Enjoy the brand new cooking MERGE game! Now with more restaurants and unique cuisines!

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Cafe Rescue Game DESCRIPTION

Play the most fun and relaxing merge game, where you merge tasty items to make delicious dishes. Cafe Rescue follows our protagonist Georgie and her TV crew as they travel around the world rescuing restaurants in trouble.

She will come across multiple types of restaurants, ranging from small street food stalls to large five-star restaurants, each serving their own unique type of cuisine. Merge a wide variety of ingredients to create amazing dishes to serve customers and help the restaurants.

RENOVATE the struggling restaurants and help the chefs by bringing in more customers
DESIGN the décor in these places to make them look attractive and beat the competitors.
UPGRADE the kitchens in these eateries which will let you merge and cook a large variety of dishes
MERGE different types of ingredients and make unique and delicious meals
DISCOVER new recipes for exotic meals and awe the chefs and customers
RELAX with the endless and exciting merge gameplay filled with tasty dishes
FOLLOW Georgie’s story, filled with twists and turns, as she meets interesting characters and rescues the cafes from trouble.

Cafe Rescue is the most addictive merge game you can play. There are new dishes to be created, hungry customers to be served and restaurants to be saved. So, what are you waiting for? Jump right in and take a trip around the exciting world of Cafe Rescue.


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It's been several days and the game won't let me use my earned coins to keep adding to the restaurant. It just keeps saying come back tomorrow. I'm going to delete this game.


I was enjoying but the game said come back tomorrow to play more and it's tomorrow and it still says that. I can do the merging but without the story it's kinda pointless. I'm pretty sure that level 3 is as far as the game has been developed and that's why everyone is stuck there. It's disappointing cause it was a fun game.


This game was fun at first but I haven't been able to update the restaurant for 2 days. It says wait until next day.


I'm not happy as I've been stuck on level 16 for the last month and a 1/2 I've spent money on this game and I'm still on Level 16 the Gauge is not moving anywhere even though I am completing tasks. I feel like this is a way to get people to Spend considerable amount of money. I was really liking this game till new.


Would have gave it more stars, but I completed the food truck and then the game restarted completely. I replayed and now I have completed all episodes. I would have gave it a 5 IF I didn't have to start over.


This is a great game, but it is stuck in a come back tomorrow window, and I can't continue the story. Please fix these bugs so I can continue to play


I really like this game and want to give it more stars, but you've got issues to fix. I finished the first episode with Danni's food truck, and as it was starting the pizzaria, it froze. When I closed the game, I had to spend extra coins to finish at least 4 scenarios of the food truck that I had already finished. Now episode 2 won't start. I'm getting the message "come back tomorrow for more restaurant rescue." It's been 2 days.


I don't know what's going on with this game I love this game it's fun but I updated it to the new version and started me over from scratch now I got to go through all of this again only to probably still get stuck at episode 3 hopefully yall have fixed this


I really do love this game. I'm giving it 2 stars because there's a bug or something. I have almost 400 coins and should be able to update stuff in the restaurant. Instead, it says great job, come back tomorrow. So I play and can't fix the restaurant no more?


I love this game, but I am stuck on episode 3. It keeps telling me to come back tomorrow. It makes the game kind of boring if you can not do the renovations. Please fix it.... Thanks so much. 😁


Like the game but it seems to be an issue. Its not giving me my rewards and stopped with the story line. For the past 4 days it keeps saying come back tomorrow.


Waste of time buy a pack it takes your money and doesn't give you pack report the issue they don't fix it or refund the money and for the second time it stops at episode 3 then u can do anything and it reset/ updates and you have to start all over again. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME.


Like a bunch of others, I was stuck in 3 and now it wants me to do the 1st level again. I'm uninstalling because of this.


I'm stuck on episode 3 muffin but love at Henry's Cafe it keeps telling me to come back tomorrow but nothing happens the next day. I've enjoyed the game but I'd like to move on


This game is horrible! You get so far and it freezes and I worked to Vermont and it froze -- there was an update - it took me back to the very beginning! All that work for nothing! It could be a great game, but this is the fourth time I've started the game over! No thank you!


Sooo... my game has just restarted itself... and all my progress is back to the start. Great.


I like the different types of food that you are able to make. This also gives you some choices for design. However, there is no Save feature (for Facebook or Google). In order to keep space on my phone, I have to try games then delete them. So when I downloaded the game again for another try, it did not save my progress... and I didn't want to start from the beginning, I had already passed those levels!


Loving the game but it has stopped on level 3.


Once i hit level 7 it resets to 1 and i lose all my coins and gems fix this asap


Add notifications to the game, pets to story and a romantic story. Also add cloud saving