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Teen Chat | Free kids chat rooms – The platform you are about to enter can be addictive. We have created a new city. On these streets we have made the most loyal teen friendships that we will grow up with. Join us. Let’s grow together.

2023 Current Rules to Follow

(TPM-R01) You will not be involved in any form of bullying. Bullying includes threats, blackmail, disclosing private information if it was intentionally shared with you by a user you are friends with in chat, distributing pictures sent to you privately, etc. We take such actions seriously and take swift action against all parties involved.

(TPM-R02) You will not share your social media accounts anywhere in the chat where anyone other than you can see them. You can share a quote from social media. For example: “Did you see what Sam said on dw?”. Social media is defined as any service where you can interact with all other different people. These include, but are not limited to: Instagram, Facebook, Snap, Minecraft, Roblox, Whatsapp, Telegram, Discord and any other service that fits the definition.

(TPM-R03) You may keep your gender private when editing your profile information, but you are prohibited from impersonating a different gender than you are or creating a different account and joining the chat as a different gender than you are. If detected, you will be banned from the chat.

(TPM-R04) Posting or sharing anything of a sexual nature, such as sexually explicit material, videos, pictures or text messages, in any public part of the chat is prohibited.

(TPM-R05) No matter where you go in the world, women are the most disturbed user group in all virtual environments. It is forbidden to force women to join the chat. It is obligatory to be polite and courteous to women.

(TPM-R06) The only common language, including public and private messages, is English. This includes the about me section in your profile information, your mood, etc. Your posts such as videos, music and pictures must be in English.

(TPM-R07) You will not ask users for money, gifts or any other real world material. It is forbidden to tell dramatic lies and offer them to users to help you! If you really need help, you can take it to your local authorities.

(TPM-R08) Do not share your account password, email, etc. with anyone! No authorized user will request them from you! If an authorized user requests it, report it immediately by creating a new topic in the complaint box on

(TPM-R09) Do not come with any accusations that you cannot prove! If you come with accusations such as lies and slander, you will be banned.

(TPM-R10) When choosing a profile picture, do not use nude or semi-nude pictures, tight clothing, or pictures that show body contours. In short, any profile picture that is reminiscent of sexuality and insulting is not allowed.

(TPM-R11) Do not use insults and abusive language anywhere in the chat. Be polite and respectful to authorized personnel. If a user is bothering you, you can ignore them by clicking the ignore button or report them to an authorized staff member.

(TPM-R12) Posting pictures of children or babies under the age of 13 is prohibited anywhere in the chat, including profile avatar pictures. This includes images or videos that may contain violence.

(TPM-R13) You will share all your requests and reports such as username change, unfair punishment, etc. in the relevant sections of (TKC-COMMUNITY). Such requests and reports in the chat are strictly prohibited and will not be taken into account.

(TPM-R14) It is forbidden to open more than one account. If you claim that you are not the same person, you must prove it to authorized users. You should not expect to be believed for anything you cannot prove.

(TPM-R15) Do not request authorization under any circumstances. If it is decided that you are authorized, you will be contacted.


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Best Chatroom I have ever used, and that's because there isn't 500 active users flooding the chat making it impossible to get a single word in edgewise before your message is swept away into the sea of stupid drama and gossip. And making you feel like an anonymous, insignificant piece of dust. This chatroom is way different, and better. In this chatroom there are maybe only about maybe 50 active users. So everyone recognizes eachother, making the chatroom feel like a friendly community.


I can't loggin this app is a fake ,i tried again and again,i can't, don't even try it, waste of time. it just a zero Star.


Awesome great listening here


Dont even try it, staffs takes advantage over users. Boy or girl don't download this app,if u download they will ban first and tell u ,to re download it, so don't waste yr time.


Hello! Thank you for your comment. Have a good time. ✨


Really funn and lots of kind people at here I really love it
Hello, you guys! It's fun while you're here.


Its great
Hello! Thank you for your comment. Have a good time. ✨


This app is really awesome 🤞 cause you get to meet people from different countries and you also learn alot from them I love it ❤️❤️❤️
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Op app he ❤️🗿
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It is great and safe app. I am happy to join this app.Staffs and users are friendly.
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Kinda Nice
Hello! Thank you for commenting. I wish your rating was as great as your review. 😉


I loooove this app😁😁😁😁
Hello! This app loves you toooo 😁


I love it alot of awesome features for VIPs and that's all I can say until I am done exploring
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Loved it
Hello! That sounds good. ✨


Best teen app have ever seen
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Good app
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This app is good and is more secure
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