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Join us to build a healthy medical center, where you can be a doctor, nurse, and help patients recover.

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Happy Doctor Game DESCRIPTION

You can see every hospital has its own challenges and we need a happy hospital administrator for the facilities of beauty care and also the services of ear cleaning. At this time, we need you, an excellent crazy hospital games administrator, to help these hospitals make changes.

Happy doctor is an interesting time management game and hospital game, where the only priority is to cure the patient because we believe the only wealth is health. Just Step into the bustling world of the happy hospital games and become a compassionate nurse in medical games by providing exceptional care of ear cleaning and beauty care to the patients of all ages.

The doctor games have an addictive gameplay of asmr games! Our Hospital games offer a rewarding experience for those seeking to experience the challenges and joys of working in a happy hospital of the dentist games.

If you want to manage a dream team of professional asmr doctors in a crazy hospital, our time management games are the right game for you. While playing doctor games you will also be able to decorate your own Happy Hospital! Are you still waiting? Dive in and open the doors of this hospital asmr simulator in your own happy clinic!


🎉 Get different and Unique events in our hospital games.
🏥 Design and build your own happy hospital with different themes.
⏰ Enjoy the addictive time management games gameplay.
🌟 Experience different type of patients and diseases in our doctor games.
💊 Cure patients in your crazy hospital with a variety of medicine and latest technology.
🌍 In our medical games hire multiple doctors from different countries to treat your patients better.
🏖️ In our hospital asmr simulator build your own happy clinic.
🔄 Get endless mode for extreme level fun in our hospital asmr games.
😄 Engaging levels are also available in our nurse games.

Gameplay Highlights:

⚕️ Perform Medical Procedures: Perform various medical procedures, such as diagnose diseases, ear cleaning, conducting tests, popping pimples and dressing wounds in your happy hospital game.

💊 Manage Medications: Keep track of the medications and ensure patients in our doctor games.

🚑 Emergency Situations: Be prepared for unexpected emergencies and Handle critical cases and stabilize patients in our hospital games.

🏨 Expand Hospital Facilities: Upgrade your happy hospital equipments like pimple remover or other tests machines to accommodate a growing number of patients in our medical games.

👩⚕️ Hire and Train Staff: Recruit skilled happy doctors, nurses for beauty care, popping pimples and support staff to work in your crazy hospital.

To get the best experience, build advanced research centers, where different doctors can research on different diseases in our hospital asmr games. With this type of addictive gameplay, happy hospital becomes more interesting in this hospital game category which is best for time management games enthusiasts!

Play now and experience a unique, fun and casual hospital asmr simulator! 🏥
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*good 👍🏻*


Really good game


Love it


Absolutely love this game ♥️


Very fun and helps time go by.


It makes you feel under pressure but you are doing it for a good reason


There are some issues with the game that similar games don't have. For example you can not queue your tasks if you need to pick two syringes or stop the weather effect when the sun appears you need to wait for the heat wave to start. Not sure how it will affect the game play when the levels get harder.


Love these kinds of games. I have all of them.
Thanks for the praise and support! We're thrilled you're enjoying the game. Your encouragement keeps us going – thank you! Have a blast playing!