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AR Interactive Book with Hands-Free Experience

Using AR technology, ARpedia offers a whole new reading experience. Amazing and fun effects appear on the tablet every time a reader turns the page of the book.

ARpedia is different from any other ordinary book. The images in the book come alive in 2D and 3D graphics using AR technology. Readers can encounter huge and awe-inspiring dinosaurs or take special trips to distant space right at home by reading a book with ARpedia.

Through interaction between the paper marker and the tablet, readers can acquire hands-on knowledge by engaging with the characters and participating in activities.

For more information, visit the official ARpedia website at Start experiencing the new form of reading with ARpedia now!

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Learn or improve upon your sight reading skills for piano.
A simple app to quickly and easily improve your sight reading abilities for the piano. Includes options for sharps/flats, displaying only Bass Clef/Treble Clef, and a reference sheet. Perfect for piano players who want to build upon quick sight reading abilities. This app even plays the piano note in the correct octave to train your ear.
Spelling tests. Grammar exercises.
Verbessern Sie Ihre Rechtschreibung mit Übungen zu verschiedenen Bereichen: -Ähnlich klingende Buchstaben und Wörter: b oder p, d oder t, g oder k, wider oder wieder usw.-Lange und kurze Selbstlaute: Dehnung und Schärfung-zusammengesetzte Wörter-Groß- und Kleinschreibung: Zeitangaben, Substantivierungen, Zahlwörter usw.-Zusammen- und Getrenntschreibung-Wortarten-Satzlehre-GrammatikFit für Schule und Prüfung mit unserer App! Geeignet für Kinder und Erwachsene.Benutze uns online unter
Come and play in Pororo's Dinosaur World! It's full of your favorite dinosaurs!
Pororo Dinosaur Series Part1, Be introduced to all kinds of dinosaurs! Wow, the dinosaurs are alive and moving!Get to know your child's favorite dinosaur through fun games and activities! ★ Introducing Pororo's dinosaur friends!- Tyrannosaurus- Pteranodon- Triceratops- Brachiosaurus- Parasaurolophus - Stegosaurus- Spinosaurus- Deinonychus- Maiasaura- Ankylosaurus★ Learn and enjoy through a variety of games!Coloring Book, Stickers, Music, Tooth Brushing, Medical Treatment and more.A collection of fun activities to promote concentration and creativity.★ At the end of each game, smart Dr. Eddy will teach you interesting facts about dinosaurs!★ Play fun games and watch videos.While enjoying the app, you can also watch Pororo dinosaur videos!
Official App for University of Alberta
This is the official application for University of AlbertaStudents will stay in touch with University news including events, calendars, contacts, maps, and more! Join your campus community on the app now and improve your student experience with MyUAlberta.The app provides a campus with QR codes to use in contact tracing (no location data stored). Forms and templates are managed by administrators to gather vaccination and self reporting information from students with FERPA & HIPAA compliant privacy settings. Campus administrators use this information to manage cases and reduce the spread of COVID-19 on campus.
Block Coding App with Albert~ 4 Missions, 160 Puzzles + Free Coding
APPLICATION FOR SMART ROBOTTo run this application, Smart Robot Launcher should be first installed.Hi, there! I'm Albert! Tada!Please order me with your coding blocks.I know you're smart, and you can help us be close friends.Are you ready? Time to go on!Ready, set, go!You can learn to code easily with drag-and-drop block programming.While solving exciting 160 puzzles, you will learn the concept of coding such as sequence, loops, debugging.Comparing with other coding education on the screen, you can improve the effect of learning by watching how the robot moves according to your codes.You can also make your own codes in the free coding mode.☆ 4 missions☆ Hello, Albert?Wanna know me?I'm here to look for my crystal.Where is my crystal?First of all, I want to be friends with you.Could you help me out looking around here and there?Cheer up!☆ Forest of WindI want to take you to the wonderful forest of winds!There, leaves are singing together like a chorus happily.However, watch out for the bad witch.She wants to take all the colors of the forest of winds.Try to keep it safe forever.My..
Multiply, he makes learning multiplication tables. FREE!
Multiplicar✴️ ✴️ ✴️ Disponible en Español ✴️ ✴️ ✴️Aprende las Tablas de Multiplicar del 1 al 10, de la forma fácil, aprende y ayuda en las matemáticas para sus hijos.Practica la multiplicación una a una, asume los retos que tiene esta aplicación para el aprendizaje de la tablas de multiplicar, resolver los pequeñas prueba de la multiplicación.La aplicación te enseñará de una forma sencilla, te repita las tablas en audio una a una, además encontrarás juegos de desafíos donde podrás poner en prueba lo que ya sabes o estas aprendiendo.Los niños y jóvenes pueden aprender las tablas de multiplicar fuera de la escuela o colegio con mucha facilidad.Ayude a su hijo con esta herramienta para que progrese en este ámbito de las matemáticasAprende y ayuda a tu hijo a ser mejor en matemáticas.Disfruta de una forma forma fácil de aprender las tablas de multiplicación
Learn English words and improve vocabulary quickly using this vocabulary builder
We help Ukraine!Taking into account the Russian aggression against Ukraine our team decided to donate each part from your in-app purchases to support UkraineStand with Ukraine 🇺🇦Be more prepared and confident for your IELTS test and achieve the score you deserve!IELTS is a really challenging test that is jointly managed by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment and requires serious preparation of the candidate. Whichever way of preparing for the test you choose, the only thing that remains unchanged is your vocabulary. It's clear for all that in order to get a high band the candidate must have a large English vocabulary that can cover a lot of narrowly specialized subjects that are rarely found in everyday communication. Therefore, even for people who speak English well it's needed an additional preparation for IELTS test.That's why we decided to create probably the best IELTS words booster to improve English vocabulary for people who are preparing for IELTS exam!Learning technique, applied in this vocabulary builder, allows you to learn new words quickly (up to 3000 per month),..
listen , conversations Reading English English easy
listen tخ English Stories , conversations Reading English English easyEnglish Listening offers a lot of free Stories and Conversations with their text can help all English learners around the world.Learning English by listening English Conversations English from Daily English, English Speaking, English listening practice, English Listening for ielts, and a lot of vocabulary, English At Work with texts and Stories and Conversations,the app contains many short stories, The English We Speak and a lot of Idiomsand phrasesyou will find many Stories with voice from native speakerswith this app you can learn how native speakers talk and how they make sentences learn English from scratch learn greetings and many conversations learn English easy
Divya Teja High School, Rayachoti
Divya Teja High School, Rayachoti
An anthology of proverbs and idioms from Africa in Kiswahili.
Methali na Nahau Mpya is an anthology of proverbs and idioms from across Africa and beyond. This collection is aimed at introducing many unfamiliar and completely new sayings to Kiswahili speakers. Methali na Nahau Mpya has the following features;• The format is alphabetical and easy on the eyes• Transition is just a click back• Two-color listing• Offline access•Friendly user-interface
※ Precautions ※ This application is a special device for Woongjin Book Club. It can not be installed if it is executed in other device.
Touching thoughts Woongjin Book Club1. Meet thoughts-meet everything in books and learning.All the thoughts of the world for books and learning are contained in tablet PCI live in my mind at any time, anywhere, at home or on a trip.Libraries are your own digital library of all your content for thinking.-Meet the best selection of encyclopedias, figures, history, masterpieces, and more.-Meet curriculum recording books and curriculum linking books to develop curriculum knowledge.-Meet the Nuri library and the curriculum library tailored to the curriculum of preschool children-Meet the educational value of arts and culture, including music, art, cartoons, and animation.-Meet the confidence of study with a learning library containing math, Korean, society, and science.-Meets global specifications with English and Chinese characters library2. Fall into thoughts-Curation curates the content, let the child fall into thoughts.-Book Club Today selects the content that our children need now from a number of thought libraries.-Interested in the content, curated the direction of reading and thinking to fall into thoughts.-Developing self-directed learning habits because it is programmed to read and learn every day.3. Express Your Thoughts-Express your..
AR Interactive Book
AR Interactive Book with Hands-Free ExperienceUsing AR technology, ARpedia offers a whole new reading experience. Amazing and fun effects appear on the tablet every time a reader turns the page of the book.THIS IS NO ORDINARY BOOKINTO THE CURIOSITY Q Series.ARpedia is different from any other ordinary book. The images in the book come alive in 2D and 3D graphics using AR technology. Readers can encounter huge and awe-inspiring dinosaurs or take special trips to distant space right at home by reading a book with ARpedia.FUN INTERACTION ALL IN ONE PLACE!Through interaction between the paper marker and the tablet, readers can acquire hands-on knowledge by engaging with the characters and participating in activities.For more information, visit the official ARpedia website at Start experiencing the new form of reading with ARpedia now!
Woongjin ThinkBig Lounge is a service that allows you to check your child's reading/learning information and meet various benefits through personalized messages.
AI follows. AII BenefitThe new Woongjin ThinkBig Lounge provides customized information and various benefits.[main function]1. Book ClubIt is a personalized AI service that supports the growth of reading ability by accurately analyzing our children's reading interests and reading habits that need to be corrected.2. Think BigAI finds answers in big data and corrects children's learning habits that even the mother does not know3. Smart All & Smart All Middle SchoolAI analyzes our children's learning habits and connects them with their parents4. Book Club MallThe existing Curation Mall has been reorganized into a Book Club Mall. You can easily check detailed information about books / parishes5. MembershipYou can check Woongjin ThinkBig membership information at a glance (points held and membership benefits, etc.)6. Lounge TalkIt connects parents, children, and teachers. Receive various news and special news only from the lounge7. Platform AffiliationWe connect various platforms with special benefits of affiliate platform exclusively for lounge membersCommunicate with your children through a book club,Communicate with mom through the book club loungeThe Woongjin Book Club Lounge will continue to research to deliver pleasant news.[Required access..
Smart All Middle School Learning App
[My own AI academy, Smart All Middle School]A perfect learning system for middle school students from learning design to smartreplacement learning by level, and learning/plan management- Smart NaesinComplete study of all subjects in middle school, from short lectures for each concept to questions for each level-Replacement TOPDaechi-dong's best academies for each subject enter the entire store, providing the highest level of class in Korea with exclusive textbooks- Hollow Completion SystemFrom automatic progress setting suitable for my school/publishing company, learning plan coaching of college student mentors, and AI reading room with friendsStart learning online that suits you, not by someone else.
The complete works include a book club audio APP to your first purchase of Woongjin Think Big The services offered.
웅진북클럽 오디오는 웅진씽크빅의 북클럽오디오APP이 포함된 전집을 구매한 고객님에게 전집에 포함된 음원(동화, 동요)을 모바일에서 들으실 수 있도록 서비스하는 플레이어 입니다.앱을 통한 구매는 불가능하며 전집 구매, 음원 구매문의는 고객센터 (1577-1500)으로 연락 주세요.※ 동시에 1개의 기기에만 인증받을 수 있습니다. 다른 기기에서 인증하시면 기존의 스마트폰에서는 사용하실 수 없습니다.
The beginning of my child's childcare Please join the Woongjin Bookstore app!
Woongjin BookstoreThe beginning of book-rearing for our childrenWith the Woongjin Bookstore app!“What books do my children really need?”Children's books/complete collections/applications/preparation/lifeSimple and versatile in one place!From Woongjin Bookstore’s exclusive products to various popular brandsWe meet with various special exhibitions and discount events every month.▶ As soon as you sign up, you will receive a coupon pack that you can choose and use as you like.▶Check popular books / parishes / applications by ranking▶ PICK according to your age! Recommendations you can trust▶Unmissable specials and exclusive benefits all at onceNow through the Woongjin Bookstore appMeet a variety of children's products with special benefits.Woongjin Bookstore is the official website of Woongjin Thinkbig.This is an online commerce for infants and children containing Woongjin's educational know-how.▶ Information on service access rights[essential]- Device information and app history: Check app errors and improve usability[Select]- Photo/Camera: Use of photo review, 1:1 inquiry※ Optional access rights require permission when using the function, and services other than the function can be used even when not allowed.
Which can meet the Woongjin book club that connects the pre-reading and learning app for the customer.
[웅진 북클럽] 웅진리틀북클럽을 통해 북클럽의 핵심 서비스를 미리 만나볼 수 있습니다. 학교 성적부터, 독서 습관까지 웅진북클럽을 미리 만날 수 있는 리틀북클럽 1. 북클럽 투데이 재미있는 콘텐츠와 자연스럽게 책이 연결되는 콘텐츠 큐레이션 2. 생각라이브러리 1만 권의 책을 북클럽 하나로 책읽는 습관이 생기는 북 라이브러리 3. 한글깨치기 다양한 놀이학습과 직접 해보는 디지털 활동으로 구성된 재미있는 한글깨치기 4. 수학 스토리텔링형학습과 다양한 문제로 수학의 자신감을 키워주는 웅진북클럽 수학 5. 영어 4대 영역 종합 디지털학습으로 의사소통 능력을 키우는 웅진북클럽 영어 6. 독서감상문 책을 그대로 덮는 것이 아니라, 질문을 던지고 생각하고 표현할 수 있는 독서감상문 7. 쿠키쿠 프랜즈 아이들의 성장을 도와주는 북클럽 친구~ 쿠키쿠 프랜즈 8. AI학습코칭 엄마도 아이도 모르는 우리아이 학습습관을 바로 잡아주는 북클럽 AI학습코칭 9. 이벤트 리틀북클럽 사용자에게 매월 다양한 선물을 제공하는 이벤트웅진 북클럽은 웅진씽크빅만이 제공할 수 있는 교육서비스 입니다.1) 37년간 매일 1권의 책을 개발해온 국내 최고의 교육기업2) 전집, 단행본, 학습서비스 등 다양한 교육서비스를 모두 제공할 수 있는 독보적인 교육기업3) 170명의 개발자가 400일 동안 연구해서 1,000명의 고객이 체험하고 검증한 [웅진 북클럽]을 출시 할 수 있는 유일한 교육기업


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안녕하세요 ARpedia 입니다. 먼저 사용에 불편을 드려 죄송합니다. 현재 다운 받으신 ARpedia 앱은 바나나로켓과는 다른 서비스입니다. 바나나로켓 앱은 아래 링크를 통해 다운로드하여 고객님 기기에 직접 설치하실 수 있습니다. 보다 좋은 서비스로 보답하겠습니다. 감사합니다.


pretty fun and engaging! my kids, who almost despise textbooks, love playing with arpedia, and never stop talking about all kinds of stuffs from the books.
Hello, we are ARpedia. We will repay you with better services and contents in the future. Thank you for using it.