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World of Zombies Game DESCRIPTION

Welcome to World of Zombies: Survival, a thrilling adventure and exploration game that will test your survival skills in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies.

In this game, you take on the role of a survivor who must navigate through a desolate wasteland, scavenge for resources, and fend off hordes of undead creatures. Your mission is to explore the world, find other survivors, and collect valuable items that will help you stay alive.

As you journey through the ruins of civilization, you’ll encounter new challenges at every turn. You’ll have to carefully manage your resources, craft weapons and tools, and outsmart your enemies in order to stay alive.

This game brings about an innovative and satisfying exploratory feeling. You can go any direction you choose to, but prepare yourself for the challenges ahead.

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Welcome to World of Zombies: Survival, a thrilling adventure and exploration game that will test your survival skills in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies.In this game, you take on the role of a survivor who must navigate through a desolate wasteland, scavenge for resources, and fend off hordes of undead creatures. Your mission is to explore the world, find other survivors, and collect valuable items that will help you stay alive.As you journey through the ruins of civilization, you'll encounter new challenges at every turn. You'll have to carefully manage your resources, craft weapons and tools, and outsmart your enemies in order to stay alive. This game brings about an innovative and satisfying exploratory feeling. You can go any direction you choose to, but prepare yourself for the challenges ahead.Privacy policy:

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Game fixed an issue it had early on, really well. Unfortunately there now seems to be a problem where you cannot level your team up? Frustrating, it's a fun game until that point.


This game still has bugs stuck at level 11 because we have to collect 3 keys but you won't get it even though you complete all the missions on that level. It's a pretty good game but this bugs make it worst.


Lame when I first started the game it was decent now im on level 11 and need 3 keys snd there are none so I'm stuck and can't progress anywhere its the stupidest thing ever


Hopefully, this gets noticed!!! You've been updating this game, and every time you do so, something else goes wrong! I can't upgrade my fighters! It keeps saying to be found. I do, actually like this game. But you're not very good at fixing it, are you? There's not even an option's tab, where I would be able to tell you about the problems, hence bringing them here. Like I said. I hope you see this and fix the problem soon. You got 1 star because you're bad at fixing your game!


Great until stuck at a level needing three keys and there aren't any to be found. Cannot progress in the game. Also a bug where if the mission respawns while characters are already on the mission, the spot the first mission was in locks your characters up and won't let you send people on the new refreshed mission. Some big fixes and this gets 5 stars for me.


The game's been okay but it's glitching so bad. every time you try to move your character to game freezes and glitches


Great game so far, great potential but very much unfinished. Game is very much complete able, Edit, game still has potential, but the most recent update has made the map completely disappear, unplayable.


Don't bother. The game is glitchy, the screen keeps flickering, and the developer won't even answer your emails or fix the game. UPDATE: Since answering the survey questions about the game, my game is now totally unplayable. I click to continue, and I'm met with just the image of the water. Coincidence? Maybe, but I don't really know. The developer still hasn't bothered with the email sent to them.


Great game but glitch on level 6 can't complete it as need 3 pickaxe but nothing to collect Edit: 4 months later still not fixed was waiting but I'll just remove the game. Don't download unless you wanna have constant problems


Would be 5 star as I actually really enjoy the game, but I've just had soo many issues, to be fair tho after the patch they sorted most of the problems out, but now I can no longer find and upgrade my characters, so i have loads of gold but no way to upgrade them


Ruined... again?! I hit the stage 6 road block which the devs fixed... great. Now though, I can no longer "Continue" and my stage appears to have reset to stage 1. I click to play on but nothing happens. So again... unplayable.


Loving this game need to do some reward fixes and team fixes but other than that very good game would like a little more concept in the game and make either the getting around the map a little harder or make the battles a bit harder with making healing items easier to find or the ones we get more effictive and perhaps gear or skill sets for the characters until I made this review then I cannot access any players or items or progress


The game was pretty good, I reached level 10 and then waited for more content, as I thought the game was pretty fun. But a update came out which completely softlocked my game where I can't even load into a level due to a bug. Alot of reviews here said there was a bug for level 6, that was gone last I played. The game would be a 4/5, it just needs some work. But currently it's unplayable.


Quite a pleasant game to play. I don't understand how people can't pass region 6. Game is quite easy, I would say a bit too easy for zombie survival type. After finishing it I had a tone of resources left and didn't lose a single battle even with zombies 1-4lvls higher. I like the expropriation part of it, but fight mechanics is automatic unfortunately. Game is truly offline which is great.


I have a hunch on how people are being stuck on stage 6. When I played the game, I went through every area of the map. I made sure the entire map was unlocked before proceeding. However, unless it is because I have 100 percented every world, you seemingly cannot revisit prior stages. As for me, I completed all 10 stages, and I can't wait for new updates to be dropped.


Usually a game with no ads is brill. But when your guys are half dead, you have loads of elixir but no med packs, you're pretty stuck. Can't revive them but have nothing to heal them with and losing battles just reverts them back to the same health as before. Would be better if you could watch ads to boost health or something? Or wipe the health when they all lose so they can be revived?


Fun game! I actually enjoy it. However the graphics are so glitchy it's hard to play! If the devs could reach out so I can send a screen recording so it could possibly be fixed, I'd appreciate that!


This is a good game to play and I was enjoying it right up to area 6. Much like other reviews I have since read I am totally stuck and can't get to the helicopter on this stage. I have visited everything on the map gotten all the pickaxes I can but it's still not enough and I am left in a situation where I can't move on beyond this level. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times but this solves nothing. Am I missing something or is it poor game design?


Ngl, im really confused how everyone got stuck on stage 6 like I found all the pickaxes and have since completed the game in its current state. Overall really enjoyed it, all I'd say is that the final couple of stages do seem a bit sloppy and slight rushed as by the end my characters where dying in each battle I had with the zombies with all being 1 level under. All I'd say is some balancing is needed and some re designs in the later maps but Overall loved it.


Fun little game to pass the time and love the graphics! However as pointed out by various other reviews, the game in it's current state becomes unplayable at the end of area 6. The next area requires 3 pickaxes to unlock to complete area 6 and these pickaxes are nowhere to be found in game. Unfortunate as I was really enjoying the game, hopefully the developer addresses this issue. 1 star due to this issue , if this issue gets resolved would happily rate higher!