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Pharmo Hub is an app designed to help quickly and easily identify medications using barcode technology.

Users can scan barcodes on medication packaging using their smartphone’s camera, and the app can search for a medication and provide information about it including drug name, dosage, composition, potential side effects, and drug interactions..

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🛒 PHARMACY BESTSELLER IN THE MEDPEX APP!In the medpex app you can buy medicines, cosmetics and care products at particularly low prices. Free shipping from €20!➕ ADVANTAGES OF THE MEDPEX APP✅ Collect bonus points when buying non-prescription products and exchange them for great prizes✅ Easy product search with barcode scanner✅ Detailed descriptions, application information and package inserts for medicines and other products✅ Honest and helpful reviews from other customers✅ Practical memo function✅ View order history and easily reorder products📱 EASY AND CONVENIENT TO ORDER ON YOUR SMARTPHONE AND TABLETIn the medpex app you will find current pharmacy bestsellers at a glance. With the help of the barcode scanner or the simple product search, you can use the app to do your pharmacy shopping quickly and easily with just a few clicks, even when you’re on the go, and have it conveniently delivered to your home.💊 DISCOVER A HUGE SELECTION OF MEDICINES AND PHARMACEUTICALSThe medpex app offers over 100,000 products in categories such as:• Cosmetics & Wellness• Vitamins & Minerals• Vacation & sun• Muscles & Joints• Digestion• Animal Health• Allergy &..
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stay safe with just a scan
Pharmo Hub is an app designed to help quickly and easily identify medications using barcode technology.Users can scan barcodes on medication packaging using their smartphone's camera, and the app can search for a medication and provide information about it including drug name, dosage, composition, potential side effects, and drug interactions..

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