- A unique car for the "Detroit" collection - HOT ROD
- New moves and poses for the character
- Bug fixes and optimization improvements
- The return of the map "Office"

Tuning Club Online Game SCREENSHOT

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Tuning Club Online Game DESCRIPTION

Tuning Club Online is a unique driving game in real time via the network. Stop racing the rival ghosts or bots. Build your car, play with friends and rivals around the world.


– Have a free ride and chat with friends;
– Push maximum power in the speed race;
– Leave smoking trails on the track in drift mode;
– Fight for the crown in hold the crown mode;
– Don’t let anyone catch you in a bomb mode;


– Pick up boosters on the levels to slow down your opponents, earn money, get nitro, pick up the crown or arrange a real bombardment;


– Put bumpers, body kits, hoods, spoilers, apply vinyls or skins, choose tires and wheels;
– Customize car with your own unique style with skins, install police and FBI lights, taxi sign, clown head, crazy tailpipes and more;


– Build an engine to fit your playing style and become a pro;
– Combine rare parts and their unique qualities;
– Put the piston, crankshaft, camshaft, flywheel and other parts;
– Adjust suspension, camber and offset;
– Change tires for best grip.

E36, RX7, Skyline, Evolution – and this is just the beginning of the list of legendary cars for tuning in this multiplayer game. Over a million combinations are there to bring your ideas to life. Gather your collection of cars and their parts to become the champion in the arena.

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Tuning Club Online Game DOWNLOAD

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Dope game!!! different style of racing, neat selection of modifications, short list of the world favorite jdm and tuners. Earning parts is not structured, always a hit or miss in a raffle. 4 out of 5 compare to other mobile racing game. Goes good with backbone controller, wish i can change my button layout and also wish i can shift gears.


Bro the game so great but I think your game has a bug is so slow in loading screen my wifi is good and my device is good too. my phone is Tecno pova 5 and the loading screen is sooooo slowww idk why but it's annoying you need to restart the app like 10 time so you can play the game😤😤😤
Please note that game crash may occur due to memory capacity. Please check the game size and secure some memory to restart the game. Kindly contact our team at [email protected] should the issue persists.


It has great bones but OMG you literally can't play the game how it was intended unless you regularly spend real money. You can try save up in game money but your car will break down before you can save enough for another car or to even repair your current car. It WOULD be my new favourite mobile game but the greed here is forcing me to uninstall before I can even properly experience the game. It's honestly a shame.
We take your feedback very seriously. Your opinion is valuable to us, and we will work on improving the game based on your comments. Thank you for providing us with the information and for your patience.


I'm really liking it i would really like to see some new tracks like maybe something going down the California coast line and some off road tracks like mobbing thru Africa or Australia or racing down the streets of Italy and how about some weather like rainy days and nights and some fog and some new cars like a 4 door 67 impala and 4 door pontiac grand prix and 4 door 98 Acura intagra and the dodge turbo interceptor and kit from knight rider and how about the ability to boot toxic players


It is about recent update, it is very bad. Drifting and car speed are too slow and speed camera has now 5 minutes cool down. This game is totally aiming for money and nothing more. I request bring this game to old version Edit: they fixed the issue thanks for your hardwork. I have some trust on tco
We appreciate your time and effort in leaving a review. We would like to express our gratitude for your honest feedback. We are always aiming for the best results, and your review will help us in achieving that.


The thing why I gave this game a 5 star rating because of it's graphics and it's environment, like even it's so optimized that I can easily get 60 frames per second even on the highest graphics setting, I appreciate the hardwork of developers, Thanks to the Developers, Thank You.


Its a addictive game but after play for a while it started saying "please wait..." after every race or event,so after waiting like 15min a couple of times i gave up and must swipe the game away to play again


Amazing game. Different from all other racing games. From spectacular graphics to realistic drifting and racing.It is truly one of or the best mobile racing car game


"win at bomb" okay how does a golden/silver or bronze don't count but the no.1 unranked count? I am having a mental breakdown over here because of your stupid quests, I am losing my mind over 3 gold, for God sake make your game playable the only fair way to get gold is only by spending money, luck spin suck and it gave nothing but headache and 5000 coins, tragic how this game turned to
Thank you for your feedback. We would like to get more information about this issue so that we can resolve it. Please contact our support team at [email protected], and we will be happy to assist you.


Game is perfect in every way! Even though the last update messed up my car, the devs listened and fixed it. RESPECT + Very good graphics and a lot of options so even lower end phones can run it,its very well optimised. Has a lot of great cars which are priced with good balance,not to mention the free cars you get every month. It has realistic drifting physics which is the best part of it. It also has other fun modes like skill tests which are very fun. No doubt my favourite game. Thank you devs.
We apologize that you have encountered an issue in our game. We realize that it can be disappointing, and we want to apologize for any inconvenience caused. We are working on fixing this problem, and your feedback will help us make the game better.


To be honest this is my favourite car game in the Play store. I've been playing it for many years now and have had little issues.


It is about recent update, it is very bad. Drifting and car speed are too slow and speed camera has now 5 minutes cool down. This game is totally aiming for money and nothing more. I request bring this game to old version Edit: they fixed the issue thanks for your hardwork. I have some trust on tco
Thank you for your feedback. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. We would like to inform you that the issue you mentioned has been resolved. Thank you for playing our game.


Maybe I wasnt clear, the speed challenges need to be lowered not because of the top speed of the cars but because most straights arent long enough to get up to that speed, attemlted of 3 seperate a class 450 speed cars, edit: not only is this not fixed but mandatory minute long ads have been added at the end of any event, no longer worrh playing under any circumstances, uninstalling
Hello! Thank you for your opinion, it was important for us to hear it. Сars in the game can reach speeds even higher than 300 mph.


I kinda like it but when touch the throtle the car goes to fast .the game have to cange because everybody like this game realastic good but you change it faster as you can thanks i hope you all see this reviews
We are always striving to improve our game and would like to hear more from you. If you have any further questions, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We are always ready to communicate with you!


this game is great and funny but i miss new car's like the gtr 32,an m3 e46 gtr a new 86 and impreza and pls an initial D body kit for the rx7 and pls more wagon conversion i'm also beging for a rear view mirror and a way to disable steer assiste could you consider adding these pls 🚓👌 but exept that great job👉👈🕴️👌🤞🤌🗿💀


It's a good game but really needs new cars added. There's a good amount to choose but after a while it gets boring. Same cars in the season passes doesn't help, also sometimes there's hackers in game so it would be good to have the report button send some kind of warnings to the players who are being offensive. I think that would get them to stop being like this.


1 in a half. They took out the glitch that actually made it easy to make money so now you gotta drift 30000000 miles to make 1k. (I'm Exaggerating but still)


I watched a video advertisement on this game. Now there is music from the advertisement still playing while I am in-game after exiting the advert. It is very annoying. The advertisement is the one with the hungry woman and hungry child buying the cheap house and the winter setting. Please, I've already cleared this game's cache but it's still playing when I open this game up. EDIT: It's resolved.


Great game I'm addicted to it but 1 flaw is the inventory of parts for the cars. Can you add the selling of multiple parts I really don't want to sells 1 by 1 when I have 2800 parts I don't need nor use and when you sell a car it deletes all parts for said car. Oh and the speed boost when you lift of front end can you remove thatits annoying thank you.


Its definitely a grindy pay to play for progression game. It'll start you out with a bunch of rewards then just almost nearly quit. The pricing for repair is ludacris to the point you can't even save for a vehicle due to overheating existing in this game with no way to cool the engine. It is unnecessarily troublesome to make your car faster much less get a better one. The respawn takes too long and players get no penalty for purposely running you off track from the start.