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Craft Parkour Game SCREENSHOT

【图】Craft Parkour: 3D Blocky Race(截图 0)【图】Craft Parkour: 3D Blocky Race(截图 1)【图】Craft Parkour: 3D Blocky Race(截图 2)

Craft Parkour Game DESCRIPTION

If you are a fan of craft parkour, this endless fun journey is just for you. You will immerse yourself in a pixel world full of amazing landscapes and enraging dangers, and explore the ultimate prize just for the best parkour player.

Dash from block to block, jump over obstacles, try to survive and master your landing tricks to win all levels. Your parkour skills and reflexes will be tested through endless epic runs and jumps. Climbing up the ranks and breaking the world record as you explore all new pixel maps, collect gold coins, and hunt all the hidden treasures.

🤸♀️ Simple yet addictive stimulation:
– Use buttons/joysticks to move, run and jump over blocky platforms and obstacles
– 2 viewpoints available: 1st person and 3rd person, drag on the screen to find the best angle and explore the landscapes

🤸♀️ Game features:
– Over 50 levels with varying difficulty to conquer
– Discover new 3D scenarios and landscapes with each level
– Various skins to upgrade
– Leaderboard to record your level time play and to track your rank among other players
– Awesome 3D pixel graphics and animation

Are you the best parkour athlete of all time? Download Craft Parkour now and find out!


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The thing I hate about this game is because the blocks are slippery and plus level 28 annoyed me so much that I have to repeat every thing again and again PLS FIX THIS GAME ALSO DON'T MAKE THE CHECK POINT TO FAR


At first, it was all fine. Sure, they copied stuff from Minecraft, but that's just a small problem. The real problem started when I reached level 5. The zombies don't hurt you. The biggest problem was that when you got on any of the parkour blocks, you would slip off of them, making it impossible to do any parkour. And if you don't finish the parkour, you can't go to the next level, meaning you can't continue playing the game. So it's impossible to continue playing this game.


Way too many ads; 6+ ads at a time mid-level is just awful.


I really appreciate the minecraft feeling to it,it is the best parkour game i have played yet, there are lots of adds but u can turn off your internet and play it. And + there are no gliches in the game and it is free,i don't know why people are hating the game.


Very bad game. Pov is very small and annoying. I've gotten stuck on one level because it is literally impossible to complete


Hi i like this game so much but...a start is missing cz of the problems to win! Sometimes it is gravity on any level when ahead there is single block n i jump I slip off and fell down again n again and at the level 20 it is the hard thing ever so i skipped it may I could wish that the game will be little easy and fun... So please can you fix this all!? Thanks for reading...


i hate level 19! the parkour is so hard! please fix it its to hard! i just try i am made it only 1 times! please fix it! after get fixed i will give 5 star!


I personally do not understand why this app has so much hate after reading the reviews and downloading it! This game has very good graphics and has little to no lag. It has the exact same movement buttons as the famous game, Minecraft and has its famous character, Steve. The only thing is the ads which are very bad quality in my opinion on my phone and they can get quite annoying sometimes. This game is uninstalled now but I do recommend if you just want to practice some of your parkour skills!


the game is really fun but i give it two stars because there are bugs like, 1. i just walk forward and backwards by myself, 2. there is a block that is very high at level 19, so i can't play it anymore so bad


The game is fun!,but I'll give it one star because there's to many adds like when i play just one level there will be 1-4 adds that will pop up.and why's all the skins are for boys? If u yall can make skins that are for girls and make the adds less, then maybe I will rate it higher and the other ppl who are playing this game!.


I really like this game because I love doing parkour when I go outside and I also love getting cool skins and going level after level after level🏃🏃. But the one thing that I obviously hate is the ads😐😐😐😑😑


Just a game to bait ad revenue out of little kids who like minecraft. It doesn't even look as graphically nice as minecraft, and this game takes place in the sky with nothing but a few blocks. You're better off playing a user made parkour map in the real thing.


The game is good and the graffic is just fine but sometimes the game freeze when i play it. Also i get bored after playing this game for less than a minute. Maybe you should put more ineteresting things such like better graffic, a chilling background music and make it like an action or story game. That would be good.


If I could, I'd give NO stars to the game. The controls are really hard to get used to, and jumping from block to block is the most difficult part. I gave up on level 19. It was super hard to pass! It got me both irritated and confused as to why I couldn't jump on the block atop of me!


Good game! Very nice graphics! Feels like mojang really made it. Nice controls. No bugs! Too much ads tho, lessening it would really be nice. Good levels. Not so hard. Not so easy. Great app. Really recommend this app for ages 7-13!


It is fun to play but you can't hit the jump button as it's too small, of you change to joystick the movement lags so you jump way too early and have to respawn, if there was an option to make the jump button bigger I would rate it higher


Bro I saw a ad of stolen audio from a kid not raging at this bad game so if someone had this game and they lost. the person will delete the game that's about it. I don't have the game anymore and I'm glad I don't. it was taking a lot of storage but in all seriousness this game is definitely okay. There's to much lag kinda fun but very not cool you stole audio from a kid raging from minecraft parkour that take something good away so that kinda sucks


I hate this. 😒 They're just trying to copy most of Minecraft. This is nothing like the ad I got. The ad was IN Minecraft and I thought, why not get this? Now I totally regret that decision. 🙃 🙃 🙃 🙃


nothing like the ads, it's just false advertising, but not the worst thing in the world, I can definitely see this being fun though I dislike when apps make you watch ads to claim things, at least the ads aren't in the middle of the game.


Cool concept, but very cloney. Apart from the textures obviously being taken from Minecraft, this can be done in Minecraft with easy modding and a single texture pack. The game also looses some stars for ads. While not as many as other games, it is a bit annoying having an ad every 2 rounds. I can see some light in improving this however.