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I was trying to make a new account and when it sent the verification code it showed up in my spam folder so I had it resend the email twice, and now it won't let me register at all! It says the email isn't available to register. I've tried restarting my phone, force stopping the app, and uninstalling and reinstalling again and it just won't work.


Both pc and app are buggy. I can't post any videos on pc anymore and it hasn't fixed. A 19 second long video stops rendering at exactly 99% and doesn't post! Oh, so why don't you post it through mobile instead of pc. Thats a fantastic question! It's too bad that whenever I log in to my new account on mobile, it SIGNS ME IN, and then goes back to my first account and doesn't even REGISTER as an option of accounts to select. Please fix this. Twitter used to be way less buggy than this.


App stopped working on all my devices. Whenever I open the app, it just crashes. Before, I had problems with playing videos and the for you page was just showing the same stuff over and over again, even after refreshing. Worst social media app rn, don't install it. Use it in your browser or use a better alternative.


Take the "For You" "Following" tabs AWAY if you're always going to default to "For You". Yes, this is still not fixed. Now I get a split screen view with half of both tabs showing. Refreshing the Following tab takes multiple swipe-downs and never defaults to the top. Algorithm based timelines are notoriously full of misinformation, triggering material, and are ultimately harmful. Go back to letting users choose ONE timeline to view all the time.


really annoyed because twitter keeps removing my likes (i need to like something several times in order for it to show up in my likes section). there's also an issue where videos don't load properly and are stuck on certain frames while the audio plays as usual. and my for you page refreshing on its own is a nuisance too because tweets i'm currently reading can go missing all of a sudden, then i can't find them anymore.


App and platform are circling the drain. Timeline doesn't automatically refresh any longer, a major PITA. Most recent timeline changes make no sense and there is zero communication from Twitter on when or why these changes are occurring. Constantly being served the same irrelevant ads and trends even after hitting the 'not interested' button. A tremendous shame what has happened.


The past few updates have slowly been ruining the experience of using the app. Constant like/reply/views switching aside, 90% of the time that I try to open the app it brings me to the login screen as if I wasn't logged in. When I try to log in it freezes and won't let me in. But if I exit the app on the login screen, swipe it away in recent apps and open it again – it lets me in the app, to my timeline, no login required. This is so frustrating that it makes me want to not use the app.


There should be an option to give negative star ratings because, politics aside, ever since Elon bought Twitter and started firing everybody, this app is trash. I'm not even talking about new features, I'm just talking about performance. The feed doesn't auto refresh and manually refreshing works 20% of the time. Watching a video and rotating to landscape mutes the sound and there's no way to unmute it without backing out of the thread. Many other issues. The app is slowly becoming unusable.


This social media app is pretty decent. I'm using it as a tool to develop Indie Games and such, and one thing I also use it for is communication. I've noticed that within the new chances to the platform, I can't chat directly on people's profiles anymore... Edit, they've brought this back. Maybe this was either a bug, or the reception didn't like it. Thanks!


We all know the bird app, but... 1. It could be more helpful to open the menu by swiping to the right. 2. When I open an image/video and drop a like, it is going to be canceled (I don't know why) 3. The Blue Tweeted Icon on the top, it's annoying. I can't remove it unless I click it. You can merge it with the Twitter Icon on the top. They have the same result. Please fix it, and thanks 💙


Is very buggy to use as well as inconsistent with notifications. posting an image will often result in a layer being added to the bottom of the image cause a very akward appearance. Reports no longer yield any results if ever even getting a response. Basic features such as the dm button continue to disappear or be locked behind paywall subscriptions.


Its Twitter. Some of it is kewl some of it is faked, just like people and life. I loke the spaces app and the fact you dont have to be on a live video. As where i dont mind from time to time i dont like being on video all the time. Its much easier for me to maintain audio because video always seems narcissistic and assuming. Audio seems more manageable and tailored for people involved in life instead of a camera. I think there needs to be more writing space specifically for personal use.


The app has been constantly crushing since last year. While reading an interesting tweet, the app will just crash, and after that I can't find the tweet I was reading, unless it was on my home feed. I thought my phone was the problem, but I've realised other people have the same problem as well. You have also managed to mess things up by adding the useless "For you" tab. The "Lists" functionality is what people use when they have specific accounts they want to view without following them.


My "for you" pages is a list. It stays in the same order and only nee rings are added from the too. But I'm tierd of seeing the same thing I had already. Why not make a "discover" section. The button would be at the bottom of the phone, like "search" has. The algorithm will decide what you like. I know I basically telling you to make something like reels and tiktoks but this has a bit of Twitter to it. It will have posts, videos and images, not just videos.


It appears that Android has lost the ability to direct message from someone's profile, even if you follow each other. This is on top of notifications or messages only showing intermittently, and sometimes not at all. It has become incredibly buggy recently, with pointless "improvements" which have done nothing to improve the app. I guess that's what happens when you sack all the competent people and keep the sycophants.


There's something weird happening to the app lately, as I find it crashing constantly and I can't watch videos because they literally crash as well and don't reproduce properly! It kinda does work at the beginning seconds but then it pauses and suddenly it's on second 55 in a 30 second video (just an example). 😂 So yeah the videos crash and break into interrupted frames that aren't even consecutive to the other.


The changes made to this app over the last week are incredibly annoying and unnecessary and a waste of everyone's time to have coded and implemented. The constant switching of positions of the reply/like/retweet buttons is confusing and not something that needed any change whatsoever. None of that would have had to change if you didn't put in the views thing. Also the "for you" page being automatically set when I open the app is infuriating.


The app is getting worse every day and every day something breaks. My mentions tab is not working properly for a week already only showing me comments which mention me + at least one other person. Today likes count doesnt show up. Cropped pictures feature is TERRIBLE it makes user experience so much more complicated. I don't want to open every picture just to see what's in it. I wish you would stop trying to change the app for no good reason. No need to fix something that isn't (wasn't) broken


Bad app getting worse and messing with actually good apps at the same time. For a few days now they've basically shut off access to the service for many 3rd party apps. That wouldn't be a huge deal if the official app didn't suck so hard in the first place. It's cluttered, unintuitive and offers barely any customization at all. What a great decision to make.


It's amazing! Love the app! I can use it on my phone to be able to tweet my followers on the go (when I'll have time) instead of using my computer. The only bug I've found so far is that when you're done seeing a picture or watching a clip at full screen or after reading a tweet and want to go back, it sends you back at the beginning of the page where you saw the tweet as if you're looking at that page the first time (loading screens after each portion). Can you look into this. Thank you.