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Captor Clash has arrived and it's time to battle against players from around the globe!
Get ready to experience new characters, exciting events, and fresh content in this official release.
Don't miss out on all the action!

Captor Clash Game SCREENSHOT

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Captor Clash Game DESCRIPTION

Captor Clash: Unleash your power in the ultimate captor showdown!
Choose your team from a diverse set of heroes, each with their own unique fighting styles and abilities, and build the perfect team builder to take on the competition in fast-paced 1v1 battles.
Test your skills in challenging PVE modes like Raids and Abyss Maze to earn rewards and level up your role play experience.
With intuitive controls and stunning graphics, Captor Clash is the perfect fight game for players who crave a thrilling combo of strategy and action.
Whether you prefer 1v1 battles or 3v3 team fights, Captor Clash offers a variety of gameplay modes to keep you engaged.
Join the ultimate combat fight and face off against players from around the world in Captor Clash.
Download now and experience the thrill of the clash!

Key Features

– Stunning graphics and easy-to-use controls
Super combo action-packed battles let you brawl to the flesh!
Various thrilling attack combinations are waiting for you to experiment with!!
The innovative “CHAIN BURST” system gives you the power to crush your opponent and unleash explosive damage

– Join the global battle against players from all over the world in real-time
Who will be the next Online Brawler Champion? It is on your call!
The tournaments are meticulously designed to ensure complete fairness and are highly operation-based.
Get ready to experience ultimate battles in Captor Clash that everyone will enjoy!

– Embrace a richer action game experience
Various modes, including Tournament, Raids, Abyss Maze, Extreme Combat, and Team Assault, catering to both PVP and PVE players.
Say goodbye to boring gameplay and find your favorite mode in Captor Clash!

– Choose from a wide variety of heroes
With so many heroes available, each with their own fighting style, there’s sure to be a hero that suits your preferences.
Assemble your squad and venture into the post-apocalyptic fictional world to uncover hidden secrets and a diverse cast of characters.
Discover ancient blueprints and explore everything the game has to offer!

– Experience fast-paced combat, easy to pick up and play at any time
Each round lasts no longer than 3 minutes, allowing you to quickly start and finish battles with ease.

– Unlock exclusive rewards for new players
Embark on a thrilling game adventure with unique rewards.
These carefully crafted rewards are specifically designed to help players succeed during the initial stages of the game.

– Get Captor Clash now with a speedy 150MB download
Available for a quick and easy access, with a small file size of 150M.
Start playing the game right away without having to endure a long download wait.


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Captor Clash Game DOWNLOAD

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the devlopers knows what they're doing ;) i really like the game, its almost perfect, some sounds need to be fixed and thats all. great job ;))


This game is pretty decent, the animations are amazing and it's really enjoyable and fun


Amazing game, ‼️Can you please add power numbers to the characters so we can know how powefull are they by arrangment ,


Would've liked to try the game but it's keeps telling me to check my internet even though I can do everything else online including other games deleted until you fix this


The game is okay the voice acting is a bit eh you could just get actually people who speaks english properly to do the voices because the people you guys have doing the voices right now are horrible at there job.


I just played this game like 2 days ago, it's great and fun to play but when I open it and change my server i completely lost my account I don't know what happened please help me fix it before I deleted the game.


Reroll 28 times. (28 different google accounts) 0-S, u should be grateful I didn't give this trash 28 one star review.


The recruitment gacha is almost a scam. There's no pity system or any guarantee for S character. And 200$ for guarantee?. Lmao y'all clowns must be joking


Are you going to fix the grammar, and choice of words of the characters' conversations? While audience could roughly get what's being conveyed, it cheapens the experience. It's a pity that this game has a unique gameplay, and design, but could not pay for a better translator, with all these monetizations.


I like the game but I don't really like about this gamr is it keep freezing at the loading screen of the game and you will see some language popping up on the left side of the screen and if you open the game again the the problem will back again and you have re install the game so you can play it again. Sorry for my bad English I hope you fix this kind of problem I have


My only dislike is that you have no idea how to make a deal for example $199.99 for Hathor and nothing else in that deal you added the minus symbol which makes it a very bad deal. Nobody will ever pay that and those that do, get a life. Make it worth the $200


BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL JUST BEAUTIFUL! It's got the feel of All of the big three anime the art style of cyberpunk edgerunners the story of sword art online mixed with the dark and funny and chaotic energy of borderlands and BioShock and the QTE'S of untill dawn! DEFINITELY WORTH IT! 😁🤩😍🤓🧡🤓


Dear Admin, Good game to play. Lots of different characters with different sets of attack using their own weapons and powerups. The sad thing is there is arent enough energy to purchase to use for other side missions. This game uses lots of energy which i dont like.


It OK... the control bit clunky.. one of biggest thing I play this because 2.5d fighting andpvp at least not require anything just hero but some hero kit also unbalance.. don't mention about gacha, one of worst I had summon.. pve is generic kind 3 star per level stage, othe content is just additional to take some of time nothing too excited , story is just meh


Was really looking forward to this after CBT. They have improved the game a lot, amazing art, animations and character design, some respect to player's time and zero respect to player's wallet. If the game was a bit more tame with monetisation I would have expected a nice community to form but don't feel there is much chance now. :(


Its very fun i swear this game its resulotion was perfect and not laggy also give me a gift hero that are A type please my name in the game is mei mei i rate it 5 stars


Best game i've ever played so close😏😏


Finally global release!!!


Bad integration of 2.5D aspect, bad controls and skills mechanics, laggy as well even for medium high end phone. One of the worse first 10 mins of early gameplay


Love the game but unlike any other gacha game this game doesn't give free 10 or 20 summons at player mail unlike other they will give you some starter summon