoy this game until these changes were made.


Pay to Play. This game would be more ethical and fun if it offered more options/challenges to collect free gems. It claims to offer free gems with ads, but as soon as you watch a few, the ads are no longer available. They set it up so you have to spend real money in order to progress in the game. They're not the only developers to do this of course, but it's still shady and there are many ways they can do better for the players and still turn a profit.


Seems to be set up to drain your money. First, it is annoying that there is a commercial or ad after every single level. Second, when you upgrade in the restaurant store it takes your diaminds (which you have to pay for) rather than coins. Sorry, done with this game.


Great game, requires you to watch ads though. I don't mind that either. 15 seconds into the ad the game crashes. Over and over. Been trying for 10 minutes now. Time to Uninstaller after level 49.


I'm still giving this game 1 star and posting a new review and maybe someone will actually fix this game. Multiple levels in sisyphean sweets are impossible to beat without at least one booster. I have complained more than once and was brushed off stating there is nothing they can do until the next update. Maybe fix and update it already? Been months,I finally caved and used two booster to beat the one level (level 97) only to come across another level (level 100). Its becoming a money grab.
Thanks for your review! We're still preparing the upcoming Island in the Sky 😄 We have tons of ingredients to choose from and will do our best to deliver an awesome experience! Hope to see you soon in the Fry Cook Games leaderboard!


Game is fun, it's always annoying seeing ads but apparently they're inescapable without a price & speaking of.. there's an option for a subscription that is definitely NOT worth it, $9.99 WEEKLY??! Nah, yall are out of your mind. Its just funny that no one is hiding their disgusting money grabbing ways anymore. "Yeah we don't make enough money from the ad we played after every level you do, including countless voluntary ads some might watch", big yikes


I love this game. Not a big fan of how long it takes to load up and then once i progressed in the game, it would keep closing out! Either right after it was done loading or even right in the middle of the game! It got so frustrating i find myself not even playing anymore. If not for this issue i would have rated this game 5 stars. 😐


Fun but a money scam.....yes it's enjoyable but the adds are designed so that when you click "x" after it's over, it doesn't close and instead takes you to that add and closes the app, doesn't give you the reward and instead you watched the ad for nothing. Very scam oriented for sure. I also spent the 5 to get gems and the charge was made but 0 gems appeared, no real way to get my money back. Game is made to become unplayable if you don't pay for upgrades.....oddly poorly drawn too.


I like this game a lot. It's fun to play when bored. The only complaint I have is it's SO hard to get gems. I have tons of coins but hardly any gems, and the game practically taunts you with it behind a price wall at every opportunity. Even their "grand prize" doing a challenge winning 15 games in a row with no losses gets you a staggering 6 gems. Thats not even enough for one upgrade on your kitchen. I might have to just delete the game because it's almost impossible to keep playing without $$$
Hi fellow chef, thanks for your review! Currently there are multiple ways to get gems to upgrade your restaurant like filling pearls, watching ads, doing timed events and Fry Cook Games, tasks and achievements! Hope to see you in Island in the Sky soon! 🏝☁️


The game is great, but the adds are so excessive. You have to watch one after completing each level. It makes to have ads as an option for additional gems, etc., but it's annoying to watch one after every single level.
Hey Hannah, thanks for your feedback! SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off is available for free, so these ads allow us to run all the Fry Cook contests (a few times per week even) and keep all restaurants afloat. In case you'd like to support us and permanently disable the ads, please make sure to check out the in-game store (for “No ads” bundles)!


Once the ads start. They are really annoying. I just tried to close this same ad four times. It kept putting me back on the ad. Like it'd just load a different page of itself. The last ad was stupidly long. Other than the garbage ads. It's fun, seems like other cooking games I've tried before. So nothing new here except it's SpongeBob.
Thanks for your feedback! We understand the inconvenience of ads, though they enable us to provide the game to all the passionate Fry Cooks out there for free 👨🍳 There are in-game store bundles to disable the ads permanently and support our team!


Loved it.... But I finally removed the app from my phone. After every game they have pop ups to spend your hard earned diamonds and it's set up in a way that you do, so you end up wasting them. I can't help but feel like things are set up to make you pay for gems, like most games. 😕 I finally had enough. Tried playing again recently and there are tons of glitches in the game now you're basically set up to fail.


I put up with the annoying, inappropriate, consistent ads because the game is so good. They've done a recent update and on the new levels you can have EVERYTHING upgraded and it's impossible to pass the level without boosters. New ploy to get users to pay money. Such a shame, I play for hours everyday but I won't be playing anymore if I'm required to spend money on passing every level.


A genuinely good phone game that doesn't make things totally impossible without paying. There are times where it's hard and a booster or more diamonds to buy upgrades would help but it's not impossible. There's a ton of ads but I'll accept it for a well made and FREE game.


fun and enjoyable game, passes my time. only complaint I have is I think I have a glitch. I go back to play level 2 even though 3 is unlocked. once I play 1 round or do any upgrades and go to play another round the game glitches and I end up in level 3 next round but nothings shows to play it. Update 03.21 game has to many glitches where I'm unable to complete goals I'd hate to see this game leave my phone but it's become not enjoyable.
Hey Carlie, apologies for the experience you've had! Our Support Desk would love to help you out, could you reach out to them either at [email protected] or via your "Settings" menu mentioning your User ID and some screenshots of the issue in question?


I could get through pretty much any level until recently. I am defeated in almost every level and have to use gems and boosters. I noticed after getting defeated in one of the levels that I actually beat the level. I needed 6100 and got 6120, but it still said I was defeated. Seems strange? I'm guessing they want players to spend their money buying boosters and gems just to get through levels. No point in playing now.


It's good. It is challenging the farther along you get. But when you open a new location it can get so frustrating! Getting gems is annoying, unless you want to pay for them (which I do not.) It'd be great if it wasn't so expensive to upgrade kitchen items!