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Mobile Legends Game DESCRIPTION

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG! Classic 5v5 MOBA Game – Fair Competition – Decisive Skill!!!

The name is causing fever on all charts of MOBA games around the world – Now it has been released by 360mobi (VNG) in Vietnam.

The opportunity to participate in domestic and international Esports tournaments has never been so easy. Download now Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG and let 360mobi bring your reputation around the World!!!

Quick matchmaking – in just 10 seconds, dramatic action, glorious combat. With the familiar 3-way map, jungle looting, keeping skill lines, breaking push turrets, sneaking attacks or perfect “hooking” phases,… all the interesting things appear right away. in this masterpiece

Join completely free, Hero Skin variety epic. Join your teammates to challenge millions of players around the world in the MOBA Esports 5v5 masterpiece. And enjoy great gameplay with unsurpassed tactical depth, responsive controls, superb graphics, and the highest frame rates on mobile.

Standout features:
1. Classic 5v5 – 3 lane map
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG is always leading the trend with full features of a trendy esport game with 5vs5 fighting mode, and normal battle maps, ranked matches, custom room creation, etc.
The classic MOBA map is fully recreated in 5v5 mode between opponents around the world.
The majestic map, 4 forest areas, 18 defense towers and 2 giant monsters in the forest are waiting for you!!!

2. Super fast matchmaking – Super combat
The matchmaking system is under 10 seconds, the match is dramatic, the result is the fairest victory.
Combat is super – Dodge moves, control enemies, heal teammates,… – Choose right away generals Gladiator, Mage, Gunner, Tank or Support,… to create a strong team and fight to become the MVP of the match!
Unite fight with friends to strategize and master individual skills to wipe out all turrets and bases that stand in your way to glory!

3. Global Matchmaking – International Competition
Competing and challenging players around the world is easy with the global matchmaking system – international competition.
A chance to let the world know your name!

4. Diverse Hero System – Epic Skills
Crush your opponents and win resounding victories while mastering heroes with a variety of themes and gameplay: Create unforgettable battles as main damage; Surprise attack as a threatening jungler; Take damage and protect your teammates as a frontline captain…
Possessing a great store of generals and epic skills – new champions of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG are always released and accompany you.

5. Fair competition – Decisive skill
Skills, teammates and tactics – 3 key factors to ensure the most fair, absolute and true Esports victory!
Winners and losers will be decided based on skill and skill only with absolute fairness. It is the process of forging and gaining experience that will help your skills rise to new heights!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG promises to be an explosive product of 360mobi – which operates legendary and popular MOBA game empires such as: 3Q 360mobi, 3Q Cu Hanh…

Wherever you are or at any time, pick up your phone and immediately join the fiery competitions, breathtaking action and the most glorious victory waiting for you!!!

Your phone is hungry for epic battles!!!

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG! Classic 5v5 MOBA GameFair CompetitionDecisive Skill!!!The name is causing fever on all charts of MOBA games around the world – Now it has been released by 360mobi (VNG) in Vietnam.The opportunity to participate in domestic and international Esports tournaments has never been so easy. Download now Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG and let 360mobi bring your reputation around the World!!!Quick matchmaking – in just 10 seconds, dramatic action, glorious combat. With the familiar 3-way map, jungle looting, keeping skill lines, breaking push turrets, sneaking attacks or perfect "hooking" phases,all the interesting things appear right away. in this masterpieceJoin completely free, Hero Skin variety epic. Join your teammates to challenge millions of players around the world in the MOBA Esports 5v5 masterpiece. And enjoy great gameplay with unsurpassed tactical depth, responsive controls, superb graphics, and the highest frame rates on mobile.Standout features:1. Classic 5v5 – 3 lane mapMobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG is always leading the trend with full features of a trendy esport game with 5vs5 fighting mode, and normal battle maps, ranked matches, custom..
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Mobile Legends Game DOWNLOAD

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Overall it's just not really good, and I can't even have my own unique avatar because it keep reset the game every damn time


More then 2 months cannot to login into the game. And the support does nothing


Idk why it's asking me to allow storage access when it's clearly already enabled? I tried to log in and out a few times, sometimes it works but sometimes it doesnt


Unbelievable lag today, never had an issue before! Started two different games and both times lagged so hard I froze the whole game through. Both times I was reported as AFK! I have a network upload and download speed of over 60mb/s so there is no way it is my network that is the issue. I can play online multiplayer games with no issues on other games so why has the lag been getting worse in Vietnam. This is a serious issue. I hope it is addressed soon. If done I will remove my review. Thanks
Cảm ơn bạn đã tham gia và ủng hộ cho sản phẩm. Admin xin ghi nhận những ý kiến của bạn phản hồi để sản phẩm tốt hơn. Trong quá trình tham gia game bạn cần hỗ trợ vui lòng liên hệ trực tiếp Fanpage để được Admin hỗ trợ chi tiết và tốt nhất cho bạn. Chúc bạn tham gia game vui vẻ.


It's a good game, I'd say it's even better than Arena of Valor. Yes, everything about it is more well crafted and smoother than AoV, even the auto chess mode. Shame that it's on VNG, the company with bad reputation publishing games. There's nothing more to say about it.


Cannot log in using Facebook. I played this game before in other countries, no problem. Only the Vietnamese version has problems like this. Hope they fix it because Mobile Legends is losing players.


The game itself is, honestly, wonderful. But the file size is rediculous and it just keeps on growing, forcing you to uninstall more and more applications from your device, to the point your phone will be for MLBB and nothing else. Until this is fixed, the game is all but unplayable on the most powerful (and expensive) devices.


Love the game in different version. In the middle of the game, the game will freeze. Bad matchmaking, keep meeting players that don't know how to play in mythic. This Vietnam version is just terrible.


good game the only problem is: when i download the game, I can enter the game normally, but when i log in the second time, i couldn't enter the game anymore. I had to delete and re-download it A LOT of times. PLS FIX IT!!!


I love the game so much. Its alot of fun. The only issue is whenever i try to play it it keeps getting stuck in the loading screen. And the only way to get rid of it is to re download. Pls fix this


As of today for nearly a year of playing this game.. this is my very first time experiencing a super lagging play time. No matter what remedies i did, when i started the game my connection disconnected immediately, and i highly doubt about my internet connection is the problem because i have refreshed my router several times yet the same situation. This makes this game app terrible. One more thing this game is very unfair for score deduction and they don't review game play they just deduct.


Just moments ago, we encountered massive lag surge or something. Players in my match started having there ping jump to hundreds (some still benefit from the lag). Hope you figure this out.


I can't log in my original account after I moved back to Vietnam. I have already report the problem several times but I don't receive any help. The setting tutorial is on old setting back in 2014 and no one has changed it. I'm so disappointed because I have spent so much time on the game and have been playing since season 2 and now I can't get my original account back!! If y'all not gonna fix the problem, I will never download the game ever again!


Worse game ever. I redownloaded this app because it wasn't loading . Then when I opened it . It re started and I couldn't contact to my old account anymore. Plus this game is full of lags a and cheaters .so I suggest dont play this game it takes your time and waste your knowledge. I only play it cause it's addictive.


It has become bothersome that I can't understad anything. There is not option for an English version and there isn't a single action from the publisher regarding the complain about the language. It used to be a great game till it was ruined.


First thing first, DO NOT force tutorial!!! We can figure the game out!! And I'm a freaking return player!!! Which bring me to my second point: 2. I can't freaking recover my acc. The last time I installed the game, I had option to link it with either fb or google, but this time it's gone! Poof! Not a single trace, and here I am, stuck with the freaking tutorial !!!


Hero balance is a joke and so is this game. Lag lag lag all the time, and I got disconnected over and over at the moonton screen even though I just joined a game. Maybe less players playing this game would solve the lag situation we're having right here and playing with AFK teammates every game must be the new meta, spendid.


Good champion skills and outlook, but limited items for creative build. The most terrible thing is bad team-up, I had an chain of more than 10 matches playing with low-skilled players or afk. I got mvp for the 7/10 matches, what's wrong with team-up system. You guys should at least have an player index or network checking or something. For the sake of players not getting mad by chain of losses. Btw, my account is NoSorrow, have a check for proof.


I used to play this in English language... but now it was change to Vietnamese, I can't even understand it. I can't change the language too.. Not only Vietnamese people are playing this here. I can't even log in my main account. I need to play from the start!! no switch account? no moontoon? no Gmail? this MLBB vng sucks!!!


I have played this game in the international version for more than 1 year. It was a good game. When VNG bought it, my opion changed, at least for Vietnamese version. One day, you will see more than 1gb (similar to other Vietnamese moba games) instead of the lightweight version as present and all of the overhead is just for revenue. So please, don't destroy this game because of your benefits. I can't imagine how stupid it is when it forces users to change the app only by preventing them from the login view. Omg. How can you have such simple thoughts? How can you maintain this game in the future?