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Explore all our products, and manage and track your rewards from Tree Of Life, your best dispensary in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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– Flower: pre-roll, infused pre-roll
– Concentrates: Live resin, rosin, shatter, crumble, sauce, budder, distillate
– Edibles: Baked goods, treats, candy, drinks, capsules
– Topicals: Lubricants, creams
– Merch: Apparel, accessories, bongs, filters, papers, lighters, grinders

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user able to know all diseases & conditions alphabetically with Details
This apps provides A to Z Guide to Diseases & Conditions information with Symptoms, Treatments ,Causes etcspecially this apps very helpful for medical student,doctor and learner..
Track and Save Your Fever Temperature and Track Thermometer For Fever Body Temp
Thermometer Body Temperature Diary, gives you the maximum & minimum range of the given values in the app to store the previous records and gives you the information about your body thermometer which are given according to the thermometer.Body Temperature Fever Thermometer App Info is an application to save the body temperature measured by the using thermometer. You can even check the temperature ranges of your body on graph based on data saved. Fever check thermometer diary app for tracking body temperature readings. Body Temperature Thermometer tracker app is used to monitor your body temperature if you have a fever.Thermometer For Fever App gives information related to your body temperature fever and allows the users to store the fever temperature values. All the stored values of fever temperature can be retrieved at any time and this gives full history of persons records. Body Temperature Thermometer Measure App info allows uses to view the saved records in the form of graphs, this gives proper visual representation of temperature readings of a person.Thermometer For Fever Diary or Temperature detector and fever thermometer..
Encrypted uploads to the ultrasound cloud
NOT FOR PATIENTSThis app requires a DICOM capable medical device and an account on the Tricefy platform.Ensure important medical data can be shared and stored in a secure and compliant way. Tricefy provides a cost-efficient cloud solution so that quality image management can be provided to anyone, anywhere, anytime.Tricefy Uplink facilitates encrypted uploads of medical images from imaging devices or software products. DICOM-capable devices and software can securely store medical examinations to the Tricefy cloud platform.
Virtual dental reception and workspace
Smilecloud allows you to upload all your case documentation ( photos, videos, cbcts as well intra-oral and face scans ) into a private and secured workspace where you can invite your team and patients to communicate, collaborate and design. Keeps you, everyone in your team and all your cases connected. Eliminates file-sharing in its entirety. Case-based chat makes communication focused and efficient. Last, but not least, simple and intuitive design options bring the best out of digital dentistry, without a complex learning curve.Create your own modern case libraryIf you are tired of external hard-drives, local servers, usb sticks, dropbox jamming your computer. If you keep losing things or have trouble finding them. If you don't have a plan about data regulation and protection, or if the solution you have is making your life more difficult. In any of these scenarios, Smilecloud steps up your game. It allows you to create a scalable, cloud based case library, where you drag and drop your case documentation. You benefit from an indestructible resource flow, where your files never lose quality, never lose the..
*This app is for our Doctor Partner only, if your a user please download our Doctor2U app*Doctor2U lets you connect to house-callers in the safest and flexible way possible. Treat friendly people in your area and help them feel better. Work full-time or only a few hours a week, whenever is convenient for you. Drive your own car, use your own phone, work when you want and treat who you want. You are your own boss and we make sure of it. The app has the function to let you go online or offline, so it's very flexible. If you're spending time with your family or working in the clinic / hospital just go offline, but when you're free and up for a job just go online.HOW DOES THE PARTNER APP WORK?Once you log-in to the partner app and Go Online, you will start receiving requests from Users. Reach your patient quickly and efficiently with automatic GPS directions from the app. Treat your patient in the comfort of their own home, office or hotel. Get paid every week from your..
Take the Pulmonary Cardio and your health history with you.
Este aplicativo foi desenvolvido para nos ajudar a cumprir nossa missão: cuidar de pessoas, promover saúde e qualidade de vida. Tenha acesso aos dados do seu prontuário médico, com seu histórico de consultas, atendimento de emergência, internações no Hospital Cárdio Pulmonar. inclusive os resultados e laudos de seus examesAcompanhe o processo de autorização de procedimentos cirúrgicos.
Convenient reference book of medicinal products used in veterinary medicine.
Handy reference book of medicines used in veterinary medicine.The Handbook of Veterinary Preparations is an indispensable assistant in the work of a practicing veterinarian.What will you find in the guide?Doses of drugs, belonging to the farm. group, a brief description of the application. A convenient search will make it possible to find the right drug both by name and by the disease for which it can be used.The paid version has an extended list of drugs (more than 270), a built-in calculator, and the function of adding your own drugs.Veterinary guideinstant access to drug therapy even without the Internet for dogs, cats, exotic animals, reptiles and birds.VetApp is a convenient veterinary guide that is always at hand.What will you find in the guide? Doses of drugs, belonging to the farm. group, a brief description and indications for use, a lot of additional information.We understand how important it is for every veterinarian to provide assistance as soon as possible, so the search will help you find the right drug in a matter of seconds.The paid version has an extended list of..
Digital therapy management and improved communication for patients and physician
CANKADO supports patients during their treatment journey by providing:- Digital patient diary- Web- and app-based patient support- Documentation of Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO)- Improved physician-patient-interactionInside of the CANKADO framework, the PRO-React Onco module can be activated, which received approval as Digital Health Applications (DiGA) by the BfArM in Germany. The purpose of CANKADO PRO-React Onco is to be automated digital support for patients to help them decide how urgently they need to discuss their documented symptoms with the attending physician.Additionally, various other modules can be activated within CANKADO, for example, study-specific patient support features. The highly variable CANKADO framework can be individualized according to the specific use-cases and needs of its users. Disclaimer:CANKADO does not replace direct contact with your physician! Please contact your physician as soon as you have any questions or difficulties. Always follow your physician's instructions.
Layanan pendaftaran online RST dr. Soedjono Magelang
Untuk mendukung pendaftaran online terintegrasi, RST dr. Soedjono Magelang menyediakan fasilitas tambahan berupa RST Go Online (RST GO).
Apex Radiology Patient App.
The Apex Radiology Patient App is used by patients to securely access images and reports of scans performed at an Apex Radiology practice, and to also request appointments.When your results are ready to view, you will receive an SMS message containing a link to a registration instructions page with an activation code. You will need to use this code to activate your account and set a password. You can also access your account using your fingerprint, facial recognition or a PIN if your device supports these. You will be able to use your account to access to all future studies performed at Apex Radiology.The 'Request an Appointment' feature allows you to organise a visit to one of our practices. Please enter details of the imaging required and take a photo of the referral form filled out by your doctor to submit. Our friendly staff will contact you to organise and confirm the appointment.If you need assistance with the Apex Radiology myRad Patient App please [email protected] with a description of the problem or call 1300 662 980.Please Note: Your doctor will..
Cannabis with a Cause
Explore all our products, and manage and track your rewards from Tree Of Life, your best dispensary in Las Vegas, Nevada. Browse our full menu of products. Search by category, brand, and strain.Live chat allows you to get your questions answered quickly by our staff.Explore our full product selection:- Flower: pre-roll, infused pre-roll- Concentrates: Live resin, rosin, shatter, crumble, sauce, budder, distillate- Edibles: Baked goods, treats, candy, drinks, capsules- Topicals: Lubricants, creams- Merch: Apparel, accessories, bongs, filters, papers, lighters, grinders

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I still purchase here just walk in and order just not through app. I notice after every purchase I'd get a message saying order canceled. Which bugs me because I like my points. I feel robbed. It's my points amd i want it now lol I just use app as a menu.




I can't order off the app anymore. I can't even order off the website. Please fix it or else I'm going to uninstall the app.