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Chom Norng is growing to digitalized logistic in Cambodia whereas all users will enjoy with our high level of delivery service and settle payment.

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Edea Mobile is the application to manage your account electrical service.
The Edea Mobile application allows to know the details of your consumption, bills, deadlines and payments. Online you can manage any claim for lack of supply or service problems and geolocalizar care centers to customers and payment institutions enabled. In addition you receive notifications about the accounts you have selected in your application and notices about scheduled outages for maintenance of the network.The application has a menu of 8 options:1. Claims: it generates claims for lack of supply or other technical problems.2. Care Centres: commercial offices geolocates Edea.3. Consumption: I Flights Get consumption history of the last twelve months.4. Invoice: Displays the due date, the amount and condition of paid or unpaid for the last twelve invoices for your account. If debt register, the application allows you to pay it with your credit card.5. Payment Locations: Locates enabled sites paying bills Edea closest to your current location.6. News: I received news and institutional information Edea.7. Profile: associates and manages the accounts you want to obtain the information for each.8. Notifications: I received news and announcements accounts associated with the application.To..
Fun user friendly habit tracker designed to help you create new healthy habits
Creating and maintaining useful and effective habits has always been a trait of many highly productive and efficient people. It is fundamental to have useful habits and to break old limiting habits. We decided to make this process exciting by creating EpoxyHabit Tracker. Everything you need to create, manage and track your habits all at the press of a few buttons and with a simple interface.Create new habits quickly and easily then just watch them grow. All your habits can be seen on one interface showing you your progress throughout the week and your progress overall. Also you can see the frequency for each habit, so that you know when each of your habits needs completing. Each habit can be customized with your own unique title and description to remind you why you started and to add your own personal touch.Overview your habits and get tips and facts with our feed. You are welcomed with lots of helpful information when you load up our app, giving you tips and encouraging you to progress. Our overview lets you see information about..
Nozzle configuration tool to select the correct sprayer
Kuhn has developed a nozzle configuration tool to help you select the correct sprayer nozzle for your application requirements (working speed, flow rate, etc)
Manages your grades and calculates your average. Supports export and import.
Who doesn't know that problem?! The semester is almost finished and you are not exactly sure if the grades are good enough to pass the semester. PlusPoints helps students to keep track of their grades and averages. Simply add the grades to the app and PlusPoints will do the rest for you.On iOS PlusPoints exists already since 2009 and is, with over 250'000 downloads and thousands of daily active users, well established.With PlusPoints you can finally organize and manage your school grades. It's up to you whether and up to which accuracy you want your grades to be rounded. And you can choose between average and pluspoints.Does your teacher create exams that consist of several parts, e.g. oral and written or weekly tests that will be merged into one grade? No problem, PlusPoints offers you the possibility to create sub-exams and offers you the maximal amount of flexibility.Of course you are able to export and import your semesters. Either as a backup possibility or to share it with friends and family.Are you certain which grade is needed next? Are you..
Odin Worker App
- Clock in and out of the jobsite using your phone- Keep your personal and emergency contact information up to date- View your access history and hours on the jobsite- Correct mistakes quickly if you forget to clock out- See your jobsite assignments and receive important announcementsThe Odin App is only available for workers with an active assignment on an Odin jobsite. If you’re working on an Odin jobsite and can’t log in, please talk to your site supervisor or safety officer to gain access. Odin is the first fully integrated software platform for managing labor risk on enterprise-scale construction sites. Since our launch, we’ve tracked over 2.5 million worker hours and managed jobsites totaling over 3.6 million square feet. Are you interested in using the power of data to improve safety on your jobsite? Visit to learn more.
A simple Spreadsheet application.
This is the full no-ads version of Simple Spreadsheet, now packaged as a separate application.Going forward, new features will be added to this version of the application only (eg, sort).A simple spreadsheet application that boasts:- complex formulas (as many brackets are you need)- text style/size/colour, background colours, and borders applicable at the cell/row/column/sheet level- insert/delete rows and columns- adjustable column width/row height, including autowidth- formula highlighting when editing to show referenced cells and ranges- import and export CSV files- freeze first row and/or column- copy/paste cells and ranges- built in keypad for quick data entry (press the K button for the full keyboard)- complete backups of all files (nothing is truly overwritten)- SORT! can sort by columns or rows(paid version only)plus much much more.There is extensive documentation in the 'About' screen in the application.Please note that this spreadsheet is _NOT_ directly Excel compatibleHowever, you can import CSV files from Excel, or save CSV files to load into ExcelOr OpenOfficeOr GoogleDocsOr whatever other SpreadSheet application you normally use.If you have any issues or find any bugs, please contact me at the..
HP DesignJet Virtual Demo is a sales tool for HP Sales and HP Partners.
HP DesignJet Virtual Demo is an easy to use sales tool for HP Sales and HP Partners. It has all the information that the sales staff will need for their client visit, providing easy access and a 360º view of the printer which shows the main characteristics of the product, videos, technical data sheets and documentation which is continually updated with the most up-to-date version. With this tool you can compare products in the HP DesignJet family, accessories, catalog of applications, information on HP services and the ability to share valuable information with your client and much more.
Assistant — fast, robust, and secure remote device management app
The Assistant mobile application is designed for the organization of secure remote access, management and administration of workstations and servers within a secure local network or via the Internet.Key functions of our application:* remote screen control of a Windows, Android, MacOS or Linux device using gestures;* screen sharing and steering your mobile device from a Windows/Linux based PC;* file exchange with a remote device;* summarizing information about the remote PC's hardware and software;* possibility to use your own management server.Access control to your device. The Assistant app allows you to:* set your own password to access your mobile device;* limit access to file sharing, device information and screen sharing;* assign a centralised access policy to the mobile device (using the fee-based editions);* activate or deactivate the screen management feature on your device.This application uses Accessibility Service API. This is necessary for the remote control function of your device to work. If you want to grant access only for viewing, do not enable this feature. During operation, the service does not collect or store any information about your device or the..
Your Suma Six digital card! Save time and money when paying
Crea tu tarjeta Suma Six virtual:- Ahora tiempo y espacio en tu cartera con tu tarjeta en la app- Si ya estas inscrito te generaremos una tarjeta virtual. Si todavia no eres clientes Suma Six, te puedes inscribir en el momento y tener tu tarjeta en la appConsulta tu historial Suma Six- Revisa tus compras con la tarjeta- Revisa tus canjes y cupones disponiblesLocaliza tu SIX más cercano- Ve las tiendas más cercanas a tu ubicación- Consulta su dirección y la distancia
Good memory gives you efficient learning!
Memory training tool. Utilizes "spaced repetition" theory to manage intervals for every item based on your responses in previous repetitions in order to boost the efficiency of your learning.Import SuperMemo data including learning progress.Support devices from Android 1.6 to 3.0 Honeycomb
Chom Norng is growing to digitalized logistic in Cambodia.
Chom Norng is growing to digitalized logistic in Cambodia whereas all users will enjoy with our high level of delivery service and settle payment.

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