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Instead of waiting 1 week for USATT to upload your new table tennis ratings, put your matches into this calculator and instantly find out your new rating!

Created by a UNC Chapel Hill computer science student, Tony Ma. Not affiliated or paid by USA Table Tennis organization. Original layout design inspired by Micaiah Skolnick’s ‘Table Tennis Rating Calculator’, but completely implemented individually.

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USA Table Tennis Rating Calculator
Instead of waiting 1 week for USATT to upload your new table tennis ratings, put your matches into this calculator and instantly find out your new rating!Created by a UNC Chapel Hill computer science student, Tony Ma. Not affiliated or paid by USA Table Tennis organization. Original layout design inspired by Micaiah Skolnick's 'Table Tennis Rating Calculator', but completely implemented individually.

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By far The best table tennis rating calculator ever. Even allowing to see any players rating by typing the name. Thanks Tony Tony can the results be saved ?


Very easy to use! Works great! Love it!


Efficient app, simple design. As a competitive table tennis player, I found this app to be intuitive for logging win/losses against opponents outside of tournament play. Love the loading speed and ease of use.


I am so ready to crush my next tournament with this app. I can already tell how much better I'll be at table tennis because I can imagine getting a higher rating.


This is awesome!