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Yalla Ludo HD, an app with voice chat. It enables players to enjoy smooth game experience and fancy game graphics.

Real-time voice chat
Talk with players via voice chat at any time, meet new friends and enjoy the game!

Great game experience
High-quality visuals and delicate UI design. Besides, you may have a better experience on the Pad.

Play with friends easily
Local rooms enable you to play with buddies offline. Come and have fun in games together!

We will continue to give our best shot to provide you with more fun games which will enrich your daily life.

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Ultimate Ludo & Domino experience
Yalla Ludo HD, an app with voice chat. It enables players to enjoy smooth game experience and fancy game graphics.Real-time voice chatTalk with players via voice chat at any time, meet new friends and enjoy the game!Great game experienceHigh-quality visuals and delicate UI design. Besides, you may have a better experience on the Pad.Play with friends easilyLocal rooms enable you to play with buddies offline. Come and have fun in games together!We will continue to give our best shot to provide you with more fun games which will enrich your daily life.

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There is a bias in the game. The player comes with more than 6 in a row, and this is unreasonable, and it is a loss for me, so it is a loss for which one star is also given.


Very dirty game, and bad experience, the programmer has mental issues. Uninstalling.


This game is making me angry cause I get always one but my enemy get six always when I get six I always died I kinda dunno why..


The worst game known to mankind Dirty algorithm Insignificant play Unbiased automated play Failed Failed very far


This is very best of game of my favourite.but plz improve it more like ,yalla ludo, bring activities and more options.and bring new dices.plz I will wait for new update hope you will improve this game.


Lodo is very dirty. The person sitting at the computer is not well because the person gives the same number to the other who gets knocked forward. This person gives the other a lot of chances to win the games That's why I called this ludo game dirty ludo I urge everyone, this game is a very dirty game Because the guy who is playing this game sitting on the online computer is a very mean guy یہ بہت گندی گیم ہے
Hi, thanks for your feedback. Would you mind sending us more details about your problem so that we can confirm it and help you. Hope you have fun in YallaLudo. Thank you!


Perfect Ludo game and Domino it's awesome also I like it


If possible i will give rating in minus ....This is the worst game i ever same the day you can win 1 million coins and on the same you can lose all coins ...if you start losing you will lose continuesly...and i tried to delete the account it getting failed again and again ...and customer help team also not replying after some time....i get just so so frustrated...but even now they are not deleting my account ....this is totally waste of time and also you feel exhausted after some time


Very Poor Game .. Very bad experience . If u loose a game , next game can b win . And sometimes there is loose sequence . You can't win . Also even if you play all the day , at last your coins could b same ... And also if you win some games and your coins increases little bit much . , then keep in mind from now on , you will loose too much games . Its just a trap to keep you in . Otherwise nothing will be achieved except wast of too much time . I had uninstall the game Really tired


The people in charge of when something happens is very bad 👎 I have purchased 3 times and all 3 times it never credited me the diamonds 💎 and it's been now 1 month trying to chase my loss and they asked me to buy again maybe it should work 4th time, this app is unbelievable disappointing 😞 I would not recommend to my worst to download this app
Hi, we are really sorry for your unsuccessful recharge. Please send us the Invoice from google/app store(in your email) and game ID to [email protected]. We will review your submissions at(GMT +3) 4 am-13 pm from Monday to Friday. If it is confirmed, we will return the game currency immediately. Hope you have fun in Yalla Ludo.


I downloaded the app and now I can't open it's keep saying connection. I put new Internet today still not working.
Hi, you could consider changing to other networks and using ѴРИ to stabilize the network. If It still doesn‘t work, it may prove that the problem is from a local network problem. Please contact your network operator.


It's awesome game. Very enjoyable and easy to go. One suggestion is that pls mention number of kills with winning percentage.


Many time i try delete my acount permanatly delete.. many time i folow your option delete acount but You are Very shamefull people cheater fraud totly fraud you not delete my acount very shamefull . Very very bad application this game is totally fraud the owner always trying to lose your coins beacuse he want online purchase from you 0 star for you. This app having problems always in crucial time of thr game that's why this app is useless.


It's a good game. I played this game many times . In past 2 days i did not get the game to play. I see only reconnecting . Kindly check my review and give a solution.
Hi there, please contact Feedback in the game. We will solve your problem there


Very bad experience. It's fully controlled and manipulate. If you purchase Queens or Dimond then you win continuously for some time. This not for entertainment only for took money.
Dear user, we know our player cares much about Fair Play. There are no current forms of cheating or manipulation in Yalla Ludo. We're also constantly monitoring the game to make sure it's a safe and fair environment for everyone.If you believe someone could be hacking or cheating, feel free to contact our Feedback team to discuss the matter.


Game is good . but coins distribution among winners and server is not recommendable . and now it seems like a messenger more than a game.


If I get 1 or 2 sixes in one turn and get another 2 or 1 six after catching opponant's token or reach at home then the number of total sixes are three, so I will miss one turn. But this rule has no sence. Because I am getting those extra sixes as reward. If I get 3 sixes consicutively then only I can miss my turn. Please change this rule. Another thing is, please give more options to get more diamonds. You can provide videoes for watching to get more diamonds.


It's not connecting with internet only the option connecting is on screen and still not connect since one week what a poor privacy or something why this problem is on my phone more options are only one is connecting..Hell


Totally unfair when computer play instead. when weak connections, should wait or close the game not play instead. lose many games by this way so hate it


The worst game i have ever played. No proper arrangement of numbers. When there is need to kill, numbers do not come to kill.