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Mobile applications Odtahovka serve drivers and dispatchers towing, assistance, transportation and rescue services. It allows transparently monitor all actions of emergency vehicles, their drivers, acquire photographic documentation and comprehensively manage the requirements for the use of the fleet.
Key features of the application
– Easy to use for drivers of emergency vehicles
– Uploading photographs directly from the venue
– Online registration and administration of all hits
– Possibility of operative intervention entering dispatcher

– Connection to a central web application with additional functionality dispatcher:
for Fleet Management
Management of the car on a special parking lot
Administration of co-submitters
o Manage roles (dispatcher, driver, …)
a Document Library
a statistical outputs

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You can 14 types to show you a map of the Geographical Survey Institute.
You can display the standard map, light color map, English, land use map, blank map, photo, anaglyph, shadow undulation map, tilt map, national tilt map, land cover, vegetation, and elevation tile of the Geographical Survey Institute.
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All interventions on your tow truck under control
Mobile applications Odtahovka serve drivers and dispatchers towing, assistance, transportation and rescue services. It allows transparently monitor all actions of emergency vehicles, their drivers, acquire photographic documentation and comprehensively manage the requirements for the use of the fleet.Key features of the application- Easy to use for drivers of emergency vehicles- Uploading photographs directly from the venue- Online registration and administration of all hits- Possibility of operative intervention entering dispatcher- Connection to a central web application with additional functionality dispatcher:for Fleet ManagementManagement of the car on a special parking lotAdministration of co-submitterso Manage roles (dispatcher, driver,)a Document Librarya statistical outputs

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