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Vivo Browser App DESCRIPTION

Note- Only Vivo phones support all the features of this app. Some functions may not work on other brand phones.

This is the official app of Vivo mobile. Vivo Browser is a free android browser with fast downloading, ad-Block functionality and private browsing feature. It helps you to access trending news, funny videos, and popular websites quickly. It also allows you to check cricket scores instantly.

Main Features

★ Ad Block
★ Fast Downloading
★ Latest News
★ Home screen shortcuts
★ Trending Videos
★ Quick Notification for Cricket Score
★ Incognito/Private mode
★ Night mode
★ Fast Browsing

★ Ad Block-
vivo browser effectively block pop-ups, banner and other kinds of annoying

★ Fast Downloading-
Download your favorite videos, songs, and files with fast speed

★ Latest News-
Get the update of top and trending news without any delay on Vivo browser

★ Home screen shortcuts-
Visit popular website quickly with one click from your home screen

★ Trending Videos-
Watch trending and funny videos directly form Vivo browser

★ Quick Notification for Cricket Score-
Get live score of important cricket matches

★ Incognito/Private mode-
Use the internet securely and privately without any record of history data

★ Night mode-
Use night mode to get better browsing experience in low light

★ Fast Browsing-
Enjoy the fast browsing speed with Vivo browser

For help & feedback, please contact our help center in vivo browser.


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Vivo Browser App DOWNLOAD

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Just delete this hot trash from my phone, It's useless and full of ads. Why would I need 2 or more browser when google exist ? I don't want a bunch of weirdo from the worst theme scam company spying on my phone activity. Such a shame that we need to pay a large amount of money for some lowly low-effort-definitely-not-stealing-from-google theme


I'm giving this app a 3 stars because after updating to funtouch os 12, video playback has not been functioning, tried to troubleshoot but to no avail. Hope that the IT experts of the phone manufacturer and distributors can find a solution to this problem.


I'm using Vivo Y15. My browser is showing me this error: > A browser error occurred. Tap "OK" to repair. It will automatically exit after finishing. Before repairing, please make sure you have enabled the browser storage permission. < I had given the storage permission also. When I tap ok, it shows "repairing" process & then app closes itself in a while. After that I reopen the browser but it still showing me this error repeatedly. Kindly let me to know how do I reuse this app.


Worst app, if we try to open a link,it automatically open in this browser, not even ask for a choice, and loading a page is worst ever, even an ie browser can open it quickly when compared to this.


Worst app on playstore. When I try to click on something the app automatically keeps on taking me to the previous page. Sometimes the pages don't load and goes blank. Too many bugs and the Dev's hasn't done anything to fix them yet.


Terrible app. I don't even use it but it keeps giving me unnecessary and unimportant news or notifications. I don't even want to know it. You don't need to tell me. I can find it out elsewhere. Plus it sometimes give an old news which is irritating.


Cannot be able to save passwords. The previous versions had the options to remember passwords. Now it's being very interrupting to login every time. Pls resolve the problem asap.


Ad Block is useless since it doesn't block any adware at all! I can't access Website setting to delete any ad sites that pops-up everytime. Incognito barely does anything and prevents me from taking screenshots. It sometimes download VivoOffice apk without consent. And homepage keeps shifting to the first page rather than the page I left it to be (2nd page). Need I say more? Fix it or rather, return back the old version!


First time I've bothered leaving a 1 star review. I'd give it no stars if I could. This Vivo browswer along with other Vivo apps give me popup adds on my phone. I click on a link that auto loads through this browser and it takes me to the trashy news section. Or I'm browsing and it will open a new tab and send me to a random vivo news related page. I wish they gave the opportunity to disable these apps since they are incredibly intrusive and frustrating to use. Give me some freedom vivo.


First of all, Why should any phone have such phone brand based browser apps. . Not able to uninstall and moreover asking to accept its terms and conditions is truly invation of privacy. Also, Everytime i mute these brower notifications they still keep on popping up. Its really annoying.


I dont want to use this browser. I want to use chrome but it keeps on opening Eventhough I have change my default app in browsing to Chrome. Soooo annoying. It doesn't mean my phone's a vivo I have to use this annoying app.


I find it very intrusive. If it didn't pop up without my asking I would try it. At the moment it is almost virus like in its manner. I cannot even uninstall it. I tried to and instead of uninstalling it then proceeded to remove the uninstall Button! So basically - Iike when I had the Samsung mobile before this I am being forced to try it it out and then use it. So in my experience when gets a program one has not asked for or can't get rid of then it makes me very uncomfortable.


The most bloatware packed browser, very complex and unappealing user interface and runs slow on mid-range vivo phones! Don't use it and stick to chrome!


Worst browser in the world. Through this browser, you are trackung us. This is not a safe browser. This doesn't deserve even 0 star. I want to rate this browser -9999999999999999999999999999 🌟 But I can't. I use a vivo device and you are stealing my personal information through this browser.


I had a very bad experience with the app certain links are unable to open & if it gets opened then it has some problems like showing error page 📄. Very poor usability 🤨🤨


Such an stupid browser. Pop up and ads all the time and have access to everything on my phone. Why the hell you need access to everything??? Even after disabling all the permissions and stopping the services. It starts again on its own and all the permissions are enabled. Clearly you are spying on my phone and keeping a track of what I am doing.


Need fixing up!! Downloading file not working while downloading pictures at Pinterest website, stuck on 0% and suddenly my downloaded file in history section disappeared for no reason.


The app solely runs on news and advertising companies. I feel like my data is compromised while using this browser. The browsing speed is decent but the desktop to mobile viewing agent is still bug for many websites.


Can you please take off all the unecessary headlines advertisements?! Also since this is the default browser for vivo...hope to see plugins from chrome(Chromium). Also to trim down this heavy weight browser. And also a very user Friendly and customizable browser for incognito is a top priority for anonymity in the net. As in you can customization.


Dissapointed, the features really useless, can't even block a single ads on a website, slow download, takes too much ram, takes too much internal storage with very few useless plugins, force close very often, takes to much ram Don't download this browser, for Vivo user, disable this app, it's useless