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DIY Boba Tea Tasty Recipe Game Game DESCRIPTION

Are you a fan of Boba tea recipes and also like cocktails? Have you ever imagined drinking your favorite cocktail on your mobile phone or making bubble tea in a single game that can make all kinds of cocktails in different flavors and also a master of Boba DIY recipes to make a yummy bubble tea? If yes, cocktail mixer & bubble tea prank drinking games have my DIY recipes for you. My DIY recipes are unique and have fun drinking games for all cocktail and bubble tea fans. Choose from different toppings and backgrounds to change. Choose your favorite cocktail recipes and mix all the flavors you like.

Just imagine drinking your phone with delicious sodas, iced cola, bubble tea, or cold coffee with colorful juices. It is the perfect juice drinking game to make Boba DIY recipe jokes with your bubble tea lover friends. You can download, drink and prank anywhere. Drink from a super drink simulator having both cocktail and bubble tea recipes. You use my DIY recipes o create your own.

Cocktail & Boba DIY Recipes is one of the best idrinking games for everyone, offering delicious drinks all for free. Cocktail mixer & idrink games come with different features:

– Different drinks you can drink in the slime game
– Choose your favorite glass from the store
– Customize drink recipes with ice cubes and fresh natural fruits
– High-quality drinking and cocktail mixing sounds in my DIY recipes
– Tilt the drink maker toward your mouth when you’re ready to drink

Fill your phone with a refreshing drink, download the Bubble Tea & Cocktail DIY Game and choose your favorite Boba DIY cocktail recipe. Make your phone look like a real cocktail glass. A slice of ripe fruit in a virtual glass looks very appetizing. The environment thinks the phone has a real cocktail and my DIY recipes. Get an idrink and have fun with your friends.

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