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A fast video player with many features, including:

1: Rename a video
2: share my video
3: Delete a video
4: Search

There are many other features that you can discover for yourself

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Create photo video maker from unique photos, music, effects, frames
Create slideshow video from photo and music in one minutePhoto Video Maker with Song is the best video editing tool and slideshow maker to make stylish video, photo and effects with song is the easiest way to create picture video maker, edit and share amazing photo music videos and storiesphoto lagane wala film is the best video editor and photo slideshow maker & movie editing appPhoto Video Maker with Song Created Best video with this Photo Video Editor With Song app and photo jodne wali film and puzzle video maker with songfilmy photo video maker is best video editing with song and video photo app, video maker with music and photos is best tools for create photo film musicMusic Video Maker is new way you can create photo banane ki film and video maker with music and photos free film to digital photo converterPhoto Video Maker with Music : Particle Video StatusPhoto Video Maker with Music Create a video with Slideshow style with your Photos, music and Best Animation or stickers.Photo Video Maker with Music You can create Video..
Valentine Love Photo Collage
Valentine Day Photo Collage 2019Valentine Day Photo Collage provides you with some breath-taking layout for combining your love pics into some stunning collages.Valentine Day Collage is a powerful photo collage editor for you to create amazing love collages using your photos, fun stickers, backgrounds, text with layout and texture.Valentine Day Photo Collage can give you the best effect to your love images and add multiple love photos within seconds to make a beautiful love collage. Collect all your favourite love photographs in different shapes and effects and give a spark to your photographs.This Valentine Day Photo Collage 2019 is related to romantic love couple Collage which will help you to make photo grid making tool for adding unique collage effect. With this app you can enhance photos adjust Color, add effects, rotate, crop, resize on your love photos. The easy touch and zoom, rotate interface makes it simple to use with your photos.Want to have your lots of love photo collage in any shape then you’re at the right place. Use the creative love collage app to combine even some..
A real-time online preview monitoring software
The operation is simple. Quad screen allows simultaneous viewing of 8 camerasReal-time screenshot and recordingManage the screenshot and recording files on your phone You can preview the video stream in real time, at the same time with QR code scanning, PTZ control, video capture, video preservation and other functions
Play XXVI Videos.
➪ Video Player through You can easily enjoy smooth and HD-quality playback effects video play.➪ XXVI Video player for all formats like mp3, mp4, MOV, etc. This player supports all video formats like HD, Full HD, 4K, and Ultra HD video files. It is one of the best Powerful HD video players for android.➪ videos are automatically sorted in descending order according to the modified date. You can also change the video configuration to the corresponding folders in which they are saved. Create a playlist of videos you watch frequently.➪ It's easy to control volume, brightness, and playing progress by sliding on the playback screen.KEY FEATURES:🠲 Manage or share videos easily.🠲 Easy to control volume, brightness, and playing progress.🠲 Video player HD for both android tablets and android phones.🠲 Support ALL video formats, including MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI, MOV, 3GP, FLV, WMV, RMVB, TS etc.🠲Ultra HD XXVI video player, support 4K.🠲 Identify ALL video files on your device and SD Card automatically.🠲 Play the video in the pop-up window, split screen, or background.🠲 Night Mode, Quick Mute & Playback Speed.Easy..
Video collage maker app mix and merge multiple videos into one collage video
Video collage editor join several videos in one video grid to make collage video. Video collage app for android is fabulous clips collage video editor. Video collage creator is best video collage app for android to merge multiple videos and create video collage that plays all videos side by side in a collage video layout. Video collage creator combines all memorable videos into one collage video. Video collage editor makes you easy, despite of sharing separate videos, collage videos let you share videos of all occasions in a video grid. Collage video editor mix video to create clips collage and save video clips, to be shared on social media, in the form of video collages. Video collage maker and editor app has following numerous features to create a collage with video:Video Collage Creator✔ Collage video maker beautifully organizes different videos in video layouts.✔ Merge videos in collage templates to form short video collages.✔ Mix and merge multiple videos together and generate a collage with video.Video Grid Collage Frames✔ Video collage creator saves all events videos in video grid collage frames.✔..
Keep track of your music collection with My Music Organizer Pro.
[Formerly called MusicCollection & Inventory]Are you a music collector? Do you have trouble keeping track of all your music?Organize your music collection with this app. (cds, vinyl, mp3, etc.)Manage your music catalog along with personal ratings and notes.Check to see if you already own an item on your phone while you're out shopping.
Create video instantly with Awesome powerful Photo to video Effect Maker
What's more exciting than cool moving effects? Decorate your photos with special rose leaves, sakura effect,snowflake effect, fire effect, rain & snow effects. Transform your photos into cool videos.Give freshness to your photos by animation of nature effects like Rose effect, rain effect, leaves effect , fire effect, snow effect, smog effect, snowflake effect, birds effect, rock fall effect, thunderstrom effectThinking of giving your photo a effect with different and beautiful nature effect or love, rain, snow effects? Nature effect video maker app is a perfact video maker app to make photo to video with heart effect, love effects, leaves falling, snowflake and many more live nature effects. You will look like a professional artist when using this app.Create video instantly with this Awesome powerful Magic Photo to video Effect app, which is one of the best photo editing tool in android. Get the best videography art in your animation with large number of amazing effects. This is simple app create animation Video. you can easily create for your photos many beautiful and attractive live animated love effect and nature..
Watch Live TV from your IPTV provider on your Android TV, Google TV or Fire TV
Sparkle TV is a DVR/PVR player that lets you stream and watch Live TV from your IPTV provider on your Android TV, Google TV or Fire TV stick. Supports provider formats such as m3u, xtream codes and xmltv but also over-the-air antenna using HdHomeRun or Jellyfin.Important:- Sparkle does not provide any channels, sources or media. All content is provided legally by the individual user.- Sparkle has no affiliation with any content provider.- Sparkle does not support streaming of copyrighted material without permission from the copyrighter.Features:- Support for the most common formats such as m3u, xtream codes and xmltv (complete list below)- Program guide (EPG)- Logotypes and program images in EPG (*)- Favorites (*)- Sorting of channels and categories (*)- Show/hide channels and categories (*)- Multiple audio tracks- Subtitles (cc/dvbsub/teletext)- Auto Frame Rate (AFR)- Multiple languages- Timeshift (play/pause live streams) (*)- Search for channels, programs, movies or series- DVR to schedule and watch recorded programs and series (*)- Multiview to watch multiple streams simultaneously (*)- VODcatchup, movies and series (*)- Themes- Home screen integration for "Play next", recent channels and recorded..
HAKEM Player is a URL Player
HAKEM Player is a URL Player which can play all kind of url with easy user interface
Experience augmented reality with the ZEISS VR ONE AR app.
This fun app is intended for use with the ZEISS VR ONE headset and the paper cube which is part of the ZEISS VR ONE retail package. Each side of the paper cube features a different background image. The app is programmed to detect which background image is in front of the camera at any given time, and to project the corresponding 3D model onto it. Would you like to try out the app and cube? If so, download the foldable box template here: I only get a black screenA: When starting the VR ONE AR app it takes about 15sec until you see the live camera view in VR mode. If you only see a black screen please close the app and restart VR ONE AR.
Smooth and flexible fast video player
A fast video player with many features, including:1: Rename a video2: share my video3: Delete a video4: SearchThere are many other features that you can discover for yourself

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