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Toca Boca World Game DESCRIPTION

Toca Boca World is a game with endless possibilities, where you can tell stories and decorate a whole world and fill it with characters you collect and create!

What will you do first – design your dream house, spend a day at the beach with friends or direct your own sitcom? Decorate a restaurant or play that you’re running a dog daycare center?

Express yourself, play with your characters and designs, tell stories and explore a world of fun with gifts every Friday!

You’ll love Toca Boca World because you can:

• Download the app and start playing right away
• Tell your stories your way
• Use the Home Designer tool to design & decorate your own houses
• Create and design your own characters with Character Creator
• Get exciting gifts every Friday
• Engage in Roleplay
• Explore and play across new locations
• Unlock hundreds of secrets
• Create, design and play in endless ways on a secure platform

Create your own characters, homes and stories!

Toca Boca World is the perfect game when looking to explore, be creative, express yourself or simply want to enjoy a quiet moment playing, creating characters, telling stories and relaxing in your own world.

Weekly gifts!
Every Friday, players can claim gifts at the Post Office. We also have annual Gift Bonanzas when we re-release previous years’ gifts!

11 locations & 40+ characters included in the game download

Start discovering your world by visiting the hair salon, shopping mall, food court, and your first apartment in Bop City! Play out your own stories with your characters, unlock secrets, decorate, design and create!

The home designer & character creator tools
The Home Designer and Character Creator tools are included in the game download! Use them to create and design your own interiors, characters, and outfits!

Get new locations, houses, furniture, pets and more!

Checked out all the included houses and furniture and want to explore more? Our in-app shop is constantly updated and contains 100+ additional locations, 500+ pets and 600+ new characters available for purchase.

A safe and secure platform

Toca Boca World is a single player kids’ game where you can be free to explore, create and play.

About Us:
At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play. Our fun and award-winning apps and kids’ games have been downloaded more than 849 million times in 215 countries. Go to to learn more about Toca Boca and our products.

We take privacy seriously.

Toca Boca World can be downloaded at no charge, with in-app purchases available.

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Toca Boca World Game DOWNLOAD

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This game is nice it is creative and fun. You can buy stuff ( with real money) and make your own design and the houses are cheap and there is free gifts. However the characters and the houses might reset or glitch, every time I make a house it resets and I saw so many reviews saying this . but I love the game ! And to add Toca Boca, everytime i get to my house if I put something on the ground it disappears. Later thank you Toca Boca for fixing it I don't have this trouble anymore thank you 👏🏻.


The game is a fun character creation game where players can let their imagination run wild while exploring the map, customizing characters, and designing their own houses. However, the game has bugs. After spending hours perfecting my house, my characters were suddenly not wearing clothes, the mail room was empty, and my house was reset to its original state. This was extremely disappointing, and I hope they fix it soon.


This game would be 5 stars, but I have had a few issues. First off, I have lost all of my progress in the game. TWICE. Not cool. Although I kept my purchases, all of my houses reset, my custom characters disappeared. Also, I lost all of my post office items and have no way to get them back. And I have had one of my character's clothes glitch off multiple times. And finally, I can see the characters' feet through the mermaid costume. Please fix these! Thanks for listening!


This is an awesome game if you like roleplaying but there are lots of problems in the game. Sometimes every thing resets for no reason, Gifts disappear, and a few more but the newest one and the one that's been bothering me the most is that when you make a new character once you decide to change it's outfit its original outfit disappears. Overall this game is fun and it has a lot of detail, amazing sounds and pretty nice music so I'd give this a about a 4


I love this game and have been playing it for years!! But yesterday when I would try to go into any of my House's or overall just go any where in the game it would kick me out!?It still is doing it even though I factory reset my phone and reset the app. Also with building sometimes the buttons will disappear with its not a big problem for me but still can get annoying over time. Another thing that I'm not the biggest fan if that your house resets a lot over time and that can get very annoying.


This game has been a ton of fun for my daughter and I. We've purchased just about everything and it's endless fun 😀 However it's extremely aggravating to purchase furniture sets, spend hours decorating your homes to return to the game and find that it has completely reset the house blank 😔 I don't understand why this happens so often and would love to see the bug fixed.


This was my favourite childhood game, but for some reason whenever I download it(this happens often) the button that you have to press to enter the game becomes this kind of settings logo that is spinning. I tried downloading it on different devices and it's still not working. Sometimes if it does work, when you leave the game and come back after some time, then you will see the settings logo. It's really annoying. Pease fix the button issue. I really enjoy this game but I cant even play it. 🤍


I love this game but ever since November started it started glitching and reseting my progress. It restarted the characters, houses, and where things were placed. it also glitches too much, Almost not playable which ruins the fun. although it can be glitchy and it can restart your progress it's still a pretty fun game . I would definitely recommend if it didn't restart my progress tho.


I really like how you gave us things for free I just would like more of things like houses and furniture packs or maybe even that fancy hotel one I just would like some houses and style packs! I also recently been reading the reviews and some of them are a bit harsh!😅 But honestly the game has a few minor bugs but there aren't a lot. I also think that it is a bit sad that we don't have a lot of houses to play with and stuff I also would maybe 4 characters that are free cause you only have 3!!


Really nice game. But there are SO MANY glitches! My houses and characters keep randomly resetting and when I am in build mode, the buttons, just about all of them, turn invisible and I have to press them all before I can use them and in just a few minutes they ho invisible again. It's not bad wifi, it's not that the game isn't updated, it's just glitches in the game. Please, fix this.


This is literally my childhood game. The first thing I thought (other than the usual) when I got my Bark Phone was, "Can I get Toca World?" 🙃 The possibilities are endless, and it brings back so much nostalgia, and the attention to details, like the SOUNDS even, is incredible. One minor thing that doesn't affect the overall experience but was annoying as hek to me was the mermaid tail in the new update. When you put it on l, the left foot sticks out. And how the Voxella hairstyles don't stay.


The game is honestly amazing! I love how the news feature allows players to interact with the game more. A few problems i have is that when I'm building or putting down Furniture the tabs to get to different parts of furniture and sometimes disappear so I still have to click them again and that gets very annoying because it happens a lot. Another thing this isn't a problem but I would like it if the developers of Toca Boca gave us more frre houses and furniture. Thats all.


Amazing game. I love how you can decide how you want to play and all the decisions you can make are up to you. It's really fun and it helps others express themselves through style and role playing with the characters you are able to design. One thing I belive should be fixed is adding more things for those who can't afford to buy the new packs and houses. Overall, an amazing game and I've been playing since I was 8 years old.


So i love how new free locations have been Added for people who can't afford them. I kinda wish that you could have like 1 or two free more houses and some more furnature. It would be nice if like when things are about go from the store permanetly that they could be free to the public so that people who wanted those items could atill have them! So sorry if this is greedy! Otherwise i love the app. The art style is cute but the game can be boring at times. I wish not everything costed real money!


Amazing game! My only 2 pcomplaints is that it takes money to get the things that make the game better, and that when after building, my homes will sometimes reset at random. Very annoying. The pride stuff is a nice addition. Another thing is that when I tried to Uninstall the game for more room on my phone a while ago, it didn't Uninstall. It just sat there saying "Uninstalling" for days. Other then that, no ads, good game play, and overall very well made game.


Amazing game and is so fun and useful. I love using my imagination and making little stories, organising building and making characters. I love how there are new maps and buildings coming which is interesting. However, sometimes my house and characters just reset which is annoying. But other than that, I would definitely recommend to creative, bored people!!


I love the game it is very colorful and it has lot of places to explore; even if you are not purchasing anything the game still gives you a fair amount of things and places to visit and use . overall I love the game but I would live the game to add makeup for the characters ,more clothes for the shops ,less loading time, dancing, more food and bakery shops, ability to change the color of furniture and a drone service these are the things would like to see and I recommend this game to all .


Hey, toca developers! I love your app, but there's a few things that have gone wrong during my experience while playing, I have written a list (it doesn't include everything bec word limit). so please check these things out! While building, the buttons become completely transparent, and you have to tap on them to make them reappear. The little slide to take characters out and the emotions/emojis both experience the same thing, but sometimes, any emotions past the first two slides are missing.


I love playing this game and it feeds into my obession for designing and creating my own characters. However, the one drawback...when I exit the app to change music or whatever, the app won't work correctly once I return. What I mean by this is that if I'm designing a house, the buttons and furniture options will simply disappear until I fully close thebapp and reopen it. Other than this, great app, I love!!!


This game crashes a lot, for example when I downloaded the app there was multiple characters, but when I opened the app again, everything I created disappeared. This game is very limited as if you do not purchase any packs, your house will be very plain. On the other hand, the game has multiple areas to explore and you can create many characters.