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Hey, Great Parents!

Xabiru is here as a solution for great parents to get easy consultation services about the problems of children with special needs through the Xabiru application. With the live chat feature, parents can consult with a large selection of experienced and competent experts in their respective fields.
The Xabiru application can be used anytime and anywhere, with internet access. There are various educational videos and articles verified by experts.

From now on, the convenience of consulting services for parents is great.
Don’t delay any longer, download the Xabiru application and consult now!

Happy Parenting!

SIMILAR to Xabiru App

The LE PETIT ROBERT application allows parents to be next to their child
L'application LE PETIT ROBERT mobile permet au parent d'être à côté de son enfant: suivre les activités pédagogiques, recevoir des conseils du cadre de l'école, être à jour pour les évènements culturels et sportifs. Contacter l'administration de l'école, recevoir les bulletins des notes,LE PETIT ROBERT Mobile c'est être informé là où vous êtesCher parent LE PETIT ROBERT télécharger LE PETIT ROBERT Mobile et entrer votre identifiant et mot de passe disponible par sms ou à l'administration de l'école.
Image-based infant and toddler institution information platform
'Jang Yeong-sil International Science and Culture Award, Grand Prize in Edutech'Wikipoki, a video-based infant institutional information platform!Wikipoki is a platform that provides institutional introduction videos and psychological testing solutions for parents and children.▸ Psychological test solution for children and parents!Check the child's development, temperament, aptitude, and parenting attitude that you've always been curious about.▸ Easy purchase and quick inspection in the Wikipoki Store!Through cumulative management of the child's psychological test result data, you can find out the development process and receive support for child-rearing methods suitable for the child.▸ Early childhood educational institution information at once!Use location information to find educational institutions around you and tour daycare centers and kindergartens with images.▸ Institution introduction video production is Wikipoki!Introduce the indoor and outdoor environment, curriculum, and special activities of the early childhood education center with vivid videos.Our family's happiness is with Wikipoki[With the Kids, For the Kids]* Inquiries or suggestions- Customer Center 1522-5552 (Mon-Fri 10:00~18:00)- Email Instagram @wikifoki
Over 6500 Kannada Baby Names To Choose From
Names are not just for birth days, they are for entire life. Choose your child’s name carefully. There are over 6500 Kannada Baby Names(Boys and Girls) to choose from. Names are provided with their meanings. Many says name of a child may play an important role in creation of the child’s personality. This app contains some modern as well as traditional Kannada Names.
Lala Stories, kids bedtime storytelling app designed to put little ones to sleep
Welcome to Lala Stories, the kids bedtime storytelling app designed to help parents and caregivers effortlessly put their little ones to sleep with soothing and engaging tales. Lala Stories aim to inspire all to daydream and to stimulate minds.Our app features a wide selection of classic and modern bedtime stories, all narrated by talented voice actors. With a simple and intuitive interface, it's easy for kids to browse and choose their favorite stories, or for parents to select a tale that fits their child's mood or interests.But Lala isn't just about bedtime storiesit's also a great tool for promoting literacy and language development. Our stories are written by professional writers and carefully edited to ensure they are age-appropriate and engaging 🚀. Plus, our narrator's clear and expressive readings make it easy for kids to follow along and learn new words and concepts.So whether you're looking for a bedtime routine that's calming and peaceful, or a fun and educational way to improve your child's listening skills 👂, Lala has you covered. Download the app today and discover a world of delightful..
Make a bottle automatically from your phone. Works only with WiFi model
Make a warm formula automatically from your phone with the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced WiFi. Using this FREE app, you can customize and save 5 bottles, choose from 3 temperature settings, dispense between 2-10 oz and get alerts when your bottle is ready. NOTE: this app ONLY WORKS with the Formula Pro Advanced WiFi model. Enjoy saving time making your baby’s bottles!
Set Screen Time, Manage Apps, Monitor & Control Kid's Device Use, Protect Eyes
planoApp is the best parental control app for managing your child's device use and screen time.It focuses on protecting your child’s eye health and reducing the risk factors associated with myopia (short-sightedness). planoApp is an all-in-one app compatible with Android and all other device types. So you just need one account to monitor all of your children’s devices! The eye health features and safety functions are now FREE to use!Key parental control featuresControl your child's device use and ensure safety online with these parental control features:• Block apps: Restrict your child's access to third-party apps anytime, anywhere. • Schedule no screen time: Set periods of no screen time for your child.Science-based alertsProtect your child's eyes and ensure good eye care behaviour using these science-based alerts:• Reminders to take eye breaks: The planoApp will prompt your child to take eye breaks every 30 min of continuous screen time to rest their eyes.• Detecting safe face-to-screen distance: The planoApp will remind your child to hold their device at least 30cm away from their eyes.• Detecting poor posture: The planoApp will remind your..
\ Information about the number of weeks of pregnancy and age is delivered every day / Solve problems such as poor physical condition during pregnancy and crying at night by Q & A! You can read manga and articles supervised by doctors completely free of charge!
[To pregnant women & moms and dads! Daily message] During pregnancy, messages "To today's mom," "Today's dad," and "Today's baby" are delivered daily to show the pregnant woman's body and baby. During postpartum childcare, we regularly deliver useful information for baby growth and moms and dads. By delivering information according to the number of weeks of pregnancy and the growth of the baby, we will firmly support moms and dads who are pregnant and raising children.* Information distribution during childcare is currently available until the 2nd birthday. [Baby illustrations and lines] You can see the number of weeks and months of pregnancy at a glance! Illustration of a cute baby who grows up little by little in his stomach every day. Check out the baby illustrations that change every week! From about 1500 kinds of lines, babies can chat happily every day. [Supervised by a doctor! Q & A solves mom and dad's worries] Unlimited viewing of Q & A according to the number of weeks of pregnancy and the age of the child. Answer questions about pregnancy, childbirth, and..
Information based on scientific evidence on breastfeeding.
Información basada en evidencia científica sobre lactancia materna y temas relacionadosEn esta aplicación totalmente gratuita y de fácil acceso donde se abordan temas específicos con la finalidad de resolver dudas acerca de la lactancia materna y promoverla como el mejor alimento en el inicio de la vida.También se busca empoderar a la mujer en esta etapa de la vida ofreciendo información actualizada y avalada para que confíe en su cuerpo y la capacidad que tiene para alimentar a su(s) hijo(s), así como también se busca enfatizar en el vínculo que se crea entre la madre y el bebé así como sus muchos beneficios para ambosTe invito a que descargues esta App y disfrutes de los temas que te ofrecemos mientras aprendes sobre la lactancia materna y disfrutas tu maternidad.
Baby milestones, growth activities and expert advice, all-in-one parenting app.
Looking for an app to manage your baby’s growth milestones and development while having fun and screen-free activities to do together? Look no further! 🧑🍼BabyVerse is a comprehensive app for parents to manage the needs of newborns, infants and toddlers.For the first two years of your baby's life, you get daily growth activities curated by doctors, a scientific way to check-in on your baby’s monthly growth milestones, an AI symptom checker bot,, an on-demand consultation with paediatricians, and over 2000 articles written by experts that ensure you have everything you need to give your baby the best possible start in life. 🌟Join a community of thousands of Moms and Dads across the world that use this daily parenting app. 🌍What's in it for you? 💪Do Daily Growth Activities 🤸♂️Get 3 curated daily growth activities. As your baby's first teacher, you play a crucial role in their early development. Our team of experts has carefully crafted activities that are not only fun but also help your child develop their cognitive, motor, language and social skills. From simple games like peek-a-boo to..
Baby Page, pregnancy book & infant book w/ newborn photography & baby milestones
Write a baby book journal with precious moments of your newborn infant with Baby Diaries — the journaling app for creating a vibrant infant book, pregnancy journal, & captivating baby book of your baby's milestones.🌟This all-in-one baby app lets you write journals about your baby's developmental milestones, make a pregnancy book, & immortalize precious moments of your baby’s development.👶📔With this easy-to-use parenting app, you can track your baby's development stages, customize your pregnancy journal with different layouts, fonts, & styles, & even write journals as a blog with a custom URL to share or keep the baby book private. Order a beautifully printed infant book with just one click when your infant book is done. 📚✨👶 Track Your Baby's Development 👶From newborn infant CDC milestones & throughout your child's development, keep a record of every precious moment & developmental milestones for your baby's growth chart. 📈📅📸 Precious Moments of Your Newborn Infant📸Write journals starting with a pregnancy book filled with pregnancy photos up until birth. Transform your pregnancy journal into a baby book with newborn photography & keepsakes.🎂 Baby's First..
Online Consultation Application for parents with children with special needs.
Hey, Great Parents!Xabiru is here as a solution for great parents to get easy consultation services about the problems of children with special needs through the Xabiru application. With the live chat feature, parents can consult with a large selection of experienced and competent experts in their respective fields.The Xabiru application can be used anytime and anywhere, with internet access. There are various educational videos and articles verified by experts.From now on, the convenience of consulting services for parents is great.Don't delay any longer, download the Xabiru application and consult now!Happy Parenting!


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