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Speak and Translate app App DESCRIPTION

Speak & Translate – Voice typing with Text translator & Dictionary is specially designed for fast speak and translate purpose. This Speech to Translate App completes all your translation needs. This speak to translate interpreter can help you translate from any language into your desired language of output. This voice to text dictionary and translator can help you solve all your language and interpretation wants. Besides of voice to voice translation you can also type and translate which can help you to translate from any language into your wanted language.
Conversation translator
Speak and translate all language is mostly working as conversation translator, where two persons can talk in different languages on the similar device. Do verbal translation by just click on mics of different languages. This is not simple voice translator but a full solution of voice to voice translation.

Features of Speak & Translate All Language:
Two mics for different languages voice input to text translate.
Correct voice recognition for speech translation and dictionary search
Voice dictionary to search word and its full detail
Save translation history like chat or conversation
Favorite module for users to mark exact “voice and text translations”
All these languages are involved in text-to-text & voice-to-text modes
Text to speech purpose of the Translated text by voice typing
Talk to translate by just tapping on mics
Edit your translations and copy or share
100+ languages working in speech-to-speech
Copy, Paste and Share translations in a single tap
Works with any social media app that supports text sharing
OCR with image to Text translator
Text Translator for all major languages introduced
Text & Voice Translator with Dictionary

After voice interpreter a completely new module is added as a text translator so that translation can be accessible via text also. One can simply choose the wanted languages and write text or type by speaking then click the translate button to see the result in the translated language. This can also help users to share the translated text to anyplace. Along with translation one can see the dictionary appearance at the bottom and can click to see the word search detail. Hear the text by using speaker and share the dictionary meaning and data of that word with friends.
Text input translator
Voice to voice translator also have choice of text input for translation. If sometimes you don’t want to speak and want to translate then text translation is well option, therefore text input is given along with talking translator. Text input is also required when you speak something, and get any unexpected results, then you can simply edit and can change the voice input text.
Travel translator
Use this tremendous speak and translate app anyplace in the world, because it is designed as all languages translator to use as travel translator. Now never worried of languages difference and use this speak to translate (voice to voice translator) universally. You will speak in your own native language and unknown will obtain translated voice in their own language.

OCR Text Scanner – Image Translator
Turn your camera and obtain the Translation of text on photo by using image to text technology. All you need to do is to put picture that has machine text on it and translate it with one tap in your desired language. The OCR text scanner will process the text and bring the accurate result in Translation box. When you want a translator or dictionary, think “Speak and Translate – Voice Typing with Translator & Dictionary.
All language translator is an online translation and voice interpreter app. Live camera translator can convert image to text and speak to text voice translation app & Dictionary give a fun and real way to learn vocabulary.

Download Speak and Translate and discover the world with the language skills & enjoy speak and translate.


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Speak and Translate app App DOWNLOAD

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Just awesome thabk you so much for this app.
Thank you for your encouraging words.


Don't work but got a good laugh at it. It must only do one word for every 5 to 7 spoken . When translated it comes out very funny. Most of the time it don't work at all.
Hello, can you tell us more detail about the issue. It will be very helpful for us to investigate and fix it. Thank you!


Worst app soo many ads when we translate one after translating another there will be ad then when we type translating language next time we open the app i wont be like that think we type there translate hindi to english we translate and close app then next we open it will be in translate english to spanish.please solve . . .... ........................ .....Thank you .......//-...... . ............
Dear user, you can remove ads through in-app purchase. Second, you can easily select the language you want to translate based on your requirements. In case of further queries, please explain a bit more clearly what problem you encountered.


Good just do not like when I'm speaking other apps pops in the middle of it.
We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. You can remove ads by in-app purchase.


Pronunciation in English is good, but any other language (I tried french, Dutch, and Spanish) is pronounced as if an English speaker were reading the translation, using the English spelling rules (meaning: written translation is ok, but the spoken version doesn't come close to how a native speaker would say it).
Thanks for your feedback! We deeply respect your suggestion, and we will try to combine your feedback with our R&D, in order to provide better services


Brilliant but sometimes the words you speak is not picked up , but writing, pronouncing and Translating is Brilliant Accurate Perfect 👌 😄. When speaking to it and listening, ads come so confusing after every speak so stop confusing because the learning through concentration is disturbed. The History I have learnt and saved is not opening to revise again and again so please do rectify the programme and show Save and revive. How come Hindi and Gujarati is not spoken translated.
Thanks for your feedback! We deeply respect your advice, and we will try to combine your feedback with our R&D, in order to provide better products.


This is a really cool I really do like it makes me feel like I can go abroad with 500 words to use to talk about this I wish I could think of more things to say and I still got 160 words to say my bag 193 I wonder if I can say it in Spanish probably could but this is still a great app I never really filled out a survey like this I usually just say it's a cool app four stop talkin about
Thank you for downloading our app! We will keep working on it!


The best app translation in Hindi to English
We care about your feelings and every little encouragement makes us better :) So, if you like this app, please consider giving us a 5-star rating


useless ....because Other languages has no voice translation in this would be better if everyone had itself..There are people who don't know how to read other people's words.. It would be nice and easy if everyone had So they can really understand...
Thanks for your feedback! We deeply respect your advice, and we will try to combine your feedback with our R&D, in order to provide better products.


I cant keep up with a conversation in my own language half the time so how am u supposed to keep up with all these advertisements and keep hitting the ads thinking its another part of the app it's not a big thing at all I thought that with the dual mic u can have a conversation but read what the other is saying in real time but I was very deleting the app I'm not happy with what I'm seeing even with no ads
Hi, Thanks for your feedback. You can use Ad-free version by subscription we are offering in the app. By subscribing you can easily use ad-free version and always keep updated version of app for all new and stable features Thank you !


Very Helpful App, Especially when you work with nothing but Hispanics and have no clue as to what they are trying to say to you... THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT APP...
We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at! Have a wonderful day!


The best UI and UX, as well as the fastest performance, have broken all prior records for applications such as voice and text translators.


Perfect for our holiday, and an impressive range of languages. Translation is mostly accurate, and helped a lot. Voice-over for pronunciation could be better.
Thanks for your review! Please recommend our app to your friends, and don’t hesitate to shoot us a note at if you have any questions.


I am not interested in joining facebook ... so it seems I can't use this app as it continually wants me to sign in or sign up for a new facebook account. No. Thanks very much, but again, no.
Hi, We are not asking you to connect on any other platform . These are commercials coming from Google side wither you can cross or if you don't want to see ads you can subscribe to our ad free package. Thank you


App translates ok in writing but pronounces italian and french as though they were english words. I assume other languages are just as bad. Unintelligible and therefore useless.
Hi, Thank you for writing to us. To make you understand if you want translation in french or italian it will pronounce in that selected language for you for better understanding


Had to uninstall after 20 min fighting my way around misleading adds where you end up having to download other apps & services. Would nor recommend unless you have time to waste. Far too sales and advert marketing oriented instead of doing the job if translation.
Hi friend ! We are giving subscription to remove the ads you can avail that if you want to use app without ads. Thank you


I can't find how to hear the translation after I've input in my language? The speaker button doesn't work. Not good for an actual conversation with someone
Hi Friend ! we have noted your issue and forwarded to team to look after it and help you out in this


I introduced this app to my Uber driver he is from Venezuela and I speak some Spanish but this app helped us communicate with each other. I love the fact that translation is also spoken. Very easy to use and very helpful!
We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at! Have a wonderful day!


If I could give ZERO stars I would!! I cannot even READ the translation becuz of the ADS in the way and NO WaY to close it. Would not recommend to anyone ENUFF WITH THE APPS


Best app I ever use for translation I have a dear friend who I love very much and cannot speak my language without this app our communication would be non-existent with this app we have strengthened our relationship and look forward everyday to communicating our thoughts and feelings about a variety of things that are clearly endless thank you so much for allowing us to communicate where otherwise we might just fade away
We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know Have a wonderful day!