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Grow your own crops in Nori Farm, a metaverse connecting farms around the world.
You can feel the joy of growing crops through farming day by day.

▶︎Metaverse smart farm connected to real farm🍑.
-You can watch your own crops grow in real time through videos.
-Receive free crops from the farm of your choice

▶︎ Grow your own pet crop🌱
-Interact with your cute pet crops.
-Talk to your AI crops when you want to share a story.
-Water, fertilize, weed and take good care of them and they will grow!

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Metaverse farm connected to real farm
Grow your own crops in Nori Farm, a metaverse connecting farms around the world.You can feel the joy of growing crops through farming day by day.▶︎Metaverse smart farm connected to real farm🍑.-You can watch your own crops grow in real time through videos.-Receive free crops from the farm of your choice▶︎ Grow your own pet crop🌱-Interact with your cute pet crops.-Talk to your AI crops when you want to share a story.-Water, fertilize, weed and take good care of them and they will grow!

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