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Satellite based GPS Tracking Solutions.
TRASUR App is an secure way to keeps you track to your vehicle anytime. To track your asset on the tips of your fingers. Now, the security of your asset is in the palm of your hand. Stay connected and up to date with just a few clicks.
Every tracking solutions is in your hands.




TRASUR App is a secure way to keeps you track to your vehicle anytime. To track your asset on the tips of your fingers. Now, the security of your asset is in the palm of your hand. Stay connected and up to date with just a few clicks.
Every tracking solutions is in your hands.
• Live Tracking
• 24/7 live surveillance
• Ignition on / off status
• Comprehensive report modules with graph
• Ignition on / off notifications
• Fleet Management
• Multiple Vehicles on one portal
• Vehicle History Reports
• Locate your vehicle on the map
• Movement History on Map
• Trip Reports
• Idling Reports
• Ignition on / Off Reports
• Vehicle Maintenance Notifications
• Driving Reports

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make your deliveries with agent!
We are present in the cities of DouradosMS and MossoróRNContact us for full access to our platform.DouradosMS 067 99196-9776MossoróRN 084 -9234-5281Website: @entregasecoletas_oficialThis application was designed for those looking for a motorcycle taxi service present in their own neighborhood and that guarantees that you and your family will be taken care of by a known motorcycle taxi driver.Here you have a direct line to solve your problems, just call us!Our application allows you to call one of our motorcycle taxis and follow the vehicle's movement on the map, being notified when it is at your door. You can even see all motorcycle taxis near your location with the information of busy or free, giving our customer a complete view of our service network.The charge works like the call of a normal mototaxi, that is, it only starts counting when you get on the bike.Here you are no longer a customer in many, here you are the customer of our neighborhood.
Monitor your vehicles. Exclusive Tracking Center customers.
Sending the vehicle's position depends on the tracker and / or mobile operator.If the position is not updated contact your Tracking Center.The application shows the last position sent.See the location of your vehicles and goods through your smartphone wherever you are.Application intuitive to use, fast and easy operation.Contact your Tracking Center for information on the configuration.
Transformation of UTM coordinates to a LOCAL DATUM and to WGS 84 and vice versa.
This app can convert UTM coordinates to a LOCAL DATUM, to WGS 84 and vice versa.This means it does it's conversion in three way settings at one click.It contains more than 500 datums of more than 70 countries e.g United StatesNigeriaAlgeriaAustraliaPakistanIndiaEgyptPolandChinaUnited KingdomTunisiaSpainSwitzerlandCanadaArgentinaBrazilAngolaBelgiumBangladeshPhilippinesIsrael BulgariaMexicoFranceCameroonBotswanaChileColumbiaCroatiaAnd lots more.CPROJ-WIZARD comes with default and customisation options to help you select datums of your choice in a given geography as a seperate conversion view.This will help you carry out conversion for selected datums without fetching the datums again.Feel free to send me mail to for app improvement.
Speedometer with odometer, alarms and "rallye mode", large numbers
Use this GNSS speedometer with altitude, location, and calculated distances, especially when you are not driving a car but going by bicycle, by train, by boat or even by airplane. You can quickly display the current geo-location without the need of an internet connection.Simple displays but lots of options.Features:Large numbers, depending on number of selected components.Speedometer (km/h, mph, kn, m/s) with analog gauge that adjusts to the speed, even at very high speeds.You can define upper and lower speed limit alarms (visual and sound). HUD ("Head-Up-Display") to reflect and read the display in a window.Odometer (km, mi, nm, m), 3 counters for routes: "current trip", "overall route" and "rallye mode". Each route can have its own values for distance, average/maximum speed. You can manage unlimited "trip routes".Altitude above sea level (m, ft), an offset value can be added.Location (geo coordinates in different formats including "degrees with decimal minutes" and "address or named place")Current acceleration and negative/positive max. acceleration. All components can be turned on separately.Export routes to file for usage on another device or after re-install (data encrypted in file)..
App collaborative indicating the points of interest in freighters routes.
Plataforma colaborativa pensada para crear Enlaces. Volviendo Visibles ente sí los cuatro pilares de la industria CARGA, TRANSPORTE, OPERADORES y NEGOCIOS afines al ramo que sirven a los tres primeros. José Ancerjancer@fleterosapp.com521 8212190808
Electronic Biker Guide
The application is a mobile client to the web application. This is an electronic edition of the mountain bike guide and bends by Mr. Peter Fryc. The guide has been published for many years in book form. This electronic form contains many routes that have not yet been published. Routes can be selected and purchased on the server. They are then transferred to off-line use in this mobile app.In this first edition of the application, we focus on digital formats. In the next we will add more biker-related functions and organizing rides. Current route coverage is:Czech RepublicItalyFranceGermanyPolandAustriaSloveniaSlovakiaSwitzerlandRomaniaMontenegroCroatiaYou can check route coverage before you buy it on the web site.If you have any problems with the application, you can contact support at few words from Mr. Fryc:When we started to ride a motorcycle far beyond the hum, we had to have an autoatlas about 1: 250000. We just went "somewhere." The whole preparation consisted of agreeing to go somewhere. Usually, just before the departure or even during the first day, it was decided where it would be. Improvisation...
Sorry, this app is currently only available in Japanese language.
You can make your own timetable. A timetable is a table that shows train times at each station. In this app, you make a list of station, and add train with time in the station's.In addition, app show train diagram from timetable.Currently, this app's language is only Japanese. But now, I try to translation to English.If you want to use this app, please follow to my twitter @kame_long and give me some comments. When I get comments, my motivation goes up.
Search for public transport connections in Prague in two clicks!
Vyhľadajte si spoj MHD v Prahe na dve kliknutia! V nastaveniach aplikácie si navolíte vlastné zastávky a nadefinujete najpoužívanejšie linkové spoje, ktoré si aplikácia zapamätá. Aplikácia momentálne obsahuje 2 režimy: štandardný a rýchly.Rýchly režim:Aplikácia vám ponúkne zoznam preddefinovaných spojov, na jedno kliknutie zvolíte požadovaný spoj a aplikácia spoj automaticky vyhľadá.Štandardný režim:Zo zoznamu preddefinovaných staníc si vyberiete začiatočnú a cieľovú stanicu (Bus, Tram, Metro), potvrdíte prípadne upravíte dátum a čas a zvolíte vyhľadať spoj.Aplikácia vás prepája priamo na stránku DPP s výsledkami vyhľadávania. Už žiadne čakanie na načítanie a vyplňovanie vyhľadávacieho formuláru!
The most flexible AOBRD & ELD solution for compliance with ELD Mandate
ELDS offers multiple methods of meeting and exceeding the minimum regulation standards. Whether you want to maximize hours of service or simply stay legal, ELDS goes above and beyond to provide intuitive, customized solutions for your fleet.
Your transport on reservation in Clamart, faster, more ecological
The Clam'Express is a transport on demand, fast and ecological on the commune of Clamart, working only on reservation.Thanks to this application book your trips up to an hour before your departure. You can also schedule multiple trips 1 month in advance and for multiple people.The app not only gives you your travel time but also shows you the best pedestrian path to get to your nearest stop.The service is accessible to all with your ticket valid throughout the Ile-de-France (Navigo, ticket t)Save your favorites for a faster booking.Evaluate your journey for continuous improvement of the service.With Clam'Express, you are sure to arrive on time, do not miss your train or your appointments!
Satellite based GPS Tracking Solutions
TRASUR App is a secure way to keeps you track to your vehicle anytime. To track your asset on the tips of your fingers. Now, the security of your asset is in the palm of your hand. Stay connected and up to date with just a few clicks.Every tracking solutions is in your hands.Features:• Live Tracking• 24/7 live surveillance• Ignition on / off status• Comprehensive report modules with graph• Ignition on / off notifications• Fleet Management• Multiple Vehicles on one portal• Vehicle History Reports• Locate your vehicle on the map• Movement History on Map• Trip Reports• Idling Reports• Ignition on / Off Reports• Vehicle Maintenance Notifications• Driving Reports


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Bad Experience... Phly din se Complain ki Hoi he apki application Sahi work nh kare rhi na parking Ka update krti na hi history update krti so kindly apni Application par working kren Taky logo ki chezen mehfoz rahen... Thank you


Worst app and waste of time. Kindly fix the issues.


Intehaaa kee ghatiaa service haii inkee please har banda dour rahain inke service sy


Best application for tracking vehicle


Trasur Android application is great. Trasur control room staff and other department is very cooperative. My suggestion is that everyone should install Trasur Tracker. They recovered my stolen vehicle from Baluchistan i am very thanks full to Trasur Tracking company.


Not good


Not the best app. Doesn't track when the car is off. And the app doesn't send notifications after a while of using. Some things in the app are shown but they don't work


Why application keeps crashing on history replay and on page where it shows graphical representation of vehicle data. Needs to fix it, it will help customer with these incomplete features and boost confidence on Trasur Tracking.


Bekar app he or bekar service


Hell of lacks no real time live loction updater no engine off and on function graphs also incomplete


Very bad experience


Bilkul bekar tracker please apni cars me na lagwae .. hamesha galat location dekhata ha or city se bahar niklo tw koi call nahi ati ... Help line pe complain bhi ki koi fayda nahi hoa ... Please inka tracker na lagwae


Bed experienc


App crashes when i select vehicle


Bahot hi ghatiya app is se ziyada ghatiya app ho hi bahi sakti


Very disappointed experience in app.. please update and fix live tracking time problem


Need to improve this app, delay notification and tracking,


Show kilometer of car everyday plz


Not good enough


Not satisfied