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-Provide online VR videos and images for users to experience the virtual reality.
-Add billing method to remove ads.
-Bug fixes and app performance improvements.


【图】VR Player for VR videos – 3D(截图 0)【图】VR Player for VR videos – 3D(截图 1)


Want to experience virtual reality on your smartphone? Then this app is for you. You can watch VR Movies, VR games play, 3D videos and VR videos through this app. Not only videos, you can also experience panorama images and 360° vr images through this app. This app provides many modes that help you to experience virtual reality the way you want. VR Player for VR videos – 3D Video Player vr app provides Panorama view for both images and videos. This vr player also provides Cinematic side-by-side (SBS) mode for the users to experience vr that way. This VR Player has some pro features that include google cardboard vr box view, vr headset and 3D Stereo format. This vr app will make you feel like you’re in a VR cinema or theater.

Some features of VR Player for VR videos – 3D Video Player are as follow:
➢ This vr app will support both vr videos and vr images.
➢ Support full screen wide view.
➢ Auto detect the motion of your headset and display accordingly.
➢ VR player supports motion (Gyro sensor rotation), touch and both at the same time.
➢ This app supports multiple cardboard, headset gadgets and inter eye distance depending upon your device.
➢ Explore your local storage and watch the 3D videos and 3D images.
➢ Available Google cardboard and other head mounted displays.
➢ Cinematic mode (curved or flat screen) and Fisheye view.
➢ Lite size app, attractive UI and easy to use

This vr player supports videos of different formats such as 180°, 360° videos and images and even plays 4k vr videos smoothly. Not every media player can play the vr videos the way it means to be seen. If you have vr videos in your gallery then just click on it, this vr player will do the rest. VR Player is the ultimate VR player for virtual reality and VR videos that gives you full control and supports all modes and you are going to enjoy the best VR Video. This Vr player has smooth touch gestures and natural pinching zoom to experience the 3D images and videos from your smartphone. This is the best free Vr video player app you’re having a lot of fun while using this app.

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Useless, just an ad trap on every click.


Best application with great service to get panoramic view of both images and videos, I really enjoyed this amazing application.


It’s really amazing to have this application for getting panoramic views of both images and videos and I’m happy to be a user of such a great application.


it excited so extremely much using this mind blowing application for playing 3D video and 360° panorama videos and images one of the perfect application in the Play Store.


Very basic; I'm sure it's a great player but I couldn't tell since it doesn't have network features (ie, to open shared files on your home computers).
Hi Edwin, This app is only work on the device on which it is installed. But you can share this VR Player with your friends and family by using the "Share with friends" option in the menu bar. Thank you for understanding.


There is no option to recenter de camera to any position wich is a pain, even more if your phone drifts, asides from that works fine
Thanks for your feedback. We’d like to know the details of the problem you mentioned. Please send the details or screenshot to We'll pass it along to our development team and see if there is any way we can improve it.


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