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Take your driving skills to the next level in this ultra realistic racing experience. Feel the speed in every corner and fight to be the best behind the wheel.

Control your own destiny with story mode.

Drive more than 40 different car models!

Prove your skills in up to seven different game modes, including pursuit and time attack.

Hustle your way past the opponent and boost your way to the finish line.

Play through dense forests, beaches and even mountain roads. Learn each curve and manage to conquer the 42 tracks that TRUE SPEED has to offer.

Are you ready to prove yourself as the best racer around?!


Rally game that gives you full experience of rally on your phone or tablet
Rally game in development, real life stages near Zagreb, CroatiaSimulation with physics ON so performance may vary by device.Compete with whole world in race time over Google Play services.Easily connect gamepads over bluetooth (PS4 and Gamesir tested working), needs to be turned on in options.Be careful this game is not for children, it is for real men
Have you ever dreamed to drive one of those Big 3-Wheels MotorBike!?
Have you ever dreamed to drive one of those Big 3-Wheels MotorBike!?"Ultimate 3W" is the First Game that offers you this opportunity!Here, we call these Fantastic Machines: "U3W"!Compete in 10 tracks more and more extreme and try to win the Ultimate one!Real Speed and Driving sensations are waiting for you!If you are in the Top 3, you keep the money raised during the race.If you are the First, you will receive an Extra Bonus!The score of each race is recorded.Share your score online and try to stay in the world ranking!If you agree, your location is automatically detected to display the flag of your country in the international scores table.So you can compete with players around the World!You can see the rankings at any time by clicking on the logo "World High Scores".★★★ Game Features ★★★• Pilot a Dream Vehicle• Full 3D Real Time rendering• 10 different tracks• Incredible arcade physics• Spectacular SFX• Save as much money and Power go up• Customize your U3W• Training mode• Realistic sound environment• Music by "The Almighty Grind"• Boost Bonus• Select the difficulty level•..
Experience the Ultimate Thrill of Bike and Car game 4D real graphic
Super bike car Wala stunt & race game 3d game is a challenging game for driving all popular super bike like on indian road with lot of chalanges and fun. Real Bike Games stunt master & adventurous high ground city jumper MV Agusta sports bike car simulator game.For minibike racing fans and Indian motor bike riders this exotic sports bike lovers. Just start your engine and hit the gas of an extreme bike to experience the stunt master thrill of high ground city jumper motorbike racing & enjoy india Bike Games & minibike sports bike sound. In sports Kawasaki bike simulator stunt mania racing game you can perform insane stunt actions to join the group of elite riders in world championship of iindia motor bike simulator. Enjoy the adrenaline rush and jump high with the exotic ktm stunt racing action in All bikes of india racer and ride the fastest high ground city rooftop jumper extreme motorbik stunt.Drive the most famous Bikes and the world through challenging roads that will test all your skills as a driverCellphone code for Cars:-Fortuner1000Rolls..
Simulator of destruction of cars and car accidents
All Cars Crash is a realistic 3D car crash and crash simulator in which you have to go through all the extreme driving lessons. Test the car for strength, take part in cool missions, perform difficult stunts, tune and improve the car, earn experience and become a driving pro. The destruction of cars is as close to real as possible, and all body parts can quickly wrinkle or even fall off from severe accidents.The biggest locations are already waiting for you. Multi-level roads, giant jumps and ramps, many different traps and obstacles that will meet on your way. Also, don't forget about the large number of hidden gifts and surprises that can be hidden from view and you will have to try hard to find them.We are always trying to make All Cars Crash better and more interesting, and for this, your opinion is very important to us, because perhaps we will implement one of your ideas in the next update. Leave your suggestions and comments in the reviews for the game or to us at zeroonegamescontact@gmail.comSee you in the..
Build the ultimate drift car and master the art of drifting!
Introducing Drift Runner, the ultimate drifting game that will push your skills to the limit and have you burning rubber in heart-stopping drift battles. From the makers of Burnout Masters, get ready to dominate the streets, break records on the track, and become the undisputed Drift Master!BUILD YOUR DRIFT CAR!Build and collect your favorite drift cars with in-depth modifications, turn your street car into the ultimate pro spec drift build and take on your rivals. - Customize your car with unique body parts, wide body kits, wheels, spoilers and more!- Build and tune your engine. Swap in a v8 or turbo charge your engine of choice, modify engine parts and dyno tune for maximum power. - Advanced paint system allows for thousands of color combinations- Fine tune your suspension with height, offset, camber, tilt and angle kitsREAL WORLD LOCATIONS!Drift some of the most famous drifting locations around the world ranging from touge mountain runs, industrial streets, official tracks and pro tournaments.- Drift the LZ Compound with Adam LZ- Battle it out at the Klutch Kickers Tournament- Head to Australia and..
Military Trucker Parking Driving Simulator is addictive game.
Drive army trucker and get ready to earn your driving medals soldier!Enjoy the real military vehicles, take a charge of it and you will be the soldier! Earn virtual Gold Tyres by driving and reach to finish line quickly, spend it on new vehicles and more levels.The game is free to play and in-app purchases are available for extra Gold Tyres if you can't wait.Features:√ A fantastically responsive, intuitive driving experience√ Go for highest scores by completing levels faster√ Awesome military vehicles to drive√ Amazing 3D environments to explore√ Customisable controls√ Online leader boardsprove you are the best
3D World Race by MBC Fananees Characters
The new exciting running 3D game by MBC.Run, jump and race with your favorite MBC character to become the all time best racer!Easy-to-play (Play by just tapping), rich visuals and addictive gameplay.
Race and battle on the road , beat other car by use props!
Amazigng car racing games with battle on road to other enemies, upgrade and buy new car and complete all levels. This racer patrol road is amazing gameplay and graphic to beat all enemies.Feature:#Stunning 3D graphic#Amazing Car Selection#Interesting 40 levels to complete#Surprising props to use in the game
Download MotoDEX now and start your high-speed adventure today!
Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled gaming experience with MotoDEX. Dive into the world of motorcycle racing, where you take on the role of a rider, customize your motorcycles, and enhance high-speed tracks to conquer the ultimate racing challenge. Master the tracks, execute daring maneuvers, and claim victory on the podium.
Russian car simulator Lada Niva Travel. Drive and get out of the car in the city
The legendary Russian SUV LadaNiva Travel. Once on the streets of the Russian city of Kamensk, you will drive a Lada car and collect money to improve and tune itfind rare parts, hidden secret packages and additional tuning items. In this game, you can get out of the car, open the doors, hood and trunk.Before you is an ordinary industrial town called Kamensk, which lives its own life, pedestrians stroll slowly through the streets, and cars drive along the roads. Here you can feel like a real Russian driver, because this is a game about a carstart driving a Niva Travel car in stock version and upgrade it to a brutal and cool Russian car. It's time to show everyone what real Russian city driving is like: gas to the floor in free driving simulator!Peculiarities:- Detailed town of the Russian hinterlandKamensk.- Complete freedom of action in the city: you can get out of the car and run through the streets.- Russian cars on the roads of the game, you will see the VAZ Priorik, UAZ Loaf, Gas Volga, Pazik bus,..
Survive the giant T-Rex among other dinosaurs.
NEW Store TextEmbark on an adventurous journey filled with danger as you encounter a variety of prehistoric predators. Your mission is to obtain mutagen and unveil the secrets hidden on the island.FEEL THE ADRENALINEDemonstrate your prowess in the battle for survival as you drive a jeep, pilot a boat, ride a motorcycle, and even engage in thrilling zip line jumps. Watch for important Medikits and keep your weapon loaded, you´re gonna need it.A BEAUTIFUL ISLAND, FULL OF DINOSAURSBattle to survive the relentless assault of aggressive Triceratops, hungry Velociraptors, fast Pterodactyls and giant T-Rex among other dinosaurs. Don't let the beautiful landscapes distract you, danger lurks all around the island.ALL SORTS OF PERILSPrehistoric animals won't be your sole adversaries. Navigate colossal hazards, evade falling rocks from the sky, or take daring leaps off towering cliffsThe night will not give shelter and you will need your best skills to be able to see the sun rise again.The adventure never stops.Do you have what it takes to survive? Challenge yourself in the world of Prehistoric Safari!
A refreshing look at a genre that was all the rage in the 90's.
The destiny awaits you in Samurai Dungeon.Fight through hordes of enemies.Fulfill your destiny and show that you are the strongest.DEFEAT YOUR ENEMIES IN MANY WAYSThe fists will not be your only weapon: jump, dodge, attack with your hands and legs or use the different swords and pistols.A TRIBUTE TO THE BEAT'EM UP CLASSICSA refreshing look at a genre that was all the rage in the 90's.Defeat evilRestore world peaceBecome a legend in Samurai DungeonLike us on Facebook at us on Twitter @vividunitygamesFollow us on Instagram @vividunitygamesVisit our web page at
TRUE SPEED is the ultimate racing game experience. Feel the speed in every corne
Take your driving skills to the next level in this ultra realistic racing experience. Feel the speed in every corner and fight to be the best behind the wheel.Control your own destiny with story mode.Drive more than 40 different car models!Prove your skills in up to seven different game modes, including pursuit and time attack.Hustle your way past the opponent and boost your way to the finish line.Play through dense forests, beaches and even mountain roads. Learn each curve and manage to conquer the 42 tracks that TRUE SPEED has to offer.Are you ready to prove yourself as the best racer around?!


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Best racing game i have ever played. But only I want to tell give some more new and fantastic update. Thanks
Thank you!! We really appreciate your review. We continue to develop our games and will take your feedback on board :)


This game is very cool but game graphics is very old
Hi, we've forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!


This is so yamette kudasai oppai!


This is nice game excellent 👌
Hi Nash, thank you for your reply! Let us know anything we can do to improve the game 😎


حل يفهم ثم عن كل ركوب يقع حق ثم فئة كل


It's a really nice racing game with amazing graphics.good job 👍🏼


Good game road and tree texture almost similar to nfs hp pc version. But while car strick to each other's then they feel like paper car there is no shadow in game atlest you add car crash animation in game .and game feel like iam playing game in 2x speed .do some work in game and really it will be batter then nfs game on mobile phone


I like this game very much. But its not full free game. Please make it full free.


Amazing game plzz add cutscene and little bit story'aswell


I've been looking for this game for awhile. Had it on my JPay tablet and I can say this was the most fun I've ever had on a mobile racing game in awhile. Great controls and graphics as well. I wish more games used this control layout


not good graphics


It is the best game ever




Very good racing game


This is amazing game Excellent Very Amazing


Controls and graphics are very good time killing game


Awesome graphics like pc good game i play this game i will upload this game my YouTube channel name is mazaop


much better than most low sized games but it need some work: performance optimizations on-screen control buttons mapping custom graphics settings : texture quality , shadow quality , reflection quality ,screen resolution , draw distance slider ...etc car sound improvements Vegetation & trees models improvements with low poly (for performance improvements ) hdri skybox map improvements by the way its a great start , keep improving the game


Games look amazing keep up the work and make it better and better in upcoming update hope for the best 😇


Wonderfool game.