E-Mobile7, Collaborative Mobile Office Platform designed by Weaver Network




Please note that this application is free for licensed enterprise who already have the “EM7 Collaborative Mobile Office Platform”; E-Mobile 7 is a new product newly designed by Shanghai Weaver Network Technology Co., Ltd. on the “Mobile Collaborative Office Platform” .
For use in areas other than mainland China

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Intelligent notification system to alarm and inform you during an incident.
This is an Intelligent Notification System that sends a clear message to large groups of people in the event of an incident. This can vary from an informational message to an actual alert or warning, whereby the relevant persons return a status update to accept a possible request for assistance. Since Respond developed this software, it is possible for us to adapt more quickly to the needs and wants of our customers and the market.
Xignature provides you an easy and secure way to sign your digital documents
Xignature provides you an easy and secure way to sign your digital documents. Our digital signature is constructed with asymmetric cryptography and public key infrastructure, ensuring that each signature is a verified identity. As the Subordinate Certification Authority (CA) in Indonesia, Xignature is officially acknowledged and approved by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology with Biometric Identity Verification Services.Whether you only need an electronic signature integration for just one type of document or you need a full digital workflow in motion, you can rely on us to support you every step of the way. We stand with you when you are ready to scale your digital transactions as your business grows.Start your productivity with signing, sharing, and managing your digital documents in an integrated platform with Xignature.Sign your documents anywhere, anytime, on any device.Features:- Integrated Platform- Multiple Document Signing Workflow- Request a Signature or Review to Others- Serial & Parallel Signing Sequence- Encrypted Digital Certificate- Passive Liveness Detection- Biometric Authentication- 24/7 Customer ServiceCertification and Collaboration:- Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information- Population and Civil Registration Agency- Intertek KAN..
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At Lawyers Online, we're making the law more accessible to people who need it each day and connecting them to legal professionals who can help. Lawyers Online is the Nigeria's leading provider of Internet promotion for lawyers, law firms and online legal information they seek. Lawyers Online helps Nigerian lawyers and law firms to efficiently grow their practices.Lawyers Online is equally an online law Report and legal resource developed for Nigerian Lawyers, Judges, Law Students, Legal Researchers, citizens and the General Public. We provide legal information and a platform to help you make the best legal decisions. Law Online Report provides industry-leading tools to make legal research easier and more intuitive. Lawyers, law firms, and bar associations across the country trust Law Online Report to provide them with comprehensive access to the law through an innovative and award-winning platform. We help forward-thinking lawyers navigate the law faster and smarter, to democratize legal services.Law Online Report provides industry-leading tools to make legal research easier and more intuitive. Lawyers, law firms, and bar associations across the country trust Law Online Report to..
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Floating clock is a simple time app, it can be displayed at the top of all applications.Features:# Floating display time on any app interface# You can set transparent background color# Shopee big sale ande FIFA mobile tool# Add millisecond switch# Custom display style
Top Current recommendations cultivation of the crop AGRAVIS professionals
IQ-Plant liefert Landwirten und allen anderen Agrarexperten top aktuelle Anbauempfehlungen der AGRAVIS PflanzenbauProfis, angepasst an Ihren Standort und die von Ihnen gewählten Kulturen. Zum Beispiel Getreide, Raps, Mais, Gemüse und Obst. Besonderer Nutzen von IQ-Plant: Die umfassenden Pflanzenbau-Empfehlungen sind jederzeit und ganz individuell nach Ihren Ansprüchen verfügbar. Aussagekräftige Bilder der BBCH- Stadien helfen Ihnen zudem Ihre eigene Kultur richtig einzuschätzen.Anhand detaillierter Wetterparameter wie Luftfeuchte, Niederschlag, und Temperatur bildet IQ-Plant das optimale Spritzfenster in den nächsten 3 Tagen ab. Einschätzungen der Pflanzenbauberater zu agronomischen Eigenschaften von Sorten und Düngern sowie Wirksamkeiten und Abstandsauflagen zu Gewässern von Pflanzenschutzmitteln und deren Resistenzklassen geben wertvolle Zusatzinformationen.Außerdem bietet Ihnen IQ-Plant den direkten Draht zu den Kundenbetreuern bei Ihrer Genossenschaft vor Orteventuelle Fragen werden hier umgehend beantwortet und Termine der Genossenschaft können in den privaten Kalender übernommen werden.
Home widget with notes. Clipboard Manager. Note list with folders.
Clipboard notesthe application has components :- Note List with folders- Clipboard Manager- Favorite Note List - Widget with notes- Note list for clipboard Note List with folders Group your notes into folders to create a clean architecture. You can create an infinite number of subfolders. Clipboard Manager You can quickly add copied text to the application through the status bar. All known notes can be quickly copied. They can also be sent to other applications. Favorite Note List Add to favorites for faster work with them. Widget with notes Want you to write and work with a note list? Use a widget for this. It has the same functionality as the note list in the application. Note list for the clipboard Need to constantly send the same text? Then this app is for you. Create notes with text. Come to the application and click on the icon. Or immediately send a note.Status barYou can create notes with clipboard content from status bar
AGFEO Dashboard - the cockpit for the AGFEO communication system
AGFEO DashboardDie mobile Erweiterung zum Steuern, Schalten und Überwachen von Funktionen in Ihrem AGFEO-Kommunikationssystem!Für die vorliegende App benötigen Sie ein AGFEO-Kommunikationssystem mit einer Firmware-Version 2.2 oder größer und eine gültige AGFEO Dashboard-Lizenz!Die folgenden Funktionalitäten stellt Ihnen die App nicht nur lokal sondern auch über einen gesicherten Zugriff von unterwegs zur Verfügung:- VERBINDUNGSLISTEVerpassen Sie keinen Anruf! Lassen Sie sich einfach mit einer Push-Nachricht auf Ihrem Smartphone über einen entgangenem Anruf an Ihrem Büroarbeitsplatz informieren. Zudem können Sie sich die detaillierte Verbindungsliste inkl. zugeordneter Kontakte Ihres AGFEO-Systems anzeigen lassen und einen Rückruf aus der Verbindungsliste über das GSM-Netz starten. Sind Ihren Kontakten Bilder zugeordnet bekommen Sie auch diese angezeigt. Selbst Türrufe werden Ihnen mit Bild in der Verbindungsliste angezeigt, wenn Sie in Ihrem System eine IP Kamera integriert haben.- RUFPROFILE5 Minuten Pause notwendig? Greifen Sie auf die vordefinierten Rufprofile Ihres Benutzers zu und schalten Sie diese je nach Notwendigkeit um.- UMLEITUNGENAuf dem Weg zur Arbeit schon im Stau!? Schalten Sie eingerichtete Umleitungen in Ihrem TK-System komfortabel ein oder aus.- VOICEBOXWichtigen Anruf verpasst? Nachrichten auf Ihrer im TK-System eingerichteten und aktiven Voicebox werden..
Get the most from your electrified Ford vehicle with the new MyFord Mobile app
This version of the MyFord mobile app is available for Ford C-Max Energi and Fusion Energi Plug-in Hybrids as well as Focus Electric vehicles equipped with embedded modems. MyFord Mobile allows consumers to manage vehicle functions from a smartphone. This app will work in combination with the MyFordMobile website to give access to consumers in the method which works best for their lifestyles.The MyFord Mobile app allows consumers to:- View the current state of charge and fuel level- Commence charging- Precondition the vehicle cabin temperature by setting ‘Go Times’- View Value Charge profiles- Find charge stations- Use remote vehicle controlsConsumers will initially receive MyFord Mobile free of charge at purchase, and for a fee after the initial 5 year subscription subsides. Additional information regarding MyFord Mobile interaction with Ford Vehicles can be found on:,,, or
Organize your ideas with Quick Notes. Keep your Memories & Secrets in iNotepad.
Welcome to iNotepadIntroducing iNotepad App, the all-in-one solution for seamless note-taking and organization. Whether you need to jot down ideas, create notes, or manage your tasks efficiently, this versatile iNotepad App has got you covered.Whether you need to write school notes, quick reminders, or organize your daily to-do lists, iNotepad App will be the best choice.Features of iNotepad:Take Notes Anytime, Anywhere: With iNotepad App, capture your thoughts instantly. Whether it's a brilliant idea, a to-do list, or important information, our app makes note-taking a breeze.Notes for Easy Organization: Make your notes visually appealing and easily distinguishable with a variety of color options. Organize your thoughts effortlessly, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.Digital iNotepad Experience: Transform your device into a digital notebook with iNotepad App. Write various notes, be it class notes, book notes, or general observations. Keep your ideas organized and accessible.Task Management Made Simple: Efficiently manage your tasks and stay on top of your to-do list. Use iNotepad App to set reminders, prioritize tasks, and ensure you never miss a deadline.Versatile Planning Tools: Whether it's creating a study planner, business..
E-Mobile7, Collaborative Mobile Office Platform designed by Weaver Network
Please note that this application is free for licensed enterprise who already have the "EM7 Collaborative Mobile Office Platform"; E-Mobile 7 is a new product newly designed by Shanghai Weaver Network Technology Co., Ltd. on the "Mobile Collaborative Office Platform" .For use in areas other than mainland China

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Single application for all employee to work on the same platform.