A new year and a great new Truecaller update!

- Faster app startup
- Smaller app size
- Introducing Who Searched For Me - A premium feature that allows you to see who searched for you in Truecaller
- Introducing Family Plan - You can now subscribe or upgrade to the Family plan and share your Premium plan with up to 4 additional people
- Greatly improved dual SIM dialing experience

Truecaller App SCREENSHOT

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Truecaller App DESCRIPTION

Stay protected from spam and scams – Truecaller’s Caller ID will identify and block robocallers, fraudsters, telemarketers and other unwanted or unknown phone numbers. The advanced spam detector will automatically block and protect you from fraudulent calls and SMS, and the phone numbers on this spam list are updated in real time by millions of users worldwide.

Powerful Dialer & Caller ID:
– The leading caller identification app that automatically shows who is calling, even if the phone number is not in your contacts
– Know who is calling before you answer
– Video Caller ID – record a short video that plays automatically when you call friends and family. Apart from recording a selfie video, you can also set a Video Caller ID using one of the built-in templates, aiming to create a more personalized and unique calling experience
– Use Voice calling (VoIP) to talk to your friends on Truecaller for free
– Backup call history, contacts, messages, blacklist and settings to Google Drive

Detection & Blocking of Spam:
– Block spam + scam calls and SMS – Identify and auto-block telemarketers, robocallers, scammers, fraud, sales, and more
– The phone numbers on the spam list are updated by millions of people across the world in real time, helping you avoid robocalls and fraud
– Advanced spam blocking options for blocking countries, similar phone number sequences, robocallers, unknown numbers, telemarketers and more!
– Automatically identify + block every unknown, spam, scam or telemarketing SMS

Smart Messaging:
– Automatically identify unknown SMS
– Automatically block spam and telemarketing SMS
– Organize your SMS into Personal, Other and Spam
– Chat for free with your friends and family in Group Chat
– Use Flash messaging for urgent messages
– Blacklist unwanted SMS senders

SMS & Messages Translation:
– Translate a message with one tap. It’s that easy.
– The SMS translate feature can translate from many different languages
– Truecaller automatically detects if a foreign language is used in the messaging screen and will show that a translation is available

Truecaller Premium – Upgrade and get access to:
– No ads
– Know who viewed your profile
– Advanced blocking and filtering options
– Ghost Call – set any name, number and photo to make it appear as if you are getting a call from that person
– Call announce – know who’s calling without looking at the phone
– Incognito mode – view profiles privately
– Get the Premium badge on your profile
– 30 contact requests a month

Truecaller does not upload your phonebook to make it public or searchable. We are trusted by 300 million users globally and exist to make your communication safer.
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It doesn't do full screen calls (even though I'm on a Note 20 Ultra which isn't on the list), can't even see the option. And then it turns out it breaks functionality of other apps because it decided to push multiple on-top notifications on the center of the screen for rating the app and to inform me they blocked numbers! What's the point of blocking spam if you're gonna throw your own spam bs at me! Ridiculous. Do better cause I know you got good competition.


Truecaller Assistant is a fantastic call screening as well as voice-based online assistant app that saves time and also adds a new level of spam detection. Assistant utilizes machine learning as well as speech to message technology to ask questions to the customer, aiding you figure out that they are as well as the reason for the telephone call.


FIX this APP!! Can't register Puerto Rico numbers and it wasn't like that before. My mom upgraded her device and long ago didn't install this app but now when I tried again with the registration process it says invalid phone number and realized that the system changes from +1787 to +1939 and that's so wrong 😑 Won't recommend this until this bug gets fixed.


Truecaller app is an incredibly helpful tool for staying protected from scammers. Not only does the app provide you with detailed Caller ID information for every call, but it also includes powerful features like reverse number lookup and the ability to call friends and family in your contacts list.


What I go to privacy tab and try to deactivate my account, it shows can't connect to network. And also when I try to restrict processing my data, it shows can't connect please try again. Other options are working fine. But no one can deactivate their account. Truecaller os stealing our data and selling it. Even if we try to deactivate, they don't give such option.
Hi Albin, that's unsual, we'll definitely assist you with this. But request you to please share as to why you wish to deactivate your Truecaller profile? If there is any issue with any Truecaller feature, please write to us at, so that we can investigate and assist you at the earliest. Regards, Neil.


The Truecaller app is an incredibly helpful tool for staying protected from robocallers and scammers. Not only does the app provide you with detailed Caller ID information for every call, but it also includes powerful features like reverse number lookup and the ability to call friends and family in your contacts list. Overall, Truecaller is an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use app that can help you stay safe and protected from unwanted phone calls.


It is a great app to identify spammers and unknown numbers, can't live without it, I have Premium account too. -- BUT it hate it trying to be my default dialer or the full screen dialer, every few days I open the app it suggests I set it as default, and I always have to say dismiss. Please add an option to dismiss forever !!!! Thanks


It's 1 app for sms and calls that why I love it , 1 app does it all , caller id text, everything . My few dislikes are it's slow sometimes to open the keyboard up, OnePlus 10 pro. And some texts don't really notify you they arrived , which is annoying . I wish there was web preview available. For 50 bucks seems like app should be flawless for this kind of money. So kind of can't understand that side of things.


The ads are becoming more and more intrusive everyday. You can disable certain settings in the app, but it will still keep throwing pop-ups for missed calls and after calls along with a bunch of ads which disables the app you are using.


Overall, good. It does what it really needs to do. One gripe is that when I click a blocked number it thinks I want to call that number. I know if you are careful and press on the left this usually doesn't happen, but I would like to see the app put a step before you call that number showing details of things like when they called and where they are calling from.


Truecaller Assistant is a useful app that can save you time when screening calls. The AI-powered Assistant can ask questions to the caller, helping you identify who they are and the reason for the call. This app is easy to use, and provides a new level of spam detection.


The app is good. Main issue I have with it is that it occasionally removes zero from numbers when I dial to make a call - and hence the network provider would tell me 'the number you've dialed does not exist, please check the number and try again'. I hope this problem will be fixed.


If i would like to know the truecaller name for a saved phone contact too. I don't find any option in your application. Kindly provide an option to look after the truecaller name in their truecaller profile. It helps in some times. Whenever i need such a facility, i am deleting the number from phone contact and then i am typing the number in the search box. This process was not convincing.


I want to like this app, and I'm sure it's great, but: I only want caller id, yet the app will force so many other features at you constantly that you can't turn off. It wants to be the default messaging app, it want to be the default caller app, business chat and many other things I don't want. It was just too many constant notifications, so I uninstalled.


Good, I can tell any type of call. The problem is that the system process kinda slowly who's calling and the phone rings, but I'm not able to answer it. On the other hand, it's such a problem to have two call apps because between phone (from Android) is running, both apps ask for constant permitions and it's a little bit annoying.


I find it unusual that I have two phones and have to transfer subscription back and forth between the two. Also it would be helpful to display all call records made across all phones owned by the same person. Again, heads up notification should clear out a little faster, if I wish to read the message, I would go into the app


Edit 2: Other texting apps can auto-reply to texts within a certain time frame. Also, does not accept most picture messages and can't view group messages. Edit: After installing this and subscribing, the number of spam calls and texts have greatly decreased. This actually works! It is so nice not getting constant spam sent to my phone. Now I just have to find e-mail that does the same. Also, love the huge amount of features.


CANCELED SUBSCRIPTION. No support. I will renew when you address my issues. The call assistant is intercepting calls from people in my contacts such as family and friends. I sent emails asking how to filter the call assistant so it intercepts spam calls only. Also I do not see the let the assistant take the call button which I have emailed about as well. Now my music won't pause when a call comes in and it won't hang up from my car system.


I signed up for the free trial that enables the assistant. The assistant did not work on my phone. By the time Truecaller got back to me my free trial was up, and I wouldn't reactivate my plan because my free trial was up and I wasn't trying to be charged $50 for a product that doesn't work right. Don't waste your time with this app customer support sucks they will not help you until it's too late. And I uninstalled the app because of free version inundate you with way too many ads and pop-ups.
Hi David. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. We would like to support you with this issue and so we’d appreciate it if you could write back to us at We will get this issue resolved for you as soon as possible. /MS Team Truecaller.


Convoluted and confusing interface with little explanation of features. How do I turn off messaging filtering? What do you mean I can receive notice of who's looking at my profile but I can view profiles anonymously? I don't want to display my information at all. Calls are blocked but there's nothing that lists those calls as the list is always empty. They really need a documentation specialist to navigate that work. If you have one, you need a new one or you need to listen to them.