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Brick Game Game SCREENSHOT

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Classic Brick Game!

Brick Game is a popular and addictive puzzle game!

How to play?
– Simply move the bricks to move them.
– Create full lines on the grid vertically or horizontally to break bricks.

– Classic brick game without time limits.
– Place the bricks in a reasonable position.
– The more brick break, the more scores you have.
– Bricks can’t be rotated.

Who’s the best brick breaker? Challenge it now!!!

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Classic Brick Game!Brick Game is a popular and addictive puzzle game!How to play?- Simply move the bricks to move them.- Create full lines on the grid vertically or horizontally to break bricks.Tips:- Classic brick game without time limits.- Place the bricks in a reasonable position.- The more brick break, the more scores you have.- Bricks can't be rotated.Who's the best brick breaker? Challenge it now!!!
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