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FarmVille 2: Country Escape Game DESCRIPTION

Escape to the countryside where your farm awaits! Clear land to grow crops and trees, then use the harvest to make goods to sell. Nurture adorable animals on your farm; feed them to produce milk, eggs, cheese and so much more! Use workshops like Dairy, Pastry Ovens, Stovetops, Dinner Ovens to make classic recipes that you can sell on orderboards and marketplaces & earn coins and experience points to level up.
Gather these crafts and a few rare ingredients to make classic recipes and sturdy crafts at quaint workshops like Craft Workstations, Loom, Winery, Beachfront grill, Doll Making tables and more. Use these crafts to navigate your way through different kinds of events on the farm.
Explore the glade, pond, mine, & other secret places hidden in the underbrush to gather rare ingredients. Your Farmhand friends will help you gather these secret ingredients which you can use to trade on marketplaces or for crafting interesting recipes.
Join or form a farm Co-Op, and help, trade, compete, or just chat with friends. Level up your farming experience by exchanging tips and tricks with fellow Co-Op members & neighbors.
Customize your farm and make it your own! Decorate your farm with flowers, birdhouses, antique fountains, swings & more! Enhance your farm with scarecrows to cater to the needs of your crops. Differentiate your farm from your neighbors’ by putting up fences & stone paths & make your farm beautiful! The opportunities are endless to build your dream farm!
Other Country Escape adventures involve:
● Rescuing exotic creatures at the Animal Park
● Pairing wine and cheese at the Tasting Table
● Racing with fellow farmers at the Boat Club
● Visiting the County Fair with your best bakes
● Uncovering a new ecosystem of aquatic animals and crops
● Mastering your farm’s finest goods to earn worldwide prestige
● Collecting daily prizes at the Prospector’s Corner and Prize Wheel
● And so much more!
Features of Country Escape:
Build your dream Farm:
● Plant new crops, water them & harvest them to grow your farm
● Utilize workshops like Windmill, Pastry Oven, Dairy, Stovetop to enhance your farm
● Use crops & workshops to make items like Country Biscuits, Cheese, Yogurt and so much more!
Nurture Farm Animals:
● What is a farm without animals!
● Cows, Chickens, Goats, Horses & more animals are ready to join your farm
● Special pets like Rescue Tabby waiting to join you & help you gather exotic ingredients to cook up interesting items on the farm
Go on Farm Adventures:
● Pappy’s Pond: Use your Farmhands at Pappy’s Pond to find Trout, Bass, & Mint!
● Sophia’s Tasting Table: Sophia will buy fine wine, cheeses, & other high-end goods from your farm
● Merryweather Mine: Excavate the mine and get exotic minerals like quartz, copper & tin!
Farm and Play with Friends:
● Join coops & invite friends to play together
● Help others by trading items from your barn
● Compete with friends and neighbors in friendly races to win rewards
It’s country life at its most charming. Welcome home to FarmVille!
Additional information:
• The game is FREE to download & includes optional in-game purchases (including random items). Information about drop rates for random item purchases can be found in-game. If you wish to disable in-game purchases, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet’s Settings.
• Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at
• For information about how Zynga uses personal data, please read our privacy policy at

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FarmVille 2: Country Escape Game DOWNLOAD

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I have not played in about a year and decided to go back and start playing and it freezes up at loading and I have everything up-to-date and a brand new phone. So I how to start over but I have no way to save the game because when I try to log in with my Facebook it freezes at loading. I have tried numerous times to login with Facebook and it freezes


You've got players in the coops that treat this game like a business they're running and are taking the fun out of your game. I uninstalled it for that very reason. I felt obligated to do the boat races (what's this obsession?!) The lighthouse, etc. I don't like feeling obligated to trade and play these events like it's a business they're running. I am DONE. You've got a great game. Too bad you got players that force you to do things in the game so they can level up at their expense.


It's very frustrating when one of my game features hasn't worked well in almost two months, and all Zynga support tells me is to check to see if my game is updated, which it is, or they're "working on it. I can't earn some of the rewards that would enable me to make more progress without that feature working. Update. Due to ongoing problems, even after taking a several week break, I have decided to uninstall this game. The problems I was having were never fixed.
Hi Tammy, We are sorry to hear what you experienced. Please be assured that we will review the situation and take all necessary measures to enhance our processes so that we can better serve your needs and ensure your complete satisfaction. Thank you for playing the game.


downloaded this game & thought it was going to be great. BIG MISTAKE! I had nothing but problems. The game promoted getting 5 keys if you connected to FB. Tried several times to connect, guess what? The game kept RESTARTING FROM THE BEGINNING! So peeved I tried the next best thing... Connecting to Google. That actually ALMOST worked, I made it to logging in as a guest. Then lost ALL OF MY KEYS & THE PURCHASES I HAD MADE. fed up with this game & the lame advice zynga has "tried" to give me.
Hi Lisa, I have taken note of your remarks here and I assure you that you are being heard. Although we are unable to make changes immediately, your concern will never go unnoticed. Feel free to contact us if you need game assistance through this link: Thanks for your understanding and patience.


Decent game but y'all should add the option to log into your account before forcing people to go through the tutorial. I accidentally lost the game and when i reinstalled it, it forced a tutorial playthrough - which honestly almost made me uninstall it. But its a really nice, pleasing game itself


I like this game so far. I'm on lvl 10, but for whatever reason it keeps freezing at the lil market. The yellow arrow first appears above it when I open the game, then it suddenly appears next to the market only pointing at the ground. Then it completely freezes and there's nothing else I can do.. I tried restarting my phone, cleared so much space on my Android phone and it still won't work. What is happening? Is it updating? I really want to keep playing.. :(
Hi. Sorry about your game freezing issue. Please try performing the workarounds found here: Otherwise, please contact our Player Support Team for immediate assistance. Make sure to provide your Zynga ID: Thank you for your patience.


In May 2021, while playing Farmville 2 with my Facebook signed on it, my level was around 50-60. One day, my level suddenly jumped to 998, which I believe is a bug. The game started freezing, so I stopped playing. Two years later, I returned and signed in, but the game still freezes at level 998. I want to restore my original progress to continue growing my farm. Any solutions?


Treasure Trench. Ugh. Ive played 4 times. Two different times I had to purchase keys to keep playing. Fine, I like the prizes and don't mind spending on a good game. Except, both times I purchased key packages I was kicked out of the game! I've lost NUMEROUS prizes and OVER 900 keys. Dissatisfied and disappointed. I play to relax not get agitated.
Hi Malerie. Sorry to hear you feel this way. We will continue to make improvements to the game that will hopefully make it more enjoyable for you to play. Thank you for your honest review and hope you have a nice day.


I've been thoroughly enjoying the game, although I think I may have found a bug: the upgraded order board is a bit broken. Sometimes I tap on the upgrade button and nothing happens. The order board and my selling progress on the side resets on every log-in instead of every few days. The items that are for sale once everything resets are a bit ridiculous, like asking for 11 baked trout in a single order. I have no idea what is going on. Other than that, I love the game.
Hi Marli. We are sorry you are having issues with the Order Board. To help us get to the bottom of this, please allow us to assist you by reaching out to our Support team: Please make sure to provide your Zynga ID: Thank you.


I used to play this game all the time but stopped because of how addicting it is and priorities. I started it over again yesterday and am getting very frustrated with the expansions, as they're consistently wanting me to use keys, even though I have enough coins and that's what I prefer to use. I enjoy games like this, but not at the expense of it making me more frustrated because it's not letting me do what I prefer to do when it's possible
Hi Cassandra. We understand your frustration with the game's focus on using keys for expansions instead of coins. Your feedback is valuable in helping us enhance the gaming experience. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


This game sucks. It is so boring, yet addicting & there are way too many events. All you do is just harvest stuff and use it to make stuff to sell for money so you can buy more crops and stuff. There are too many events going on at one time. Other than occaisonally buying a new animal or land expansion after getting lots of in-game money, it's boring. At least the quests have interesting storylines sometimes. But sometimes they have crazy request like "make 8 honey butter" which takes so long.
Hi Gracie. Sorry to hear you feel this way. We will continue to make improvements to the game that will hopefully make it more enjoyable for you to play. Thank you for your honest review and hope you have a nice day.


Game experiences a lot of glitches. The fair doesn't always work, you don't always get rewards. With the new update the boat races won't load again and seems to be a concurring issue. Takes too long to cook items even if you have upgraded to the highest level on your equipment. Items take to long to be forged. Getting land takes too long get once you reach higher levels. Marie's board becomes insanely ridiculous with the amount of items. Game should be challenging but not ridiculous.


Farmville 2 🚜👩🌾👨🌾🐄🐖🌽 Country Escapes is a fun relaxing way to spend your free time. In this game you will roleplay , build, collect, breed and what's best is the updated features. I love the cute style and non stressful, no timer, no ads, the perfect blend of simplicity and ease. So far I have collected a cow, built a garden, and planned a tree, I think after viewing the game that I will be able to unlock more of the map once I progress through levels.
Hi, we are always pleased to receive feedback from our players. No worries as we'll do our best to improve the game by all means and make it more enjoyable for all! Should anything else come to your attention, always remember that we're just a tap away! You may contact us through: Thanks for playing!


I've been playing this for a year and the game is great. However, the recent update make my account disappear. All my hard work in a year just vanished. And my level reset to 1 even. I try to reaccess my account using online but all the same. This game is great but I hope the developers can fix this problem. Also, I hope I can get back my account.
Hi Al-rajie. We truly understand your frustration with losing your account after the recent update. Losing a year's worth of progress is disheartening. You may find this article helpful: Otherwise, contact our Player Support: and provide your Player ID.


Its a ok game to kill time. However It's repetitive, the wait time for the quest and limited items is ridiculous. It take days just to unlock the land and the prices for equipment are outrages. Even during events, if you're new you won't have access to the requested items. Market stuff is not available an limited list and the storage is a joke and to find the lock to expand it is even harder. Collecting items dont always registered. After playing the game for almost a week, i lost interest.
Hi, I have taken note of your remarks here and I assure you that you are being heard. Although we are unable to make changes immediately, your concern will never go unnoticed. Feel free to contact us if you need game assistance through this link: Thanks for your understanding and patience.


Bad version sandwiched in between versions 1 and 3. This game is very annoying and slow moving. Nothing accumulates fast in terms of levels and the worst of all is the store. I have watched the timer reset to a brand new 5 minutes, yet 50% of the items have been bought. Impossible in terms of how time works. No one could scroll a list and choose within 1 seconds time. Skip this one. Im payed to play it otherwise i would have laughed this one off.
Hi Vinnie, I have taken note of your remarks here and I assure you that you are being heard. Although we are unable to make changes immediately, your concern will never go unnoticed. Feel free to contact us if you need game assistance through this link: Thanks for your understanding and patience.


i love this game though for me there is a few downsides. 1... why is it so expensive to buy new crops for example...A lemon tree 125,000 coins. You need patience. But i can still deal with that. But 2.... keys are almost impossible to get. And if you want to buy extra crops like wheat etc you need keys. To get extra slots in workshops you need keys. It is slowing the game down. Make keys more available pls.In S.A its to expensive to buy it


ALWAYS PROBLEMS WITH THIS GAME! 😡 Even when I'm connected to the Internet, half of the stuff in this game won't load and work properly. I uninstalled this game a long time ago because of problems I was having and admins never fixed it. I thought I'd try again to see if after all that time it had gotten any better. NOPE! I give up! Interesting that my other games work properly! All except this one!
Hi Rebecca, sorry to hear about your issue with the game. Please contact our game play team for further assistance through this link and we'll be more than happy to help: Thanks for your time and patience.


There are certain objects (needed for the animal park) that i cannot throw away when I have too many of them. It is very annoyibg, it takes up way too much storage and makes playing pretty annoying. Please fix that


Updates messed up certain aspects of game again. Leaderboard event, Eagle Eye Eddie, etc, closes everytime u sell one item, and zoom aspect has been messed for last couple updates. You have to pause at cookers before loading wait for all pop-ups to stop, ie, county fair points, before reloading or it stays zoomed in and have to manually zoom out every time now.
Hi Fiona, sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact our Player Support team at so we can take a look at your account and the issues you mentioned. Please make sure to provide your Player ID: when contacting us. Thanks for your time and patience.