- Added Big Business Bruce - the cute guide to big profits and income boosting
- Added Spunky the brave cat offer pack
- Added new songs to the radio
- Added new songs to music minigame
- Music minigame loads faster now
- Added new drawings
- Added drawing category feature
- Added new clothes to wear
- Added ability to preview clothes before buying them
- Fixed Marlo reward notification
- Fixed bonus drawing game unlock


【图】Calm & Cozy Games – Comfy Girl(截图 0)【图】Calm & Cozy Games – Comfy Girl(截图 1)


“Play the Comfy Girl’s story in our relaxing & calm idle clicker game! Relax while playing this satisfying stress relief game for girls – Pet animals, aesthetic rooms, change clothes! Listen to lofi music and start chilling!

Help her move to her new room, turn it into your own calm place and create your comfy & calm life!
Chill with calm cute animals, try different comfy outfits, play cozy minigames, travel, help your grandma, or listen to relaxing & calm lofi songs.

You have a choice of listening to lofi music which will surely have a positive impact on your mood while playing this calm idle game. Begin the satisfying and antistress process – Have fun and relax your mind!

★ Idle Games For Girls – Clothes Changing ★
The game is inspired by the calm cozy lofi style and aesthetic content. Buy and wear different cool cozy outfits to make the girl look the way you want to! Change clothes as often as you want!

★ Room Decor ★
The Comfy Girl has just moved to a new cozy room and needs your help to get calm In order to achieve a calm mood, you will help her with decoration and furnishing to make the room nice and cozy.

★ Animals ★
Ever wanted to have your own ferret, dog, cat, duck, red panda, yellow canary, penguin, piggy, calm koala, bunny, hedgehog or chinchilla? Now you can! Pet and upgrade the cozy animals to get their love.

★ Lofi Music & Other Calm Songs ★
You can play relaxing games music and cozy songs on your radio.
Relaxing vaporwave, cozy lounge jazz and other chill styles of songs to help you in your relaxing.

★ Idle Clicker Games ★
Comfy Girl is a calming idle clicker game where you are always getting comfy coins whether you are online or offline. Calm cozy games where you can click animals to get your comfy coins income.

★ Unlock Different Rooms To Decor ★
Unlock and furnish several rooms aesthetic and chill there with your animals. Warm relaxing winter cabin, a place by the calm lake, or a cozy urban room in the city.

★ Minigames – Cozy Calming Games ★
Play relaxing games and calm anxiety relief games like cozy drawing, music minigames, or quiz games.

Try our new type of calm cozy games and prepare for true relaxation!

Download our relaxing game and chill in this unique cozy games for girls. Listen to lofi music – Start feeling good! Do everything that girls do – Clothes changing, room decor, and other satisfying and stress relieving activities! “




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it's good, not bad. I'm dying searching for a game like this. it'll be better if we can put the furniture of how we want it but it's already good
Thank you for your review 💙. Maybe in Comfy Girl 2 we'll have a room that you can adjust how you want 😊. It's a good idea


It ist beautiful and cozy but it gets pretty boring and repetitive very soon
Thank you very much for your review! We are working on some new stuff to add in the game soon. We are on a very low budget now, but hopefully over time, we'll add a lot more fun and cozy content and features into the game. 🌝


Game won't load
We apologize for the inconvenience. We can't make you feel nice and calm with our cozy idle game if it won't load 😅. Could you please send us details about when it happened at info, so we can fix it? Thanks!


Good game so far.
Thank you very much for your review Victor ❤️


Super relaxing and fun!
❤️ (¬‿¬) Thank you for your review! Stay calm & cozy with our idle game ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) ❤️


very relaxing and fun!!
❤️ Thank you very much for your review! Stay comfy ( ◕ᴗ◕✿ ) ❤️


On it's way to being something great. Keep it up devs!
Thank you very much ❤️. We intend to keep working on it and turn it into a great chill and cozy game!


Very cute and fun! A nice idle game that also has mini games to make getting coins easier (:
Thanks a lot for your review and playing ❤️. We are very sorry about the problem with Winterland's progression bar. Could you please contact us on Discord: or Email: with details about the bug, so we can try fix it? Thanks!


Pretty good! It has a nice vibe. but something is wrong with the radio! It just stops. Please fix that. Other than that the game is awesome!
Hi, thanks a lot for the review! We are sorry about the trouble with radio. If you can, please write us at with details about when it stopped playing and we can suggest some possible fixes. Thanks!


I would give it higher stars if we had more customization options for the girl! Things like hair, skin color, etc would be fun to have! Overall very chill & soft game.
Thank you for your review ❤️. You are right, it would be great for the game. I hope we'll secure enough funding to develop the game further and add it eventually!


It's very nice and relaxing
Thank you for your review! ❤️❤️❤️. That's great, we tried to make Comfy Girl a relaxing chill game 😌


super cute game! great music and so far all features have worked for me !
Thank you for your review 💗. We are happy that you enjoy our chill music and cozy game features 😊


I'd rate it higher if I knew how the animals worked. Bought the dog penguin and some others but they don't show up in the room like the cat does... disappointed til I can find out how it works. Some advice would be helpful!
Hi! We are sorry for the troubles with the animals. Can you please contact us at We'll try to work out what's happening and fix it.


The game is fine, but there isn't much to do. Once you run out of energy, that's it. Also the radio doesn't work very well
Thank you for your review. We are a very small studio with low budget, so the game still needs a lot more content, features and polish for sure. We intend to add a lot of stuff over time, to make the it cozy and awesome chill game. Could you please share with us what troubles happened with the lofi music radio on Thanks!


I love it when have in a music, playing and Radio! ❤
Thank you very much for your review ❤️. We are happy you enjoyed our chill lofi music 🎵 🎧 (◕‿◕✿)


is cute and comfy and the games are fun! keep up the good work !
(◕‿◕✿) Thank you very much for your review! We'll keep working on Comfy Girl until it's a super awesome polished chill game with a lot of cozy content.


this game is so good and very relaxing!!
❤️ Thank you for your review ฅ՞•ﻌ•՞ฅ ❤️. We are happy to hear it. Our main goal is to make a lo-fi cozy game good for relaxing after school or work.


super chill, and love the songs and story. keep it up 💙💙
Thank you! We intend to add more story, chill songs, cozy features and eeeeeeverything (•ᴗ•❀).


Great game, hope the upcoming version with more content will be released soon
Thanks for the review Manh! We intend to keep working on the game ❤️


A pretty good game! There are a few issues here and there,like with the lack of music, but other than that I really enjoy it
Thank you for your review! ❤️ Apologies for the the lack of music, we'll have to get that fixed.