• You can now pin messages in groups for all current members.

• You can now check your connection health during a video call by long pressing on your tile.

• Added a 'view once' option to voice messages.

These features will roll out over the coming weeks. Thanks for using WhatsApp!

WhatsApp Messenger App SCREENSHOT

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WhatsApp Messenger App DESCRIPTION

WhatsApp from Meta is a FREE messaging and video calling app. It’s used by over 2B people in more than 180 countries. It’s simple, reliable, and private, so you can easily keep in touch with your friends and family. WhatsApp works across mobile and desktop even on slow connections, with no subscription fees*.

Private messaging across the world

Your personal messages and calls to friends and family are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of your chats, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them.

Simple and secure connections, right away

All you need is your phone number, no user names or logins. You can quickly view your contacts who are on WhatsApp and start messaging.

High quality voice and video calls

Make secure video and voice calls with up to 8 people for free*. Your calls work across mobile devices using your phone’s Internet service, even on slow connections.

Group chats to keep you in contact

Stay in touch with your friends and family. End-to-end encrypted group chats let you share messages, photos, videos and documents across mobile and desktop.

Stay connected in real time

Share your location with only those in your individual or group chat, and stop sharing at any time. Or record a voice message to connect quickly.

Share daily moments through Status

Status allows you to share text, photos, video and GIF updates that disappear after 24 hours. You can choose to share status posts with all your contacts or just selected ones.

Use WhatsApp on your Wear OS watch to continue conversations, reply to messages, and take calls – all from your wrist. And, leverage tiles and complications to easily access your chats and send voice messages.

*Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.


If you have any feedback or questions, please go to WhatsApp > Settings > Help > Contact Us

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Wallpaper package to support WhatsApp MessengerTo use our wallpapers:1) install and launch WhatsApp Messenger2) start a conversation with a friend3) choose Menu > WallPaper > WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger App DOWNLOAD

Free DownloadGoogle PlayOfficial Website



1. The followed channels are on the front and we have to scroll to view our contact's status updates. It would've been better if it was the other way round. The status updates on the front and let the followed channels be in a seperate tab 2. I think the word limit on our status updates is too small. Please increase the word limit on the status. 3. Also let there be an Enter button while typing a caption along with an image in our status update. Otherwise the app is really awesome 👍


The new UI is really good looking and clean. However, the feature that allowed us to swipe and change tabs (from chat tab to calls log/tab) was very convient. It was a comfortable feature which is now replaced by shifting the tab screen to the bottom. It's a request to add the swipe feature back while keeping the new UI as the swipe feature really allows a smooth experience for the users. I beilive this will benefit the users as well as the providers of this platform


It is very nice provide us a lot of facilities to communicate with others. However, the most crucial thing is that it provide facility to attached with each others by making vedio call as well as it doesn't use much Internet. Although, many a times its difficult to download vedioes or may be it takes time to download vedioes because of slow Internet. I think of the speed of Internet is high, it would not show problems like that. I really very like this app but it also depend how t


I use this app since it got developed but since the last update I have problems while sending voice messages which is extremely frustrating. Sometimes when I record a voice message and send it, it simply is silent and didn't record anything while the next one works normally again. It's a 50/50 chance if I send a mute message or not.... please fix that problem it's extremely frustrating..


WhatsApp is an indispensable tool in my daily communication since 2018. However, I've noticed a recurring issue regarding the degradation in picture quality when images are sent through the app. Despite the convenience and reliability of the platform, the noticeable drop in picture resolution upon sending is a concern. I hope the development team can address this issue to enhance the overall user experience. Looking forward to improvements in future updates.


Glitch city, recently I had been getting it where with only one contact. I send a message and it stays stuck on one tick which means they will not get my messages until the app is opened. No notifications will be sent to them (both I and the contact have changed nothing) asking support for help is useless as they do not read what you tell them. Update is required!!!!


For the most part I love this app, and it's my main app for messaging my friends. However, since Android 14 I've been having issues where some chats will start to come through as silent notifications meaning I'm not aware I have new messages unless I open the app. Very frustrating. Hopefully we can get some sort of fix soon. Resetting the app is only a temporary fix.


The mobile phone app is very good and satisfies all needs I have for a messaging app. But I also own a smartwatch. The app on the watch is very bad. Messages never load on time. Sometimes, they don't load at all for days unless I open the app and sync it. Honestly, using the reply via notifications feature on android works much better, to the point that I feel like having the app is pointless on the watch. I only keep the app so that I can initiate a conversation. It is very bad.


The software is an example where introducing additional features that intermittently work is pointless. I mean the video messaging feature. On Android, it only works interminttently. It would be far better to add features that are stable and work. Uninstalling and reinstalling and app to get a feature to work is just poor programming. In part, it's why I use Signal and Telegram.


Firstly, the horizontal orientation for stories isn't as intuitive; a vertical display might offer a more user-friendly experience. Secondly, the introduction of channels seems to deviate from WhatsApp's emphasis on private communication. We didn't like that channels exist& unlike million times "unlike". Consider reverting to the version before this update.


New update is the worst, It glitches, the new emoji/sticker bar doesn't work properly, and sometimes closes by itself. And who asked for the channels??? It is annoying... Only certain audio/formats can be sent, also, the record button/switch to video call gets stuck. From a great app to the worst and yet nothing will be done like every other app.


Reg:- New update for Status The status option looks like Story on FB and Instagram with new update. Earlier status was list method with preview of the status, which looks like so good, now it's showing DP on status too, which we don't know what the status presents. I think it's better to go with earlier method, or provide the status with preview, or keep some option to change the view as per user required. But this update provide very bad experience. .


The app is annoying in the sense that it keeps adding unnecessary updates. The latest layout keeps bothering me because you can't swipe from statuses to chats like before. The channels tab is unnecessary, and muted statuses are more difficult to view, SAME GOES FOR YOUR OWN STATUS THAT YOU CAN'T REPLAY AS QUICKLY. It's the little things that get to a person. If it wasn't a necessity, I'd just delete this app.


It's not backing up my chats saying it's not got access to stuff on my phone. It has access to everything, I haven't blocked any access, and it hasn't backed up since the 12th of December. Update: I found a fix. I had to remove 'Photo and Video' access, try and update my chat, then regive the access, and it seems to have backed up my chats, so that's good.


The app was doing fine until some blockheads decided to add channels and stuff to the app, making it another Facebook or Instagram. I don't know what you are trying to achieve by adding these features. Please stop this nonsense because it used to be the only social media application that didn't have a lot of distractions, but now even that is changing. Pure messages and status work fine. Thank you


WhatsApp is my go-to communication app, offering a user-friendly interface, reliable messaging, and seamless voice/video calls. Its end-to-Setting up groups and multimedia sharing is effortless. WhatsApp Web and Desktop apps provide convenient access, and regular updates, including desktop voice/video calls, improve functionality. Despite occasional glitches, it's an indispensable tool for secure,


Dropped video call and in-app notification issues seem to be fixed with recent update. However, when new video comes in, the app does not wake the lockscreen. I have to manually wake the always on display, then I can see who's calling. Tried various notification settings but still doesn't work. On top of that the video/audio quality during calls are subpar in comparison to other apps, always have to wait for audio to catch up even in high speed Wifi. Annoying.


⭐You make video and voice calls, send text messages, and more — ⭐With over 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is especially popular among friends and family who live in different countries and want to stay in touch. ⭐WhatsApp is a great, free, and easy to use communication tool. ⭐The downsides include the message deletion notification, automatic media downloads, and the lack of a message scheduling feature. Finally metah has been introducing more new features in WhatsApp.


It has become really annoying when you upload your statues and then the quality is reduced so much that you can't even recognize what you've uploaded! We used to have this option to increase upload quality in storage and data section within the app but it's not there anymore! And yes I do have the latest version of the app. Fix this problem for all if you can WhatsApp team.


This new "Select all" feature is the most annoying upgrade. First off, its positioning in the menu is terrible and confusing. I want to select "Mark as read", but I end up selecting the wrong menu "Select all". Secondly, how often does a person need to select all chats?! Not too often, extremely once in a while if there's ever a need to. This should be removed from the publicly available menu when selecting a chat. It's giving a ceaselessly frustrating and annoying experience!!!