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The MyMoochies app is the companion app for the Moochies watch phone, a wearable phone and GPS locator for kids 4-16 years old. Parents can call and locate their child right from their phone using the Moochies app.

The Moochies Kids Watch can make and receive calls, messages and allows for video calling. The Moochies phone watch uses a combination of GPS, Wifi and GSM to provide the most accurate location information, giving kids the freedom to be kids and parents a little extra peace of mind.

With the MyMoochies app you can:

– Make and receive calls and videos to pre-set contacts from your Smartphone via MyMoochies.

– Check the location of the child wearing a Moochies phone watch.
– Set the frequency of automatic location updates or manually update location of the device.

– A SafeZone is a virtual boundary parents can set around a particular location. Once a SafeZone is set via the app, you will receive a notification when your child leaves the boundary of the SafeZone.
– You can set time parameters for each safe zone (for example around a school only during school hours).

– Parents and children can communicate with each other via voice chat, emoticons and one-way text messages.

– Invite family or friends to be approved contact of the Moochies phone watch, the family members can check the location of the child wearing the device.

6. SOS:
– By pressing the SOS button on the watch, it triggers an automatic location alert, which is sent to all linked family members.


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Just bought brand new and paid for the monthly service. Can't even bind it to the phone. Wasted my time, money and effort. Take this junk and give me my money back.


Downloaded. Created. Account. Setup watches.. Now the App doesn't work. Just keeps closing before I can do anything....


Bad app, it's freezing and doesn't respond properly, even the watch battery doesn't last long time, you need to charge it 2 or 3 times a day, waste for money unfortunately. Not recommended.


Set up is a nightmare. No documentation/ instructions and non-existent online help. I'm stuck in an endless loop of searching for network, have a missing QR code and a black void instead of the promised 24/7 customer service. The faq help for this issue has 40👎and zero👍with a long string of unanswered comments about missing QR codes for set up, yet the info provided hasn't been reviewed for 9 months!! It might be a good product but useless if you can't set it up


Worst ever, the watch doesn't stay charged, the app lost all my info, the tracking doesn't work, big waste of money, cancelling my account today. No one from support is helping either.


This has been abysmally disgusting! We have struggled to get it started since xmas day and then today the day we needed it the app says theres no watch and I have been blacked out. I have received 8 notifications of my daughter trying to reach me and I tap it and get taken back to a empty app!!! This has been appalling and it cant even help you keep your child safe or in contact zero star review!!!!!


The app keeps closing down on me, it works only sometimes. I have to keep reloading it. It won't let me call from the actual app itself and it won't let me go from icon to icon, it just shuts down. PLEASE FIX IT


I would like to disconnect my service and receive a refund. I have only just activated and it is the worst designed product and app I have ever used. Definately not worth the money. Customer service pretty much doesn't exist, no contact number instead need to wait on email replys to sort out. Would give zero stars if I could.


Was charged on 31/10 , haven't been able to use watch since the 19th due to "needing to pay again " wrote customer service, they said I had old version which wasn't true, I uninstalled, reinstalled, still no one is able to call my kid or her call us. Video call quality is so poor, it's unusable. It won't allow me to audio message her either. Worst money spent ever, as it does almost nothing it claims to do.


Worst product ever!!!! Wasted two days of my life trying to set these nightmare things up! One was already activated so I couldn't use it (it was brand new), one the QR code wouldn't work. No reply from their "fast paced 24/7 support team". Their product is a faulty joke.


Absolutely awful product to setup, constantly disconnected and unable to to use any of the features, followed all instructions from a live chat and it still won't allow us to connect a call


*UPDATE: STAY AWAY! I have been double charged for several months through 2021 and 2022. Not only is there an issue with the phone and customer service but they are robbing from us too! Imagine how many people they have over charged??? I have sent several messages telling them they over charged and to cancel my sim with no reply! Constant problems cant ring my child and he can't call me currently. I have had it with this company.


The worst app and worst customer support experience ever. Meant to be 24/7 and I can't even live chat with anyone. Bought the watch, paid for the activation fee, laid for the credit, and can't use it because the process is useless. DO NOT waste your money!!


App won't bind phones and is a total waste of time. Watch is useless without app. Can only call watch but no ther features work and won't go off qr screen on watch until you bind with app which it won't do. Save your money and buy a different watch. Tech support is non existent aswell. If u are thinking of buying one of these watches may aswell just burn the money instead for same result


Device doesn't set correct time, pushing time update from this app causes a boot loop. "Support" is "27/7 365” in theory, but they don't bother replying. This includes when you finally give up and request the Sim plan be cancelled because the device LITERALLY CAN'T BE USED.


Honest review? This is by far the worst product i have had to deal with. First everything was fine.. but then i could not ring my watch but my watch could call my phone. after spending weeks of talking to the tech support team daily on how to fix it. it magically started working one day but theres a catch.. i can now call the watch but it no longer rings though it makes the start up noise and the volume is set high. My advice if you bought this watch recently.. take it back and try another.


This app and watch combo doesn't work. Everyday we have to reset the time. The tracking only works if the watch is on WiFi. Which outside of home it isn't. The app has so many glitches. We are sending it back and getting another brand. Don't waste your money.


Don't waste your money. QR code to pair the watch only visible if you purchase their SIM plan. It use to work with 3rd party SIM cards but they removed connection to the app leaving the watch useless without their subscription.


The experience has been unreliable from the start and has just got worse. They have changed and updated the apps which has meant that the watch is connected to the previous app and won't reconnect the new app as we need a linking code. Some days the watch doesn't turn on at all and then the others we can't use it because it won't connect to the app. No answers on FAQs page and customer support are currently unresponsive. I want this product for my daughter but it's just not right.


Not having a great experience since the app has changed, can't ring the watch, can't message the watch, not ideal when using it to keep in contact with your child!