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World Soccer League Game DESCRIPTION

[Game Features]
– There are around 60 national teams, 60 clubs and total of 2000 players.
– Total of 4 modes provided: Exhibition, Cup, League, and Training.
– Real football game for you to enjoy splendid dribble and thrilling shooting!
– Save and keep great image or video of each the moment.
– Achievements and Global Activity are provided
– Support 15 languages
– Support tablet devices



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World Soccer League Game DOWNLOAD

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i am so sure i recommend to those who have never played interesting games like EA sports to download it but those who have ever played more classic games dont dowmload it because it is a dissapointment


I think the idea was good since there things in this game that you cant find even in games above 100mbs, but it has sooo many problems 1[ ive never seen such bad! sometimes it cant go for the ball even if you pass 2[seems like the rules are not there like it alows tackling from behind which ive never seen 3[ poor training mod..if you train with one side of the team how does it make sense? 4 [the grafics are quite bad 5[ make it abit real .. sometimes it's really annoying ,


It's alright for an u100 mb game but it does have some problems. 1] Normal mode is too hard. Opponents seem to know every move, don't get fouls and faster than the player. 2] Response time for actions. Very slow and often times can be infuriating especially when you are getting close to gk. 3] UI. Ui doesn't look great and it's not reliable. 4] Players. Why is CR7 black? 5] Countries. Too little. 6] Player models. Doesn't look good and again, why is Ronaldo black? Please fix at least 1 Dev.


Pretty good game, the only problem is that fouls don't make sense, the enemy player tackles me from behind, nothing, I tackle them correctly, foul??? Also, there's no offside, please add that, and why did they place a paywall behind most good clubs??? Also, the dribbling/joystick mechanic sucks, just place a button called sprint, easier.


Its a great game if you want to throw your phone against a wall. The opponents can predict your passes but if you stand in the way of their ball nothing happens. When someone tackles you, your player freezes and just stands there while they run away. When you switch they switch to the closes but not the one you want. And at some points the players automatically run away from the ball instead of towards that really annoys me. I do love this game but the way the players are is what is wrong.


I can see there is improvement in short pass and also the size of players.. but now the speed of the game is still slow,just make it quick game on setting and also over blocking of my short passes is still high and also the goalie is still bare hands without gloves.. I have also improved on my rating by one star.. I promise the remaining one stars if the speed of the game is adjusted to quickness..


I have been playing this game for long, it's a good game but I have a complain I can't be to use countries like France ,Germany,Italy,Brazil,Argentina,England,U.S.A e.t.c . I can not be able to acess Italian and Spanish league . You also can not save more than one event in the gallery . Please I am begging touchtao mobrix to please fix this. It is a managable game though. Thank you.


A nice game, but it could have been awarded five stars by me if not of some major bugs in the game. First of all, it takes about 3-5 seconds for players to carry out any operation their asked to do and before it carries out the operation your opponent tackles and steals the ball from you; whenever the goal keeper makes a save, he is then in control of itself, no matter what you press he's just going to shoot the ball in any direction he chooses.


This game is a very annoying game because the other players a useless without the control, trying to catch a long pass is impossible, even though i try to move the player forward to catch the ball it just stand waiting for the to meet it. Also it takes time for the player to take shots which makes one miss a lot of goals and its so frustrating. It is the stupidest game i have ever played in my life, it's so useless i won't play the game if it was the only one in the world.


it is an interesting game but I have lots of complaints. Firstly, it can take 10 seconds before the player does the control I asked it to do. Secondly the I wont do anything and it will be free kick, penalty. Thirdly when i move the control it doesn't move until the ball as been collected . Fourthly, almost all the useful things are locked. Then, you can not train for free kick and penalty in training. Lastly, during penalty the ball of the opponent will go outside but will bounce back


Would have rated it more, but the players are literally slow to pass the ball to another. At the level of the defence, only one player can attack at a time,with all the other players roaming around aimlessly. At the level of the controls, it takes time before the required action is produced. Other than these issues, the graphics are good.


Good game with unusual mistakes. - Your team is always slow and don't pass in time. - Players never commit to the ball even if it's coming straight towards them. Some even run away from it, this is just a waste of A.I. - You can have 2-3 players occupying the same space and doing the same thing for some time. - Your team players don't know how to open up to be passed to. Graphics, controls etc., yet you have people over-rating it. It can be better, I believe in it. Extra star for good luck.


I love it a lot and it's a quick time passer. But recently, everytime I start the app, it would load normally and then freeze at the menu with the music audio still playing. There's no HUD or GUI or anything for the menu, just a nonclickable white button that reads "more games" at the bottom left of the screen and a transparent legs of the soccer player. I've had my phone wait for hours for it to load in. I've restarted the app and reinstalled it. Nothing works. Please help me with this. Pleasee


Dear User, If you want to download the game then surely download, the best soccer game and also it is under 50 mb. The graphics are very good/nice. Controls are also very easy to understand. It also shows camera recordings of a goal in many angles. You can play a football match with almost every country in Cup or in Exhibition mode. Sometimes you can face a glitch but it will get rarer if you play well. No complaints for the game! And yes the biggest thing is that it is a offline game. Thanks


It's a wonderful game, I give you credit for that. Good skills, nice concept too. The problem is that your spelling of the payers' names is grossly incorrect which makes it seem somewhat unoriginal and then you need to upgrade the graphics of the players and spectators too. The highlights of the goals are too short and they don't show the build up of the goals ( like the passes, dribbles etc), they only show the final outcome ( the goal scored ). So please look into this and do the needful.


The control buttons are not working at times, and it again, stops on its own while you are playing, forcing you to restart the match. Try doing something to resolve the problems of the game, for the game is nice. You can not substitute players. Why? At times, when you want to shoot, it gives but a pass, and when you want to pass, it rather shoots. Why? Try spelling the names of players well. Let's use points won from the matches to unlock other leagues, than asking for credit or debit cards.


Good game concept,great quick user guide,smooth controlling,minimal and reasonable ads,smooth controls. Developer should but more work to improve graphics and more modern in game play features like (different camera angles,minimal commentary and music). The best part of the game is the offline feature without restrictions..thumbs up to the developers congrats !!:-)


Its the best soccer game i have played. The controls were accurate initially, but now, i dont know why my players stop while kicking ball.more often now, i pass to the right, but my player passes to the left. I ask to shoot, but still kicks. The failure in controls can increase one's blood pressure. Moreso, there should be celebration and lifting of trophy once you win a league or cup. Its annoying to just say "you won" after all the steuggle to make it to the end.


Game is PERFECT. EASILY one of the best soccer apps on this platform. The only downsides are that you have to pay for some teams and other features, which really holds back the game sence you have to pay to get the full experience. Also, it would be nice if there was a commentator so when you score it brings more excitement. He either just comment when you score or throughout the match. Either way the game has its flaws, but I will still highly recommend it.


The game is good there are a few stuff I don't like. The goalie is too hard to beat, I can't even get a ball in even though I'm in the box. Second is the difficulties, AI on easy difficulty is too easy to beat, while normal is way too hard. The AI on normal abuses slide tackles, they would often bunch up on me to get the ball, this makes my player not being able to pass the ball anywhere. The control feels weird, sometines the player won't go the way I want to, and the buttons are too spaced out