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Sand Balls – Puzzle Game Game DESCRIPTION

Catch a ball!

Turn right, now a little to the left, and right again, than free up more space so the ball can move, and finally… Yes! Catch it!

Make sure you’re careful and really pay attention—this is no simple football or volleyball. It’s still a game, but with a sand ball! Have you ever seen anything like it before?

Even though it’s made of sand, it’s not yellow like you’d expect. Guess what color a sand ball can be? 🧶 Orange, green, pink, purple, blue, and many other vibrant colors of the rainbow and beyond! Your imagination will truly take flight!

Why do you need to collect these sand balls?

The first reason is “just for fun”, and it’s completely true. Why not? Everyone deserves to relax after the a hectic pace of a work day, and this game knows how to help with that! Simple actions, а fresh and cool design, a wide variety of tasks – this game has hundreds of levels so you can have lots of fun in your spare time.

The second reason is for strategy. The app features a tricky puzzle where you have to think carefully to beat the level: put colorful balls into the truck and transfer 🚚 them to a wonderful island located in the middle of nowhere.

What’s the point?

Now we come to the third reason. The game is well-organized in terms of plot. This means that while you play, you will be provided with challenging goals and inspiring missions like repairing buildings and advancing the overall infrastructure of the beautiful island. 🏖️

To sum up, collecting the balls is a good way to relax after a long day and improve your logical thinking at the same time. Press the button and download!

A bubble of additional interest is gained through

⚈ Golden keys. They open boxes with different surprises or even money inside.

⚈ Sticks and other obstacles in the way. This is no walk in the park!
⚈ A secret weapon that can destroy all balls. (You can restart the level.)
⚈ Long and varied routes. They look like a real puzzle. What road will you choose? Try to avoid getting lost!
⚈ A special white bubble. It turns into…’ll find out on your own.

Make sure that you discover all the WOW effects…and hurry up! Your first truck is coming! Don’t miss your chance to build an island!

P.S. or maybe not just one incredible island, but several…

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Sand Balls – Puzzle Game Game DOWNLOAD

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I sure would like to see the levels they put in the ads, in the real game there are definitely not that many balls, it would be lots more fun if they added the levels they show. Ive been waiting forever for those really full levels and they just aren't in the game at all. It's a fun game, a little repetitive but great to pass time, I'd love to see new levels and some with lots and lots of balls, and maybe new challenges too.
Hi Mari! We appreciate your enthusiasm for the game. Our team is committed to improving the player experience, and we're planning to introduce more exciting levels in future updates. Stay tuned for updates, and thank you for being a part of our community! If you have any further suggestions, feel free to share them with us.


I was enjoying this app and at first i was pleased that they held off longer than most apps before shoving ads down your throat. Next thing i know it's level ad level ad level ad. Grrr!!!! UNINSTALLED
Hey! We're not huge fans of ads either, but we can't keep our game free without them. They help us develop new features, maintain the app, and release updates. We'd love it if you changed your mind. Come back soon!


Hbb I got so very far in this years ago, I found it very relaxing, but I ultimately uninstalled it because I could see the levels repwating themselves over and over again after a certain point. Went to try it again in hopes that there was new variety and all my progress is deleted... 😥


It's a good game ofc, but one thing.. ADS they irritated me alot.. Please fix this otherwise everything else is good! <3


The ads do get ridiculous. I understand its to help fund the game. VIP cost ALOT of money You get coins but can't do anything with them. Now I have stopped getting stars on my levels. It a great time killer. I've been playing a while amd I think its about time to delete it. I wanna know what the cars do and why should I have to watch ads to get them when they do nothing for you? The levels don't get harder and it gets to be repetitive after a few levels.


The game is constantly pushing you around and telling you what to or how to do a level, when there more ways to do it. There WAY to many ads, I get the free game there gonna be ads thing but I've play 49 levels and I counted over 85 ads. That I couldn't skip. And story line isn't that interesting. It's basically "Oh no, there was a sandstorm that destroyed everything, hey let's fix it with some sand and balls!" I'm very disappointed in this game and it was a waste of time, I don't recommended


I love this game but there's a bug. Where the spikes show up and then disappear, for me they stay, just a little smaller. The passage of spikes, as I call it, is broken. I can't beat the level because the spikes don't fully leave! I've seen many tutorials and this has happened to no one else! Please fix this bug Ezekiel Coe had the same problem as me


It works, there are ads, which you can close after a few seconds. I like the game, but after 50 levels or so, there are no new challenges. Just the same red holes that eat your balls, along with the same tunnels, and other simple obstacles, over and over again. I want new obstacles and tracks. It's so boring and repititive that I use it to fall asleep too. So, please add more obstacles, tracks and stuff to make it interesting again. Level 528 and it makes sleepy.


This game is mesmerizing, save for one glaringly huge issue. The game glitches and freezes every couple times you get to the chests. It also glitches when it's time to get 5x your prize - you can't collect it - and when you try to collect a car you earned it does the same thing. I'm not going to uninstall the game, but I won't be playing it again until this glitch is repaired.


OK listen. The design is amazing, sound design is perfect, everything is great. But - It is too easy. Also, who cares about the car? I don't understand. Why would I care about sand city? Think about it. Also I would tone down the ads a tiny bit, and change to more reasonable prices.. They don't make sense. Here are a few ideas: levels with just 3 balls. Levels with deceiving arrows. Harder levels. Also perfect should mean no lost balls, not even one. Otherwise just 3 stars


The game begins fun, but rapidly loses value. It is plagued by an ad after every level. It got to the point where I had to disconnect from WiFi if I wanted to play at all. None of the rewards or vehicles can be unlocked coed without watching an add. The part where chests are unlocked to reveal an item is extremely biased. In >400 levels I have not once unlocked a new ball without watching an ad. In addition to this, the game soon becomes repetitive, offering no new challenges. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.


Too many long ads, also the VIP mode is way too expensive, and after a while you get bored since there's nothing much left to do rather than just completing levels and unlocking new vehicles(which are of no use apart from coming for 2 seconds and collecting all the balls). It is good for killing time for a while and can be addictive to kids maybe, but not much..


The game was fun at the beginning even before the update. There were less ads back then But when the updates came in, there were additional features which makes it different but fun as well. But later on, the ads just keep on popping. Likewise, when you get to accomplish a new car instead of keeping it you get to lose it because the button for getting the new car is disabled. Poor game.


It's a good concept. Riddled with ads, which can be avoided with airplane mode. Terrible customer service. Everytime you left your finger a pop up comes up saying "RESTART LEVEL: YES OR NO?" Which is really stupid because maybe I'm just stopping to look and see the best route, not because I'm stuck. It's actually really frustrating because it will happen 5 to 6 times per level. Poor development on a good concept, shame.


If you REALLY enjoy sitting through ads... THIS is the "game" for you. Sometimes the features work, other times it will freeze for no reason. The buttons don't always register a click, so I had to forego several bonuses. (A lot!) I had time to kill to try this, while the concept is fun and charming at times, I can see why it is not geared for children as it constantly after every level asks if you want to upgrade. I might give this another 2 days worth of gameplay before finding a replacement.


I became addicted to this game very quickly. The concept is great & the coloured balls are pleasing to the eye. A couple of things: 1.You can restart the level if things are going wrong, but as soon as a ball hits the car you can't redo the level. You're not told your score until the end, and I'd like to be able to redo the levels I haven't scored 3 stars on. 2. It would be nice to level up to different cars instead of the same 4 on loop. Also, an exit button would be nice. Great game though!


I like the game of the lot. But, for every round you play you have to watch a really long ad and some of the ads of three times longer than you'll play the round. Then you can buy all the cars and the different types of balls and you have nothing to spend your diamonds on and they collect tremendously quick. So, there's no goal except for winning a round. Which always just leads to really long ad. Basically for every round you play you have to watch a ad. Annoying. The game soothing.


Not a bad little game. Cute and intuitive, but the issues prevent progress. An ad plays after every level, and you need to sit through another ad to finish "earning" your rewards. Any connection interruption and you lose the unlock forever. There is also no way to go back through levels and improve your score, so it feels like an eternal grind. Cute idea, but not worth the hassle.


The game is fairly enjoyable but the ads are ridiculously invasive. Literally after the first level and AD popped up and played for 30 seconds. In order to get out of it I had to wait, press the 'X' button, and then press the back button, because just pressing the back button wouldn't do anything. After getting out of the first AD another AD showed up at the end of either every level or (if I got lucky) every other level, it's just not worth it.


Overall very good concept of a puzzle game. I like the controls, it feels accurate. The game seems unfinished though . I can not find any option to go back to the level list to try for more stars. All cars and Bonus x4 don't work - I think this is due to add blocking - so maybe not fault of the developer. Levels use repeating patterns, so it feels like playing the same thing again and again. I reached level 100 and I think difficulty should increase more and levels should get more challenging.