1. Optimized the E-warranty card page and interactive experience
2. Optimized the E-warranty card reminder feature App SCREENSHOT

【图】截图1)【图】截图2)【图】截图3) App DESCRIPTION is the official app in your smartphone.
Create extraordinary for consumers with technology and fashion at all times.
※Mobile phone products
It includes the latest vivo products where you can buy your own phone and help you learn more about your smartphone.
※After-sale service
You can get help from vivo, such as contact us, electronic warranty card, online customer service, spare parts prices
We appreciate your feedback and will do our best to improve your experience.


Clone Phone can transfer all your data of the old phone to the new OPPO one.
Clone Phone, as the OPPO official phone switching tool, is safe and convenient and can transfer all your data of the old phone to the new one.Clone Phone does not consume data and it will perfectly transfer your data to the new phone.[Complete data transfer]Transfer all your data on the old phone completely, including contacts, messages, call history, photos, videos, audios, files, system application data, installed apps and their data (e.g., Wechat and QQ chat records).[Easy operation]Connect two phones by scanning the QR code.[No need to connect network, 0 data consumption]Clone Phone is used through Wi-Fi connection of the two phones to transfer data and files, with no need to consume any data.[Point to point transfer, quick and safe]Devices, like computer, connection line, and network are not needed. Data and files can be transferred directly to the new phone, relieving you from tedious process and privacy leakage.
Change your mobile controls look with Vivo Style Control Center
PERMISSION• ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE to display overlay window for lock screen also used to provide accessibility function like lock screen, take screen shot and show power menu of mobile.• READ_NOTIFICATION read notification to show media control or notifications on lock screen.• Bluetooth permission for earbuds and airpods, earbudsFEEDBACK• If you have any problems while using this application, please let us know we will check and update as soon as possible.Control Center Vivo Style is designed to change your top slide down control panel to give a new look.Features - Control buttons for 30 most used settings- Notifications - Wallpapers
The official app for the realme Community.
Realme Community is our official community forum, where you can ask questions and receive guidance about realme devices; share your ideas and knowledge; learn the latest news and events about realme; and simply feel part of an active and ever-growing family of tech-enthusiasts like you.By joining the realme Community, you can expect:- Latest news and happenings about realme.- Wide database of knowledge about realme devices.- First access to software beta releases.- Easy interaction with realme enthusiasts and staff.- Invitation to online / offline events and contests.- Medals for threads, events, and more.- Exclusive prizes for Community-only campaigns.…and so much more!Regularly updated to add all the features and functionalities our realme Fans deserve, the realme Community App allows you to stay connected with the realme-verse anywhere, anytime.Note: Found a bug? Use the built-in “Feedback” function in the app, and we’ll iron out all the kinks for a smoother, hiccup-free experience!
Experience the best data-free file transferring and sharing app on Play Store
EasyShare – Experience the best data-free file transferring and sharing app on Play Store. It is fast, ads-free and it works without internet connection. With 200,000,000+ users download worldwide & 100,000+ 5-star-rating, EasyShare is one of the best file transfer tools in the world! Let's EasyShare Now!✅Lightning-fast speed, Up to 40Mbps✅No internet connection required ✅Share and transfer file anywhere and anytime ✅Ultrafast speed phone replacement (From Photos to Apps) ✅File sharing and transferring app that has No Ads at all✅Support all Android devices ✅Support Android, iOS, Windows and Mac Operating System✅vivo official app: secure, stable and reliable 【Main Features】 🚀Ultrafast speed 🚀Experience the lighting-fast transfer speedwith EasyShare! Speed can be up to 40 Mb per second* 🖥Cross-platform💻 Transfer and share all kinds of files with different formats (like MP4, AVI, JPEG, APK, etc) to your friends by just one tap! EasyShare support Android, iOS, Windows and Mac Operating Systems 🌍No internet Required🌏Transfer and share all kinds of files through wireless LAN or Bluetooth. No internet required! Send whatever you like at anywhere and anytime 📲Phone replication📱With just a few steps,..
The official community app for OnePlus.
Stay up-to-date on the latest news, campaigns, and contests. Share your ideas and interact with fellow OnePlus users from around the world.Introducing a revamped community app platform built from the ground up. The new application comes loaded with features and a completely redesigned user interface. • New content creation formats like Moment, make sharing photos and short text easier, ensuring your posts get the attention it deserves. Rich content creation tools help you make your content distinctly yours.• Get Social! Join Circles to interact with users having similar interests. Can’t find a Circle you're looking for? Apply now to create one yourself!• Send messages, get likes and keep up with your notifications all in one place.• Participate and earn RedCoins to be redeemed on the store for products and accessories.• Share your photos and memes with the world.• Find answers to common questions, participate in AMAs and get the inside scoop from within OnePlus!Over 6 Million users are already here, join the community and enjoy a host of benefits. Download the app now!
Theme for Vivo Y20s provides awesome theme, Launcher and original wallpapers
Theme for Vivo Y20s comes up with an awesome theme and a list of free, latest, original and HD wallpapers and Theme for Vivo Y20s for our users to personalize their mobile phones in this Launcher App.We claim that Theme for Vivo Y20s is the best app to customize your mobile phone with an awesome theme and HD wallpapers. It contains multiple app-related wallpapers of Vivo Y20s so that users can personalize their phone. To provide our best features in one click, this application also provides a list of Top Ranked and Most Visited with this Launcher.Features of Vivo Y20s Wallpapers:• It is completely free for all users of this Launcher• It provides recent, trending, and featured collection of mobile wallpapers• It also provides a list of Top Ranked and Most Visited WallpapersAvailable Wallpapers of y20s Launcher:This app contains a list of HD wallpapers and Theme for Vivo Y20s and also a list of Top Ranked and Most Visited Wallpapers.How to Use Y20s Wallpapers:• You just have to select the tab of wallpapers i.e., App Wallpapers of Vivo Y20s, Top.. is an official app which includes Products introdution and Services is an official app in your smartphone.It includes latest vivo products ,which can help you know more of your own smartphone.You can get help from vivo like contact us.We are grateful for your feedbacks and will try our best to improve your using experience is an official app which includes Products introdution and Services is the official app in your smartphone.Create extraordinary for consumers with technology and fashion at all times.※Mobile phone productsIt includes the latest vivo products where you can buy your own phone and help you learn more about your smartphone.※After-sale serviceYou can get help from vivo, such as contact us, electronic warranty card, online customer service, spare parts pricesWe appreciate your feedback and will do our best to improve your experience. App DOWNLOAD

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Order not show in my app


Useless and waste of money Please never buy it.


Is it trying to hack phones ? Some third party app embeded by Vivo are likelly doing these activities. Vivo must have to manage them. Or public will manage vivo and bbk.


Order status not show in my app working not properly vivo app it's bugs


App does not work


Very good Phone Very good service of Vivo


Good app for vivo mobile users.any new devices launches in vivo the notification show from this app. Any vivo related devices this app is very very useful one all vivo users are download it one .this app is very very useful


After update some app crash issue like Pubg gameing apps etc. Please fixed it,thank you.


Great experience throughout the app. It could be more convenient if it had a dark mode feature.


Unable to register on Vivo account... password set issue is coming again and again...still now it has problem of sign in.. please help


Need improvement, some time mobile feel hang


Space issue in phone? Don't purchase Vivo no security working on Play Store or system privacy all auto download and app installation has been stopped still with WhatsApp auto downloaded multiple apps Who's fault in it to purchase Vivo as a secure phone or trust Google given permission blindly? Why so many times I need to uninstall your apps which I never required I need my space in my phone if you or any your business partner need my phone storage pay for it to me it's my property not your


In the app info, some hidden apps like phone and phone and messaging storage have got all permission , and it shows all are malisious apps . These apps are being installed without my knowledge and it is harmful for me . So I regret using vivo phone and I would like to change my phone.


I can't do anything with this app. Accessing the music sites I need, accessing the video storage sites I have. Since I can't delete or disable it, I don't even believe this application is safe to use for online transactions.


Vivo liquidated, Someone other than vivo is getting paid for unsupported mobiles. Your mobile will have the apps by default, they will take up hhd space but there unusable. Uninstall able and hinder the functionality of your bought & paid for phone slowing it down.


sO useful eSp for vivO fOne uSer! they got a rare applied on the fone like can access to see updated on vivOs mobile.can even place order and great! one of a kind. so vivO user will not get a fake one even on accesories!


Eating up storage. Filling storage with unusual files. I want to uninstall it, but it won't let me do. Please help me to uninstall this application from my device..


Really showing the price for vivo phones and coupons but you can rather buy from amazon in cheaper price for same model of phone showing in it so its just waste of storage and nothing more than it


If we are reporting the vivo. Com is doesn't responding, can you help in this issue. The shopping items are not in cash and,you have to do some help on this


I have very worst experience with vivo and i am not going to purchase any Vivo device in future. They didn't replace my earphones ( earphones are in warranty) i complaint many times and i went to vivo service center but they refused.