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Goober Dash Game DESCRIPTION

Welcome to GOOBER DASH!

Goober Dash: A 2D platformer battle royale where Goobers Run, Jump & Dash to victory! Customize your Goober, dash to outmaneuver opponents, create your own levels, and compete in global time trials. Unlock exclusive skins and celebrate your wins in this action-packed multiplayer Race Royale!

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Welcome to GOOBER DASH!Goober Dash: A 2D platformer battle royale where Goobers Run, Jump & Dash to victory! Customize your Goober, dash to outmaneuver opponents, create your own levels, and compete in global time trials. Unlock exclusive skins and celebrate your wins in this action-packed multiplayer Race Royale!
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Really fun game, very different from the others and it is fast paced.


great game made by awesome developers


I love it. Super fun!


This game is fun


Goober Dash is an incredibly fun and addictive 2D platformer battle royale game that will keep you entertained for hours on end! The game offers a unique twist on the traditional battle royale genre, with players controlling cute and colorful Goobers as they run, jump, and dash their way to victory


Great Game