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3D Driving Class Game DESCRIPTION

The South Korean driver’s license test will be changed from December 22, 2021.

This is a simulation app that you can practice through games.

You can practice the intestinal functional test and road test.

The changed contents of the deduction points and the deduction items were actually applied to the game.

We will keep updating and making it a better app.

Link to the YouTube channel operated by the 3D driving claoom creator.

Music from Arc North with the track Oceanside

Contact: [email protected]
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This is Season 2 of the 2024 Korean Driver's License Test practice game
This is Season 2 of the 2024 Korean Driver's License Test practice gameIt is a simulation app that allows you to practice through games.We will continue to update and make it a better app.This is a link to the YouTube channel operated by the creator of 3D Driving Class. BGM music from Arc North with the track OceansideContact: [email protected] Policy:
2023 South Korean Driver's License Test Exercise Game
The South Korean driver's license test will be changed from December 22, 2021.This is a simulation app that you can practice through games.You can practice the intestinal functional test and road test.The changed contents of the deduction points and the deduction items were actually applied to the game.We will keep updating and making it a better app.Link to the YouTube channel operated by the 3D driving claoom creator. Music from Arc North with the track OceansideContact: [email protected] Policy:

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Thais game is nice and all but it doesn't load I have a very good internet but still it doesn't load . when I am like 30-50 centimetres to the modem then only it loads completely useless game if it does not load . So please fix this because I have an I phone 15 so this is not supposed happen at this point of device It loads some times so while I play the game it is a bit graphicy so please make it more realistic and add some more bumps though if there was an I will give 2.5 stars


I love the game it's the best driving simulator they should have made it as a online game to play with many other people. 5 stars is the best rating for this game


The game at first was nice and was so realistic but when I opened it today every time I go in the game gets me out so please fix this issue because I want to play the game


On my Samsung A10e When you load into the map. It crashes. Every rime it doesn't work. Please work on this.


Please add new off-road maps and new suv's so we can off-road without friends in multiplayer and please add fuel man to fill up fuel in multiplayer running out of fuel in multiplayer is very annoying at all please add all these


Best game ever...yet it is a really great car game.The only problem is that some cars aren't unlocking and please add more gifts to find and the weather to change.Also make it change day to night


I love this game, it has beasts, it has the aventador, lykan hypersport, and etc. But the one thing I don't like is when I go into race track map and when I go out of the race track to go to the city there's a random square hole in the road that makes me fall.


Best game ever. Perfect to play when bored and really cool game and nice cars,maps and crash physics.


Hi, I have a Update idea so it's when you crash your car emergency will come to fix it Like police totrack etc pls add this.


This game is the best game I have ever played in my life I'd rather give it a four stars because 1. It doesn't rain in this game so it would be nice if you make it rain in this amaaaaizing game 2. The people in this game are too little in population an d I'm asking if you could make the driving cars have a driver to drive the cars and finally I would like it if you put day for at least 20minutes and night to also be 20 minutes so that the lights should be in use and add more cars like BMW,DODGE


This one is a very worst game because when I was installed this game before an year it was very nice and this is my favourite game and I un installed it and after a year now only I installed but when I am going inside the app it automatically comes out and now they launched 3d driving class 2 that is also like this only so I am telling you that this is a worst game


This game has a lot of potential, but there's only one small problem with it. Whenever I'm driving around sometimes I don't like the steering wheel functions. So is it okay if you add buttons?


Hello so the game is fun but basically I am having some bug issues and I need you to update the app because every time when I select a car and go to free driving but suddenly there was a bug and it just decided to lag easily and I just decided to clear cache and make sure can you please work hard to to make sure this bug never happens again? Every time when I select a car the car glitches to the void I would rate the game 5 stars but some bug issues are annoying


This is the best game ever I've been using your mustang it's so New and that car is amazing because it has firearms I've been using that and now its worse I want to have the fly mode for the character and have back the firearm back to the Ford GT3 if that's the name


Overall. this is a good game. But I'm giving it four stars and here are my reasons. 1. Seriously, what happened to the logos on the cars? I just miss them. I really liked that. Because It just feels more real. But that's only my opinion. 2. Why were the Ferrari cars removed? it doesn't make sense. But there are some good things. Like the Ford Mustang with the machine gun. (Seriously that's OP lmao) but anyways. If you just bring back the things listed above. That would make my day.


I love it because there is so much good graphics but it must get more bulidings you can go in chat in multiplayer and add some new cars.Also the roads need better graphics It's an amazing game


Sorry if this is too much but can you make autopilot for the tesla like the tesla can drive itself. Also can u put reverse camera in every car.


Loving this game had it for a while and im downloading the 2nd one but I just wanted to know if u guys could add more manual cars to the game I love manual cars and can the manual cars be normals cars too instead of trucks and busses thanks


Sound is not coming of the game. If the sound is not coming then im not playing this bad game.As it is simulation game , i domt loke it but if you resolve the problem of the sound i will play the game for sure. Thanks


I liked this car game very much.Some people say that the gear knob is not working. But the gear knob is working. You have to press brake first then you can shift gear. Graphics are excellent. But I am having 2 problems.One is you have to watch a very long video to get a new car. In this game you have no clutch and an automatic gear. So I think the game should give us a manual gear with a clutch then it will be more realistic. Overall the game is good.If you want to spend your time then go for it