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Toool is a music making app for all music creators. Whether you want to compose music or find fresh musical ideas, this app is for you. With our beat making app, music composition gets easier. Start to make music.

Get a HD audio music experience with the best analog and digital synths sounds, drums samples from famous drum machines and acoustic kits. Our music composition app is specially made for:
• Beginners in music production
• Beatmakers
• Composers
• DJs
• Singers
• Musicians

Toool is not one of those heavy and unintuitive music making apps.
With a simple and powerful user interface providing countless editing options, experience a new workflow in music composition and production.

Toool is not a boring music loops player.
It’s a beatmaker toolkit. Find new ideas with many chord progressions and rhythm patterns collections and combine them, tweak them, pitch them. Make new beats, new basslines, new melodies with a step sequencer. Create your own chord progressions by jamming on a playful editable chord pads table. Change any sound with sound packs, a mixing console and a live music mixer.

Save your presets, share them with others, export Midi tracks and audio stems with a HD quality, import to your favorite digital audio workstation.

Toool is the new music maker workstation for all your music making needs.

· Music Generator
· 460 Chord Progressions in all keys
· 250 Rhythm Patterns
· 50 Sound Packs
· Human Groove and Feel
· Mixing Console
· Live Mix
· Step Sequencer (Pro License)
· Chord Jam Pads (Pro License)
. Presets (Pro License)
· Export midi / wav / stems (Pro License)
. AutoSave

With the free version, get out of writer’s block! Browse all chord progressions, all rhythm patterns, all sound packs and listen to the result of your combinations in real-time. Enjoy the mixing console to fine tune your sounds and mix. You’ll find inspiration for your next track for sure.

With the Pro License, unleash your creativity! Unlock Toool’s beatmaker toolkit with a cheap 2.99$/month subscription! Access the intelligent step sequencer to make your own beats, basslines and melodies. Enjoy the chord pads table to make your own chord progressions and learn music harmony. Save/share/recall as many presets as you want, export your work in Midi and Audio. Enjoy a 14 days trial period to test all features.

Why should you try this app?

No one wants to use a heavy and complicated user interface
Toool doesn’t try to emulate desktop digital audio workstations because it can result to a very bad user experience on a smartphone like having to rotate the screen, hidden features, too many buttons with non-sense logos, bad navigation…To the contrary, Toool is full portrait mode with a comprehensive and simple user interface. You’ll find your next music idea at a glance.

No one wants a non-sense chord progressions suggester
Toool takes advantage of music theory to provide real-world interesting chord progressions and suggest the appropriate scales to compose over. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced musician, you’ll quickly come up with a gratifying composition. Toool’s chord pads table is a great companion to learn music harmony.

No one wants bad sound quality and robotic drums
Toool is made by true music producers. We know how important sound and feel are so we provided HD royalty-free audio samples and drum patterns with human feel.

No one wants to lose his work
With autosave, undo/redo, save/load/import/export Presets, export Midi, and export Audio and Stems functionalities, don’t worry, your work will be safe.

If you have any suggestions, please leave us feedback in the comments section or send us an e-mail. We’ll do our best to make Toool the perfect music composition buddy.


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Fast to make music 🎵


100% 5 star I recommend this app a 100% once you know what your doing you can make some siiick beats with the app for FREE!!! am so flabbergasted rn


Pro version- cannot export stems or mix. Cannot open previously saved files because list and buttons are greyed out. Sent a detailed email with video tonight. I hope these things get fixed! Huge potential!
Please try the latest version, 1.2.1, it should fix your issue. Thank you for your feedback.


Best app in the history of Music apps!! Love the simplicity of this very well thought out app.
Thank you son much for rating the app, please stay tuned, many features to come :-)


Impressive app. This app's gonna be a game changer it's easy to use and so good music you can literally change the track's genre, style 🤌.


Best beat making app so far in playstore, the only problem is customizing your chords, sometime when you record them and maybe you timing was not good, there is no room for editing/ or if it is, its hard. The tool should be design such that lets say from zero to 100 you get vibe for reggae, then 101 to 200 you enter afrobeat, or pop, 201 to400 you enter zouk beats, not just production is not guess work. ADD MORE content apart from chord bass and lead for more vibe. Import ofmidi 2


nice music compostion. never found music apps like this. Maybe dev can make new project that we can insert our sampler music so we also can creatively make own music


I love the app however I am unable to save my projects on my android phone or to the cloud so I can export them.


Great app. I've used a lot of music apps for android, Toool is a welcomed one to my apps. If you're familiar with (Chordbot) it may feel like a sleek striped down version with better functionality.


Its really great but i cant save the audio to my files or if i send to someone it sounds different
Hello thank you very much for the review, please send us an email and we'll help you quickly. Thanks


I gave enough time to understand use of this app but failed (I read tutorial though). I think, pre-defined chord should not be there because we want our own chord to create as I know there are other simple piano apps where we create our chords. Second drawback is knob button's design which does not scroll easily, it should be with numbers instead of analogue type of markings. Sorry for my English.
Thank you for your review. Indeed it's not possible to edit chord tones yourself because they are automatically generated and that's the power of our app. One doesn't have to know music theory to use and compose with more or less complex chords. You can change among plenty of chord voicings though. Just press the VOICES button.


This app really help me a lot.. Bc I'm still new in music.. So this really app really help me. I'm start searching for chord in this apps n transfer the chord in fl studio also all of it.. So basically really helpful.. Recommend..
Thank you so much for the review ! Please stay tuned for new features to come ! Cheers


I honestly love it been using it for just couple of days and it is very fun and u can produce some nice stuff for backing tracks or just a fun track. im really glad i found it and i already got pro version just to support u guys very well done Now the app is freezing after generating a track idk why it was working fine and dind have anymon noise issues
Thank you very much for your review, please explain your issue in detail by sending us an email and we'll find a solution asap 🙏


I haven't dug too deep yet, but I'm VERY impressed so far. The limitations of music creation on a phone have always stopped me, but not only does this pair down the interface to fit my phone but it also seeds melodies and progressions to get me started! Wow. More people need to know about this in my opinion. My only request is to be able to import samples or to record directly from my phone's mic. I have to export the project and move it into another app in order to use my own sounds.
Thank you very much ! We are actually working on samples features


This seems cool, but export doesn't seem to work for me. And I can't seem to find a support contact in app.
Problem solved, please update to version 1.1.3


You have to pay for everything, saving, exporting, hell, you even have to pay to edit the presets
Hello. The free version offers 460 chord progressions, 50 sound packs, 250 rhythm patterns, live mix...fair enough isn't it ? Maybe you don't realise that this app represents a huge amount of work and that every work needs to be paid somehow. So yes you will have to pay the equivalent of two coffees a month to unlock the presets features. Sorry.


Best thing is, that everything is in there But the worst thing is that's really hard. And so many free apps doing great around us.
Thank you for your review. Please let us know what you find hard at We are eager to improve your user experience.


I am changing my review from 1 to 3, not because the observations were wrong, but because the developers took the time time to get back to me and offered help. Dials are small and hard to change. The app constantly closed. SAMSUNG Note 20 Ultra.
Thank you for changing your rating. Let us test the app on a Samsung Note 20 Ultra to find a solution.


I love it. It's a huge resource and a huge "tool" in my it growth as a musician. Now I am finally learning what the sounds I create actually look like as written music because I am learning the names of the chords and where they are positioned on a given instrument. I play but ear, so for me to finally have a"tool" that is capable of proeucing the voices for any of my wild chorded imagination is outstanding! One problem... The app won't allow me to upgrade!
Thank you very much for your review ! Please email us at for this issue, we'd be glad to help you asap


It seems okay so far but the reason I gave two stars instead of all five is I downloaded it to my phone but my headphone jack doesn't work downloaded it to my girlfriend's phone sign in on my profile for her Google after I bought the $2 a month trial and it won't let me access it on a different phone I don't understand please fix this issue
Hello, thank you for your review. Did you change your Google Account on the Google Play Store itself before downloading the app ? Signing in to your Google Account in Settings > Google doesn't automatically switch your Google play store Account. When the app is reinstalled with the right account, open it and click on "Pro" in the menu