Hello pet parents!
VidiVet is 3 years old! And what better way to celebrate than to feature more of our VidiVet dog and cat in the app - plus a couple of other enhancements:
Squashed the pesky bug that hid the play button on videos
Improved the 'Reply' buttons appearance in conversations
Added clearer instructions when a message has been sent to our vets
Groomed a few screen headers in the app to ensure they look tip top
Crushed another bug on Android when uploading your media files


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Meet your new vet friends!

Ask any questions about your pet 24/7 via the VidiVet app. Our friendly expert vets send you a personalised video reply in next to no time.

The VidiVet app can be accessed by creating an account at

What is VidiVet?
With all of the convenience of an internet search and all of the expertise of qualified vets, VidiVet gives you the ultimate experience in pet parent peace of mind directly to your phone.

How does it work?
Our vets are live and ready to answer any and all questions you have about your pet.

1) Register your account with
2) Download our app and login
3) Tap ‘Ask a Vet’
4) Ask your question by Video, Text or Picture/Video Upload
5) Rest assured our vets are reviewing your question, 24/7
6) Receive a notification from the app and watch your personalised vet video response
7) Peace of mind in a matter of moments

No question is too big or small – if it matters to you then it matters to us. Whether you are a new pet parent, or your older pet has been diagnosed with a condition, you can ask us anything about pet health, behaviour, nutrition, medications, second opinions or anything that keeps you up at night from fleas to flatulence or cuts to coughs. Our responses are personalised to you, your pet and your circumstances.

You can play and replay the advice as many times as you need.

How much does it cost?
Memberships start from as little as £4/month for unlimited questions to our veterinary team 24/7.

You can obtain trusted answers recorded live and delivered to your phone from UK verified and experienced veterinarians and clinicians. We help triage your pet and let you know what next steps to take. It’s ideal for when you’re not sure if a visit to the vet clinic is required, especially if your pet hates going there. Save yourself the pain of unwarranted and often costly veterinary consultations.

– Open 24/7
– Ask a question, and get a personalised response from a qualified vet directly to your phone in minutes
– Get peace of mind about your pet’s health in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea
– Save money and time by understanding if you need to take your pet to the clinic or not
– If you do need to go to the vet, we will tell you what questions you need to ask, what tests to expect, what samples to take and what costs you may face.

VidiVet’s Mission
It doesn’t stop there, we are on a mission to create the best pet care app designed for all the pet parents who want to proactively take care of their pet’s health. As soon as you have a concern we’re here to help. Especially useful for all those niggling questions you never want to bother your in-person vet with or forget to ask when you’re with them.

VidiVet Vet’s Experience
All of our Vidivets are UK registered and have 5+ years of experience.

Common things we get asked about:

– Is it ok to give my dog cooked chicken bones?
– Can my pet eat raw food?
– Should I vaccinate my pet?
– How often should I flea and worm my dog?
– My cat is losing weight, what could it be?
– What breed of puppy should I get?
– My puppy has diarrhoea, what should I do?
– My rabbit has loose droppings, is there something wrong?
– Can I give my dog this medication?
– My dog chewed an electric cable, will he be okay?

Do you have any questions or ideas on how to improve VidiVet? Let us know your feedback at

In cases where your pet presents a serious medical condition or requires urgent care, please contact your local veterinary hospital immediately.


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I cannot recommend VidiVet enough or express enough just how brilliant this app and the vets are. They have consistently come through for us and our cats when even their regular vet has not been helpful. Saves a lot of time and money at the Vets for minor things and truly invaluable help and advice, the responses are quick and they really put you at ease. A 100% must for pet owners.


Like the idea of the app and the user interface. However I can't get past the stage where I have to give the app permissions to my gallery. There is no option for this on my S21, only for things like camera and location permissions. Would be great if this was fixed and I could use the app as intended
Hi Spachi, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this review and as such alerting us to this issue. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience it’s caused you. Your feedback has helped our engineers to isolate the issue, a fix is available to download now. We are thankful for your support, The VidiVet Team


I normally leave big reviews, in my opinion, the bigger the better but in this case it is simply not necessary! I've kept dogs all my life but never have I experienced a service like VidiVet before! Simply fantastic! I asked a simple question and got a video response back in less than 5 minutes! I defy you to find a better service, and a better app actually!
Hi Scott, taking the time to leave us a review means a lot - Thank you! We're a start-up, trying to bring peace-of-mind to pet owner as quickly as possible. Our vets love helping people like yourself with your pet queries and concerns, and we love that we can send that advice via video responses too! Thanks so much. The VidiVet Team 🐾


Amazing application
Hi Fawad, thank you for your 5-star review! We're thrilled to hear that you find our app amazing. If you have any suggestions or feedback for how we can continue to improve, please don't hesitate to let us know. We're always looking for ways to enhance our user experience and provide the best possible care for pets. The VidiVet Team 🐾


I wish to delete the app as I have to go through the email to try and cancel my subscription, not like other where I can delete at anytime from the playstore


this app is wonderful, but hasn't worked on my Samsung for months now. I've sent several reports back but still having issues.


This is such a great service and a must have if you own a pet. You get a response from a vet within minutes with advice. This helps you to decide whether you need a trip to the vet or if it's something that can be managed at home. Thanks to Ben & the VidiVet team 😊
Hi Sophie Puet, Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!! It means means a lot ⭐ We're a start-up, trying to bring peace-of-mind to pet owner as quickly as possible. Our vets love helping people like yourself with your pet queries and concerns. Thanks so much. The VidiVet Team 🐾


Very fortunate to have professional vet care for my dog mina x
Hi marahane Your 5 ⭐ review means so much to us - Thank you!! We hope you and mina find our app a great help, and if you have any suggestions on improvements we are all ears at Many thanks, The VidiVet Team 🐾


Absolutely fantastic service. So reassuring to be able to send and receive videos with a vet at any hour. Worth its weight in gold!
Hi Will Christie, Thanks for the review! We love what we do, and hope to offer the quickest way to peace-of-mind for pet owners like yourself 24/7. Many thanks, The VidiVet Team 🐾


Excellent and personalised advice that came really quickly (at a late hour!). Really grateful for this resource.
Hi Dana Saxon Thank you for the review :) We are so glad you love the app as much as we do. We appreciate you taking the time to let us know how VidiVet is helping. Do let us know if you have any feedback or ideas on how we can improve at Many thanks, The VidiVet Team 🐾


Consistently marvellous. Very pleasant people with all the answers. Best around. Not cheap but neither outrageous but show me a highly skilled Very cheap vet and it won't take you too long I'm afraid.


So far So Good Very easy to use.


So reassuring, it was great to be able to get a same day video consultation with a vet - my dog had been unwell for a couple of days and just wanted some reassurance we were doing the right thing. Ben was brilliant help, gave us some feeding tips and advice and then asked us to check back in a few days later. The wider team seem great - they passed on our message back to Ben when we said how our dog was getting on and he got back to us so quickly. Would highly recommend this service!


Great service and handy app


Having recently gotten my first puppy this app has been incredible! Any concerns at all and Ben either sets my mind at ease or points me in the write direction! I consider this service a MUST-HAVE now!


Honestly wonderful, instant replies and I can't get across how reassuring it is to have this. It can be stressful being a pet owner and wondering if your pet is OK but I am so glad I have found and used this. Direct advice available immediately I have already recommended to my family members with pets.


Found this super helpful, easy to use, Ben arranged a call the same day to put our mind at ease! Would definitely recommend!


Fast and easy to use!


Brilliant idea, very well executed with instant response times. One to one video consults with a vet and some really good advice offered on our sick little doggo.


I couldn't thank the creators enough for this app. The access to vets is easy and things works really great. Appreciate it!