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Survival Game Master Game DESCRIPTION

You are the owner of the 456 Survival Game. Collect as many homeless people as possible, let them participate in the game, and get a lot of money from VIPs to expand your game.

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Host the 456 Survival Game and earn money from VIPs!
You are the owner of the 456 Survival Game. Collect as many homeless people as possible, let them participate in the game, and get a lot of money from VIPs to expand your game.

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Problem is every time I try to load up the game offline it gets to 100 then stops and never loads unless I'm in the online the game still works offline but it never initially loads


The game is pretty fun to Play but I dealing lots of problems like I can't play offline it's to much Lage I have to watch ads to get rewards but I can't get any thing pls fix it.


It's really good Because there's not too many ads and it walks you through the steps before. You actually get good at the game and you have upgrades and it's just really fun because thers like multiple levels and it doesn't like take. Forever to get through a level. It takes like if you're really good at it. Then it's a couple of days but it's really fun. There's like a few ads and it doesn't need wifi


I love the roblox style gameplay, but as always the game is ruined by ads, waiting for a new load of people to arrive.... ad Waiting for the contestants to get Not doing anything at Sorry but I cant recommend, I couldn't make any progress in the game without being pestered by ads, a great idea ruined by a senseless amount of ads


Neat Idea! Would be much better though if it followed more of an idle game format rather than having to move around a big map. The best examples of this are in the office Idle game, trailer park boys idle game or the Narcos idle game. While most of the ads are optional and help with upgrades, some come in at random points which can ruin the experience at times


There is no method to report game bugs except here as a review, as such even though the game deserves 4 stars, I'm giving it two. There's multiple game areas that mimic the TV show. In the "survival" game area, after about one to two minutes, game play essentially stops because all vehicles carrying players are stuck and cannot move for some unexplained reason. Exiting and re-entering the game does not resolve the problem. Otherwise, the game is a great time killer.


This game is very good and fun. But, there's a few issues, sometimes the helpers get stuck, when it gets busy it slows down the game a lot. Also I bought No Ads, but sometimes to upgrade the capacity it makes you watch an Ad to do so. I really like this game but it could use a few minor improvements.


Pay for no ads a scam! I felt the designers needed a little boost. Paid the $2.99 but every time I turn around more and more ads unlike other games where ads are actually turned off and rewards freely given. Do not play! Ads without payment pop at least every 30 seconds if not more. Hard to play game and setup to punish you because without ads the grind is so difficult but hard to tell with so many distractions (ads). Would rate lower if possible.


I do enjoy the squid game option 1st 2 games are simple red light green light and the shapes. For the amount of death ur benefitting from every has a umbrella shape, currently 2nd area has purple currency compared to green less income, I do enjoy the developer giving you had unfortunately it's cost is time, for ads. Recruiter, game guards, and the follower, each have a job, I don't like random idiots left around idiots the map and forever to get ur money, I like it.


This game really has potential, I can see one thing wrong is that the "helpers" do whatever they want, I think there should be a helper for each game, or activity, 1 helper to get players and put them to get clothes changed and another to get the players to the actual game, they just scatter around trying get alot of things done which is pretty annoying. Would love to see that improvement in the game. Will change my review once changes occur.


E for effort. It's a great concept but it's lacking. With each bridge you cross, you have to start over completely. Money included. It makes gaining and saving money pointless. The controls are glitchy and if you're willing to watch ads, gameplay lasts 1-2 days at most. It misses any type of thrill or suspense, particularly with none of the games ever being won. I think a similar game more focused on trying to make sure competitors lose would be more interesting.


Not bad for a budget game. I know a lot of people get bothered by ads, but compared to some games I've tried, this one's really not that bad. The 'helpers' only bring players to the first game though, not the rest. I've only unlocked two games, so I will update with any other bugs/problems found later. Definitely a game with potential!


There is a continuous and extremely annoying bug that removes the ability to move after collecting money from red light, green light, that can only be resolved by restarting the game entirely. Ive spent more time watching forced ads and restarting the entire app than actually playing the game, which makes it feel like the developers aren't trying to make a good game and are only interested in making money


Game started at a 4 star. Was pretty good. However it got boring super quick. Its also uncanny cause it has no music and you just hear gunshots. Often times more than not the ads themselves break and dont let you into the game so you have to entirely restart everything. Oh and also dont bother with the bridge. You have to pay 3 times to get fully across the bridge. When it couldve just been a 1 and done. So 1 star, good at passing 20 mimutes only.


Worked at first but then the problems started. I usually played offline out of boredom and the player started getting stuck ANYWHERE. I would have to restart or reinstall and now it just breaks after a few seconds of playing by taking away the player control and having it stuck in whatever animation it is currently in. Even if you turn on wifi or mobile data,the constant ads get annoying very quickly and it won't let you play for long.


This WAS a 5 star game UNTIL the last update ..... NOW IT SUCKS!! There is NOW a TON of bugs!! The developer(s) call themselves an opportunity to increase their bottom dollar by adding options to view an ad for game extras AFTER the AD FREE VERSION was purchased, so they destroyed a game that had NO issues. No even after you purchase the "helpers" they just freeze in one spot. If you exit the game it dosen't go back to where you left off and you lose progress and $ have to start all over again.


I want to give this game 5 stars, I really do! Its fun! But I had to uninstall and reinstall 2 times- once because I ran out of money at the beginning of stage 2 and had no way of re-making money, and the second because the game bugged out and wasn't allowing any people to follow me so I couldn't play.


So many ads.... like SOOOO MANY ADS... yeah yeah yeah pay to remove them... not really a game worth buying because there really nothing to it. All the levels are basically the same on repeat. After the 4th floor you lose interest quick. And then there's the lag.... honestly can't recommend this game to anyone.


I got to the second part and then lagged into a building and couldn't get out no matter how hard I tried... I'm uninstalling and reinstalling to try again. But maybe have a set spawn point instead of starting where you last moved your character? Thanks for the great game though. It's super fun!!


I'm currently playing Survival Game Master and on the third game but I'm stuck. I've run out of money before I can buy the last guard needed to build the first money generating game. There is no way to reset the level or generate more money. I am currently walking around aimlessly with an ever growing army. Can there be a way to reset the level or a bonus put in to add a little money. I dont want to delete the game and download it again unless I have to.