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Glitches almost constantly. Tweets double post. When scrolling a profile it will suddenly jump back to the top. When tweeting videos you cannot preview them or cut duration. Sudden exits/closes without explanation. Now it forgets I'm logged in and defaults to the log in page when I open the app. Go back out and in a few times and suddenly it remembers me again. This is pretty bad.


After using this app for 6~ years, I have the confidence to say that you should not use this app. You should back away and not hit the install button. Or if you have already installed this app uninstall it. This app is a good way to spiral out of control and spend more time on it. It's addictive. And only leaves you feeling worse when you put it down. I don't have enough characters to list off every single problem with the app and the effects it has on you mentally. DO. NOT. DOWNLOAD.


Latest update has completely broken the app. It's constantly crashing & just being extremely slow. On top of that, I got logged out & cannot log back in. Twitter has not cared about Android users for years, but this is just ridiculous now. iOS keeps getting exclusive features while we have to hope the app still works. Please stop ignoring Android users, and please fix the app.


What happened to this app? It closes on me every couple minutes for no apparent reason. When I open a thread and close out of the thread, it scrolls all the way up to the top of my feed. Watching videos works for a couple seconds and the video would just freeze up with the audio still going. Please fix your app, it's becoming impossible to use.


Each time I open the app on my Samsung Galaxy S10+, it takes about a half a minute to load the notifications and DM tabs. Another problem is that it's also been taking forever to load profiles each time I open the app. I'm updating it and it's still happening................. And now the app just seems to completely stop working at certain times, usually around 7 PM until 11 PM. I don't know, it's very strange, and not even notifications work during this.


I don't know what happened, but the app performance is terrible recently. Things like notifications and direct messages take forever to load. It didn't used to be this bad. It will also repeatedly show that I sent a new direct message when I'm only viewing previous ones. Notification icons also linger after already viewing it.


I'm currently looking at alternatives to this app. The visual design looks like it belongs in android marshmallow, and it lacks features and the fluidity if the iOS version. Simply put, it's an uglier and less capable version of Twitter compared to the iOS version. I can't even click on a piece of media on someone's profile and scroll through them without exiting out, scrolling to the next piece of media, then clicking on it. Frustrating.


The app feels slower when scolling through the timeline, as well as basic loading the app. Sometimes it crashes randomly. Following topics is nice, however it's not cool when unwanted nsfw randomly shows up in topics. Twitter could do a better job at filtering out toxic posts, fox how you're able to mute and block people. I find the follower and following numbers to be off constantly.


App has the longest load times. Load times for opening Twitter and clicking on tweets feels like centuries. The app also has a problem with going completely blank at random moments. Click on a tweet and nothing pops up so I hit the back button and now my whole feed is empty. Really like this app beyond these problems but they are bogging down the experience.


My Notification is not working since 6 month ago. I tried every method to fix the notification issue; messing with in-app and phone notification setting, re-login the account, clear data&cache, even re-install the app itself. None of them worked. At this point, I think it is a bug, which had bothered me for very long time. Please fix this bug.


Twitter is my preferred social media, I'm on it literally all the time. But the app is damn near unusable. If I switch to another app and come back it takes so damn long for the app to load. Sometimes even up to a minute. Closing the app and opening it back up doesn't help. Not to mention the auto refresh is annoying as all hell. Fix the damn app PLEASE.


This is the 6th time I have written a review on this app in the last 2 months and it has been removed. One of the updates a few months ago made the app very slow to load or respond. I have tried deleting all the app data which seemed to help for maybe a day then it was back to being so slow it's basically unusable. *Update* 2/21/22 - It seems I only have these problems over Wi-Fi. Not sure why that is. It will sort of work but not completely & is painfully slow.


2 stars because the refresh is 100% annoying. I could be 20 tweets deep on someone's else page and then it'll auto refresh and scroll to the top. And no, going into accessibility to turn off the motion, don't work. Why is that if that's what it's there for. It only shows incompetence, because everyone's complaining about it, with no resolution being done.


If not for the random freezes it would be a 5. I have learned to uninstall and reinstall every couple of weeks. The latest version just crashes and quits more often than freezing. I actually like that better. I do wish there was a way to completely turn off DMs. You call them messages. I believe a very significant percentage of users would like to eliminate this very annoying feature. It is used primarily by scammers.


Before the update it was pretty good. No glitches and stuff but ever since, the most annoying thing are the random reloadings. Like if you go to click on a post and leave it. The app brings you right back to the tippy top. Or when your scrolling someone's page and click a picture or tweet to see better. Then you leave/back space out of it, your right back to the tippy top of their page again! Like man I like to slowly read post from the bottom and work my way up. Especially if it's my feed.


Keeps crashing Whenever I try to post an image in a comment section, the app crashes and gives me a pop-up saying it has a bug and to clear the cache . It's getting fairly annoying, and each time this happens, I have to restart my phone just to reset the app and use it again. If I don't this this, it will continue to kick me out.


recently I couldn't get into my messages and it would just load and load. and I can't make a list. when I try, I can't go to step 2 and it says "list can not be created. try again later" and im not doing anything wrong. and now my timeline is taking forever to actually come up. it's loading then goes black about 99% of the time. and I have a list pinned and I can swipe to see that and those tweets load fine. they load like normal.


The two or three most recent updates have completly removed my ability to use the direct messages. Any conversations that were started before the latest updates now load perpetually, and the only way to fix this problem is to completely close the chat and start a new one. This goes for both individual and group chats. It's apparent that they're prioritizing their monitized spaces and leaving the rest of the app by the wayside. Will likely move to another platform. I would rate a 0 of possible.


On this phone and the phone I had before this, I had the exact same problems. The app worked great for a while, but once it started to mess up ...there was no fixing it. It would freeze up constantly. I would try to close the app, and sometimes it worked, but often it would just crash altogether. I'd restart it. Nope. I cleared the cache. Didn't help. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Doesn't help. And Twitter support? No. I still love Twitter and use it daily, but through my web browser


Love opening the app to find not a single image loading. Have to use the browser version to see anything while on my phone, which defeats the purpose of an app. Update: the auto-refresh is not just unnecessary but terrible UI. No one wants to lose the tweet they were just reading to the ether forever. Ads, mostly for crypto, also now display between comments in addition to the timeline.