* Home and Work Location Manual Self Update
* New Dashboard and RetailerIQ UI and Cosmetic change
* Add Sorting filter in Customer listing
* Add Voice Search option for customer list and product listing

Vadilal Pulse App SCREENSHOT

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Vadilal Pulse App DESCRIPTION

Sales force automation (SFA) Mobile App will automate Vadilal all the Sales tasks.
It reduces the time consumed in such processes by simplifying its accessibility and easy handling as well.
It also provides easy and effective data management just at one platform.
The main tasks for which it is especially made are comprises of:
Daily and Monthly attendance of sales employees, sales upload, stock management, reporting, and much more.

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Vadilal Pulse is Sales force automation (SFA) app for field staff.
Sales force automation (SFA) Mobile App will automate Vadilal all the Sales tasks. It reduces the time consumed in such processes by simplifying its accessibility and easy handling as well. It also provides easy and effective data management just at one platform. The main tasks for which it is especially made are comprises of:Daily and Monthly attendance of sales employees, sales upload, stock management, reporting, and much more.

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Good app


Nice update


Good aap but it's very slow working and long time wast in scanning


Very bad service vadilal company


Right know it is not running properly showing server is down


Excellent, Far-Far Better than CBSAM(CreamBell)


Totally Worth App, Time Loss


This application does not work on android 10 kindly solve the problem as soon as possible thank you


Wast of time'take long time for work


Letters are very small. Same skus are shown so many times and create confusion.


Bed performance so many problems


Good app but slowly work


Total west of time very slow app


This app are not working with android 10 version


This app is not working on android 10 kindly solve this issue


Good app, but it's very slow working and long time wast in scanning


Vadilal pulse didn't work in Android 10 please solve this problem.


very very poor show of vadilal


good app for working


Its good, but eats battery.