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Blue Stream Fiber TV App DESCRIPTION

Enjoy your Blue Stream Fiber TV and Video on Demand powered by TiVo from the comfort of your own mobile device. Even stream your favorite shows and recordings away from home!

*Disclaimer: Content streams from older shows and content may contain black bars or different aspect ratios that do not use the entire screen.

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Blue Stream TiVo TV Application
Enjoy your Blue Stream Fiber TV and Video on Demand powered by TiVo from the comfort of your own mobile device. Even stream your favorite shows and recordings away from home!*Disclaimer: Content streams from older shows and content may contain black bars or different aspect ratios that do not use the entire screen.

Blue Stream Fiber TV App DOWNLOAD

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Always going out wifi slow 🐌 even after they say best better then cable 😤


Terrible app. Only works 20 percent of the time. I mean I'm sitting in my living room right next to the wifi and still cannot get it to load.


Does not cast. This is an absolutely basic function with a streaming app. We were forced by our HOA to switch from Xfinity to Blue Stream. The Xfinity Stream app allows you to cast (to, e.g., Google Nest Home Hubs, etc.). The Blue Stream app? NOPE.


Does not work and Bluestream can not explain why 🤬


No me deja entrar a la aplicación, pésima 😡


Constantly have to reboot the box. It gets frustrating


Works great for viewing my service on my phone. Wish you would add casting capability!


Does not stream any videos due to copyright holders. Essentially completely worthless.


App would not run on my Samsung android phone


Love there internet service..


HORRIBLE - TERRIBLE - Tv out all the time. Internet when it works is fine, but you never know when it will stop. Customer service is a JOKE! They have been out here 6 times, and still having issues. The voice remote takes literally 15 seconds to change a channel. I have it only because my brilliant home owners association wants to save money and chose it with their infinite wisdom or lack thereof.


Does anyone know if this app works on an Amazon tablet? Play store says my device is compatible, it says its installed but I can't find the icon or app on my tablet.


Just loaded the app after getting "upgrade" from Blue Stream. Does not even have standard "forgot password" functionality. Back to sign in link doesn't work. Like all services from this company substandard and not worth a dime!


Keep track of videos and shows . Can download and watch on the go.


Doesn't work


So far so good. Love having the option to record a show on the fly. The remote control is a cool feature, but I cannot find how to control the volume on it. Other than that it is pretty straight forward.


The app is not working. When I go to the guide and try to watch a channel it says I'm not a subscriber... Bluestream says it's working in some places but not others .Kinda weird but as if now , for me, the app is totally useless.


Does NOT work with the "Chromecast with Google TV" device! I spoke with BlueStream customer support directly and they aren't even trained on which devices are compatible. I was repeatedly told to go to the Google Play Store. Well, when I search there the app does not show because it's not compatible with a device made and distributed by Google. Seems like a huge disconnect here. I thought Fiber was a push towards the future but this app is relegated to the past. This is not what Fiber service is supposed to bring into our homes.


Fair at best. Awkwerd. Not smooth or easy to navigate.


Can't watch shows without being redirected to Amazon