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Auto village clicker idle game Game DESCRIPTION

Welcome to our medieval village simulator! In this kind of idle games, you’ll play the role of a lord, managing your own town and building it up from scratch. Click on resources like food, wood, water, and gold to collect them, and use them to upgrade the buildings and increase auto clicking power. Take the best strategy and develop your medieval city faster.

Upgrade tools to make collecting resources even easier. Improve pickaxes to collect more gold from the mine, or your axes to chop down trees faster. With new tools and strategy, you’ll be able to collect resources more efficiently and build the city even faster in this game.

— Collect 4 type of resources: food, wood, water, and gold to build and improve the constructions and increase village clicker power.
— Construct a mine, earn gold and be the real idler miner!
— Automate material collection and keep your medieval village game running smoothly with idle clicker.
— Upgrade buildings to unlock new abilities, like faster materials generation or more powerful miner clicks.
— Unlock new buildings, like sawmill, mine, and city market to keep your town and auto clicker growing.
— Choose building strategy in this simulator wisely, as each upgrade will affect town and auto clicker in different ways.
— Get market and boost economy by trading supplies in all your games.
— Beautiful medieval games inspired graphics and engaging idle village simulator.

So come join this small idle town simulator game, choose your strategy and raise medieval empire today!


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Can't see the resources at the top of the screen.


Hard to understand. You don't have any kind of introduction story or tutorial. Icons are pretty small to tap making it rather difficult


Very awesome game. Hope you going to expand on the game.


Much better but it needs more to do


Need google play achievements. Playing until town hall lv 5 and still try to maximize other building before go forward. A little bored because no new building and I already lost my data several times. Need manual save or description when the last time game saved in server. The upgrades statistic still not working, always 0. The game has major bug, we could claimed gems infinitely in the 25 chests task.
Hey Andy! Thank you for your comment! We had a problem with the save system, but now it should work (version 1.2.3), usually the game is saved on exit and on pause. Also we will add autosave every 1 minute in the next version. Thanks, we'll check the chests task again!


Game says it can't connect to Google play servers.
Hi, we have already fixed this bug. Thank you for your comment. Please update the game and contact us if the error occurs!


Dev is awesome
Hi, we have already fixed this bug. Thank you for your comment. Please update the game and contact us if the error occurs! The actual game version is 1.2.3, as I see you have a 1.2.2 game version, could you please update the game and check if the error occurs?


update fixed connection issue
Hi, we have already fixed this bug. Thank you for your comment. Please update the game and contact us if the error occurs!


Won't connect to Google, then shuts off
Hello! Thanks for your feedback! Could you check if Google Play Services is enabled on your phone? If not, enable it and try again. You can also contact us by email


When i login the first time, my google account seems working fine and connect, i too connect to wifi and it's not lagging but why always i failed to login
Hello, we apologize that you are experiencing connection issues with the game. Please try reinstalling the game and restarting your device. If that doesn't work, please contact us at with your device information and any relevant screenshots so that our support team may assist you. Thank you.


nothing is working no building in the build menu no upgrades no tutorial I tried to click everything but... nothing is there ... I know it's a work in progress but for the first release it should at least work right...


Can't even open. As soon as it loads it says it can't get info from Google and closes


Doesn't even work
Could you kindly tell us more about the problem you are facing at We are looking to improve the game. Thanks.


I mean, it's okay. There's not much to say, you have a few buildings and you make a flew upgrades. That's it. Nothing seems to change, you're not seeing this town change and grow, there's no mini games or things to make you feel like you're interacting with... Just 4 resource buildings to tap on.


No tutorial, just flung straight into the deep end with no clue how to even begin.


There's not a tutorial which can be fine but the way the game is set up I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. I don't want to have to fumble around to know what the point of the game is


Really bad game so annoying nothing is fun


A good game, but it didn't save progress and had to start from beginning when opening the game. Would recommend an autosave of some sort, or an improvement of the autosave system.


it's not a bad game but in the beginning you are handed a small resources which isnt a problem but when you start doing quest you get a lot and you end up buying expensive things for other quest just to end up poor and waiting for 10k water from a well that only produces 1 water a second. And it would be a five star but on top of the things I said before there is no tutorial and it isnt really needed but it would be cool for it to just explain how some building affect others.


Sorry to inform you but your game is boring as hell. I knew what to do but it should have a tutorial for others, i may not enjoy it but others may. It would have been cool if you could build an army. Protect your crops and village. Something with more pazaz.