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Nuts & Bolts 3D Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Nuts & Bolts 3D: Screw Master(截图1)【图】Nuts & Bolts 3D: Screw Master(截图2)【图】Nuts & Bolts 3D: Screw Master(截图3)

Nuts & Bolts 3D Game DESCRIPTION

What is your IQ? Do you want to know? Play Nuts & Bolts 3D: Screw Master to test your smart

Being fun and smart simultaneously challenges and trains your mind while having fun with endless pin puzzles.

Screw it out and set it free for all blocks in the levels, become master puzzle solving and have fun with the imaginative games we’ve created just for you.

🎮 Easy but fun gameplay
Tap and tap only to move all screws get out the block, and remove all blocks to win this game

😎 Various Difficulty Levels
Dive into 100+ levels, from beginner to advanced, full of fresh challenges and brain-teasing puzzles to keep your mind sharp and the fun rolling

🔩 Hint System
Get friendly hints to solve tricky wood nuts and bolts puzzles

🚦 Beat the challenge
Navigate through twists and turns, guiding the bolts to beat the challenges on your path.

🔗 Solve it as fast and creatively as possible
Connect bolts, pins, and nuts in the coolest ways ever. Show off your creativity and solve puzzles with just a few magical moves!

✨ Design your nuts and bolts
10+ skins to customize wood nuts and bolts

Do you accept our challenge to find out who is the smartest in Nuts & Bolts 3D: Screw Master

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What is your IQ? Do you want to know? Play Nuts & Bolts 3D: Screw Master to test your smartBeing fun and smart simultaneously challenges and trains your mind while having fun with endless pin puzzles.Screw it out and set it free for all blocks in the levels, become master puzzle solving and have fun with the imaginative games we've created just for you.🎮 Easy but fun gameplayTap and tap only to move all screws get out the block, and remove all blocks to win this game😎 Various Difficulty Levels Dive into 100+ levels, from beginner to advanced, full of fresh challenges and brain-teasing puzzles to keep your mind sharp and the fun rolling🔩 Hint System Get friendly hints to solve tricky wood nuts and bolts puzzles🚦 Beat the challengeNavigate through twists and turns, guiding the bolts to beat the challenges on your path.🔗 Solve it as fast and creatively as possibleConnect bolts, pins, and nuts in the coolest ways ever. Show off your creativity and solve puzzles with just a few magical moves!✨ Design your nuts and bolts10+ skins..
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Nuts & Bolts 3D Game DOWNLOAD

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most intelligent game it truly challenges one to think and use their brain and figure out what movements they're going to make to be successful in this game and I like that more people should play


The gameplay is okay, but the time limits ruin the enjoyment of these kinds of games. Didn't see many ads, thankfully, especially since I saw that if you don't want ads, it is $1 per day, which is crazy. That is the most I have seen for a game I have played. Especially for a game that is as basic as this.
Dear user, Thanks for supporting us and we are sorry for Ads. We will improve in the future and we will try to keep the Ads from interfering. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.


Beware - Opened scam / phishing page while playing within the first 5 minutes. In the middle of a game, the app opened a scam page designed to look like Amazon telling me I was the one millionth visitor or something. It's bad enough it opened a website without my consent. Even if they're allowed their ad networks this access, it's still fundamentally their responsibility and I don't feel safe playing this game. Uninstalled immediately.
Dear player, Please kindly report your problem or suggestion along with your detailed information through [email protected]. We will check it and solve it as soon as possible.


Long time levels are VERY easy.But after some time it starts to get difficult,quite suddenly.Still it's better game then most similar ones , where often solving is just impossible without paying.Wish there was no time limit,do game could be more relaxing


There are too many adverts after every game. Not for me. Uninstalling because of this issue, and I WILL not install ANY of the applications shown. Thank you for the heads up, these application's are so boring.
Dear User, we are sorry for the inconvenience. We want to give you better user experience. Could you give us the screenshots of Ads that disturb you most? You can email us at [email protected].


Puzzles are good but the adverts are far too frequent, and far too long. Which is a pity as the game mechanics are interesting. Sadly not interesting enough to watch a 40 - 70s advert at the end of every level
Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates.


I like it. It's fun and progressively challenging with some easy puzzles in between the difficult ones to relax.
Hi, Thank you for your comment. Is there something else that we could do to deserve a better rating from you? Let us know at [email protected].


Poor gameplay, average graphics, and ads jammed in wherever they could, mostly with no timers so you have NO way of knowing when you get your device back. I don't know if every maker is using the same engine or what, but why do they all have a timer? Some of us have mobility issues, and timers are just insulting. So I'm slower than most, I'm not allowed to play? Keep this, I'm out.


This game is unplayable, the challenge mode is bugged to the point of being impossible with screws hidden under other screws leaving you locked into an unbeatable level.
Thank you for your feedback. We released new version which fixed this problem. Please kindly update new version of game


if you lose a hard level you should play previous level again! there's some bug in daily challenge . there's not timeless level .
Thank you for your feedback. We release a new version to fix Daily Challenge issue. Please update to the newest version


always like this game. a little tricky sometimes. ads are small short and not too intrusive highly recomended


The game is fun enough, but no one needs THAT many ads throughout the ENTIRE game ! Also, you make folks think they can get free tickets by watching ads in the piggy bank, but you don't deliver even after watching TEN ANNOYING ADS ! I'm uninstalling the game as of NOW.


Was okay but you give no instructions and the second level is instantly hard and most of those you cannot win without watching an ad to get and extra hole it's very sneaky way to make money so I'm uninstalling


I like this App, it's a lot of fun & very challenging. But I get it you make your profits through Adverts. But the avarage game is taking me 38secs to complete yet after every one you make us sit through a 1 min plus Advert, even after a extra hole one has to endure a 1 min advert on subjects totally not what am in to. Where's the algorithm there. So I got to level 28 & have deleted the game. Can't stand Adverts aimed for under 5's on a platform for Adults...


⭐ Cant complete most puzzles without a few ads. You either need a new hole or the outcomes need practice etc. Makes it slow amd boring.


This is a beginner's app. It has many easy levels. It has such undo option which allows to start that particular level again, if that level can't be solved. Before installing this one, I installed many such apps and tried to solve levels, but I failed because of toughness of levels from the beginning. Even, those apps have such "undo" options which forced me at the level one to play even if I played at level ten. Those are tricky games, and do not give the player to get enjoyment by playing.


I have more of these games. and I can"t get any where with them. but this game I just played it is really fun.the other games like this game is so Stupid. they put you on games that just does not make any Sense. but this game I played it and I just Loved it. Thank You for making it Available it is so much fun.


End of puzzle? Advertisement. Middle of puzzle? Another ad. Extra hole, which is needed because the hole is conveniently obscured by .001 mm, another ad. Ads are long, unskippable and loud. I reached level 25 and watched more ads than played the game. Thank you but... No.


I get into solving a puzzle and try to move a screw and you force a booster on me and another ad and I lose them train of thought if that's the idea of your game it sucks! It's frustrating to play that way and I'm uninstalling it's not worth the effort not for me


Started off good an advert after every couple or so levels. It was copable. Alas greed steps in. An advert during and after every level and the option to get rid is a extortionate monthly payment! How is it others manage a couple of £ to stop ads but you can't!? Such a shame