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Welcome to the digital Multiverse! Magic: The Gathering is the original trading card game- and now you can download and start playing for free with your friends from anywhere!

Magic: The Gathering Arena empowers you to discover your strategy, meet the planeswalkers, explore the multiverse, and battle friends around the world. Collect, build and master your unique deck that will become its own legend. Your battle is only the beginning; duel on stunning battlefields, and enjoy Arena’s game changing battle effects and immerse yourself in the game. Start playing for free, challenge your friends, unlock cards, and feel the magic of the original fantasy CCG!


Never played Magic before? No problem! Magic: The Gathering Arena’s tutorial system takes you through the playstyles so you can find your strategy and decide if you’re the type to overwhelm your opponent with brute strength, if subterfuge is more your style, or anything in between. Meet characters from around the multiverse and try out spells and artifacts that make learning to play the original fantasy collectible card game quick and fun. It’s never been easier to play Magic! Collect cards to build a deck that matches your personality, then master your strategy to battle friends and be part of the TCG that started them all.


The original TCG is now digital! Explore the fantasy worlds of Magic: The Gathering Arena and build your deck, play a variety of game formats to collect cards, master multiple strategies, and hone your skills against friends or the AI. With multiple game formats like Draft and Brawl, 15 unlockable collectible decks, and explosive card combo effects: Your ideal Magic: The Gathering playstyle is at your fingertips! Show off eye-popping cosmetics like avatars, card sleeves, and pets and collect daily rewards to grow your collection and build powerful decks that reflect your personal strategy.


Duel your friends for glory or enter in-game tournaments for exciting prizes! With Draft and Brawl pairing, there is always someone to game with. Special in-game events offer exciting rewards, and with Esports qualifiers your Pro-Magic dreams are closer than you think in the Arena Premier Play League! Queue into casual battles to hone your strategy at your own pace, or battle in Esports qualifiers and frequent tournaments to flaunt your mastery.


Dive into the fantasy planes of Magic: The Gathering and write your own legend through Magic’s immersive lore and vibrant card art. Find your path through the multiverse using only favorite characters and their most iconic spells and artifacts, or create a theme deck with a narrative that makes sense only to you. Your story is only just beginning!

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Introducing the official Magic: The Gathering Companion App, the quickest way to participate in events at your storeShow up. Magic Companion does the rest.- Built in Life Counter- The Official Magic App for Store Events- Get Event Pairs & Standings- Create & Run Personal Events at HomeJOIN EVENTS AT YOUR STOREQuickly and easily join limited and constructed events at participating local stores. With Magic Companion you can easily find your next match and be notified when a new round begins.How to participate in an event with Magic Companion:1Attend an event at participating local stores. Find one at 2Open Magic Companion and select JOIN EVENT3Enter the Event Code provided by your local store. 4Find your first matchup and get playing! TRACK YOUR PLAYTracking event play is now easier for stores and easier for you. Check event standings, get notifications on new rounds, report your match results automatically, and use a built-in life counter to chart you playCARD DATABASE WITH 17,000+ CARDSBrowse cards from Magic's entire history and search for the perfect addition to your deck. Keep up with the latest..
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Love Arena, but the mobile app is just terrible. Constant random crashes for doing the most mundane of things that shouldn't cause problems for a proper app. Look at a quest? Crash. Queue for a game? Crash. Access your collection? Crash. Middle of a game and a random spell is cast? Crash. Backing out of any menu? Crash. It's almost like doing literally anything can cause this game on mobile to crash and it seems that very little is done to fix these issues, as I've seen others complain too.


Magic: The Gathering is a great game on it's own, but this app is basically unplayable for me for the last month or two, because it cannot reload from a momentary loss of wifi or cell signal. Even if I am only disconnected from the internet for literally less than a second, I have to force close the app and turn it back on. The game then takes about 45 seconds to put me back in the match, at which point I have missed something, and generally am now doomed to lose the game. Edit:6+ months, no fix


The two stars is for the love of MTG. Best card game ever made and the visuals and most mechanics work great and the ability to use cards with in game currency rocks. Everything else about the game is meh. Terrible draw percentage, terrible reliability relating to the app freezing and crashing every 25 minutes. And you fight the same two decks over and over again. *Edit- 4 stars now as the app doesn't crash as often, and new sets helped the variety of opponents. Mono red is still overplayed tho.


Used to be fun but it's practically unplayable now due to massive connectivity issues and constant freezing on mobile. If you're planning to spend money on this game for tournaments, drafts, etc, I'd advise to skip it for a while until the problems are resolved so you don't lose your hard earned money to a random "waiting for the server" message that pops up at an inopportune time.


It's a great game. What you'd expect from the game itself, and the developers actually give you reasonable ways to gain more cards over time. My only grievance, and it's a big one, is the time allotted per round. They need a rapid round option. Some people take the entire round every single round and the game lasts an hour, and they're not even doing anything, they're just sitting with no cards in their hand and abilities to activate or they have a deck that takes 30 active abilities per turn.


FOR NEW PLAYERS. It is possible to progress with no money. Will take time. But the best suggestion I can give anyone is save all your gold for the 10 packs of mythic, pick your set your aiming for with creatures and use your tokens you earn to unlock specific cards, it will take you about a month before your really able to do what you would like. But after that it's pretty smooth game play, had some bugs within the last 2 years, but overall it's a solid game. Wish we could do tournament styles.


Technical: Crashes way too often. Content: Continue to force Alchemy on players, it's a poorly implemented method of digitally errata cards and add in new digital only mechanics. The alchemy digital mechanics (perpetual) fundamentally change the game (would be fine contained, but it's forced into the historic format). Creating digitally altered versions of real cards makes it confusing to go from arena to paper in a bad way. Using art from paper cards in digital only cards is also confusing


Awful UI/UX some stuff appear to be expecting a mouse behavior on a phone app.😂 spark keeps repeating the same things. Oh, and I hope you don't like combo because this is not made for, impossible to choose a card when you have "too many" cards, the app is so slow that you will loose to the timer... great job guys 🫡 Edit: also the game is broken priority doesn't work correctly, you sometimes don't have the opportunity to respond to your opponent instant... So great😂


If you have a lot of permanents on the battlefield and need to scroll through them to find the right one, the interface keeps snapping back to the beginning. The timeout timer is brutally punishing if you have a deck that puts a lot of effects on the stack. Sometimes it skips me even if I'm hitting the resolve button instantly on all the other effects. It makes for frustrating games where the interface is almost like a second opponent.


The controls are not great. Some take a bit to respond, some are too sensitive and some don't register well at all. It loads very slowly at startup and navigating between screens. Overall, the interface feels terrible, its full of very small text and very poorly optimized. This clearly wasn't designed to be played on a phone.


Despite its problems, the experience is very similar to the physical card game, except this can be played for free. Now, the problems: It's a massive space hog. It's constantly downloading more art. Be sure to have plenty of *extra* space free. Unless I keep about a gigabyte free, the game begins to struggle. Crashes haven't completely disappeared, but they are much less common this way. The GUI is cramped, the interface for selecting amounts is terrible, and large hand size becomes unplayable


A few weeks ago, the game became functionally unplayable. Attempting to start a match almost always results in my phone freezing and the system UI crashing. If I can actually get into a match, I have to slog through extreme lag to do anything. I don't know what triggered this, but uninstalling and reinstalling the game failed to fix the issues


MTG itself is great and all, but this mobile version of Arena is just not reliable enough to play in any capacity. I experience network/connection issues far too often, across different networks (wifi and cell) and network settings on my phone. I'm unable to start matches, get disconnected from matchs, and have long network delays that cause missed turns. If these issues could be fixed I would play this game more often.


It's fun...when its working. Started playing because I'm new to MtG and wanted to learn when I couldn't play irl, it takes a ton of space and data, and more every time you log on. It freezes and crashes constantly, and it crashes every. Single. Time. I'm winning by a lot, so I have to force close and forfeit. Seems like it's been around long enough that this shouldn't be happening multiple times every time I play.


I've moved my review up to two stars. The crashings have more or less been fixed since a recent large patch. But connection issues are still very present and the game does not tell you if your connection dropped until it's probably too late in best of one. This is due to the "rope" timer in the game for having a response. Bad programming as it tells the user nothing. Side note the animations need to be able to be turned off. They are unnecessary and slow the game down.


It's impossible to get an optimal experience in the mobile version because in a lot of matches you get disconnected from the server and the game just freezes and let you take no action. And belive me, there's nothing more frustrating than playing a ranked tournament and losing because the game froze. If you want a better experience, play on PC. If you you're just a casual and want to learn the game, then the mobile is fair enough.


Best way to play Magic on mobile, and a great way for new players to explore the game. I've been playing since launch and with nothing but the intro bundle have amassed a large collection. However, the wildcard economy can be frustrating for new players or players hoping to try new formats. Additionally, the app often freezes/crashes. This issue has followed me from my old phone to my new one. This app would be 4 stars if stability was addressed, but the game of MtG itself is an easy 10/10!


Edit: since the update on the 13th, the app is more unstable than ever. I love playing mtg & the convenience of arena is unprecedented. However, this app freezes/crashes frequently, and you can expect to miss a turn/game unless you notice the crash immediately. Opening the deck editor crashes the app 8/10 times. I have a brand new phone, so it's definitely a software issue.


I love this game. I have more than a thousand hours on it between phones, tablets, and the pre and post Steam launch PC versions. Its curse is that it's so good that the things that are bad are terrible. Stability on mobile is bad. (Verified on 7+devices from various manufacturers.) You'll be responding to a spell when the whole thing freezes & you have to force a restart to come back as a muted Ajani. You can't sort your collection, and there's no history of opened/crafted cards to reference.


Great game, but it's unplayable!! 😡 I got really good wifi and mobile internet and a new phone. However, this game disconnects/freezes pretty much every match you play. (Sometimes several times) Resulting in you losing or just getting kicked out of your match. I have to close and quickly start up again to try and continue. By then, many times, the timer for my turn has already finished, and I am behind in the game. Other games run fine. I wouldn't spend money on this for now.