Bet online and have everything you need to know about Sazka games at hand. You can quickly and easily bet on selected lotteries such as Sportka, Eurojackpot, Happy 10, Extra rent, Euromillions, or fast lotteries Keno, Kameny, Rychlá 6 and others. You can also check your placed bets or which of your bets are waiting to be drawn, find out the results of the draw, find the nearest terminal or use the help for lotteries that you have not yet tried.

The application offers:
• Simple login using a PIN code, Touch ID or Face ID
• Online betting of selected games
• Helpers for generating random numbers
• Quick and simple check of the ticket – just scan it or enter the numbers manually
• Preparation of the bet into the code for loading on the terminal
• History of all your bets incl. favorite numbers
• Search for the nearest Sazky terminals (including opening hours)
• Push notifications with the draw results of the games you are interested in
• Instant draw results for all games
• Notification of upcoming draw
• Simple game guides

The Ministry of Finance warns: Participating in a gambling game can lead to addiction. 18+ The Sazka company is committed to supporting responsible gaming and also to improving awareness of gambling issues and the possibilities of addiction prevention and treatment. For more information, you can visit the Hraj s rozum page at

SIMILAR to Sazka App

Video editor, masks, effects. Watch and create short videos!
Do you like watching short videos, scrolling through thematic collections and finding clips to fit the mood or discovering new talents in the recommendations? Then VK Clips was created for you.VK Clips is an app where you can watch and create short videos on different topics, from entertainment to education. Clips is also a place that brings talents together. Here, everyone can find cool content creators and interesting content to relax, have fun or learn something new.VK Clips was designed so that every viewer finds something for themselves:1. Smart recommendation algorithms instantly adjust to the user's interests, reacting to views, likes, clicks on ""Not interesting"" and other interactions.2. Users can binge-watch clips on a specific topic in the thematic collections.3. To change which topics appear in the feed, users can customize their interests and select different ones when looking for something new.4. Clips can even be viewed anonymously without signing in to the app.To make all of this possible, algorithms constantly analyze clips on the platform, separate them by genre and category, filter out copies and recommend only original content...
Truth or Lie? Test It Out! Prank your friends to have fun with Lie Detector.
Lie Detector Test: Prank TestPrank your friends to have fun.Whenever you're seeking an engaging game to share with friends, Lie Detector is your go-to choice. Discover the truth or lies in a fun and playful way, right at your fingertips. It combines entertainment and curiosity to give you an entertaining pastime that's sure to bring smiles and laughter to your gatherings.KEY FEATURES👆 Fingerprint ScannerPlace your finger on the screen, ask a random question, let the Fingerprint Scanner simulate lie detection and analyze the truthfulness of the answer. Truth or lie? Witness the results unfold before your eyes, sparking conversations and moments of hilarity.👀 Eyes ScannerLock eyes with your device's camera and experience the thrill of detecting truth or lies. After a few seconds of scanning and simulating the analysis, the lie detector will show you the result. Want to know who is lying or telling the truth? Just scan their eyes.⚙️ Control the ResultPress the volume key next to the device while scanning: Keyfor telling the truth, keyfor lying. The result is under your control.🤪 Prank Your FriendsPrank your friends..
Laser Operation System
LaserOS is an all encompassing application for laser enthusiasts and hobbyists. This one single app offers laser animations, beam shows, games, and much more.Minimum requirement: SnapDragon 625 (or better)Examples: Samsung Galaxy A10e, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019, Xiaomi Note 4+, Xiaomi Redmi 7+
Dive into an underwater adventure in this voxel mermaid coloring book.
Do you need to engage in a relaxing activity that will help you relieve stress and improve your creativity all at once? If yes, then download mermaid 3d color by number that will provide you calming and meditative color therapy. Go to the seaside, dive to the sandy bottom and breathtaking coral reefs will amaze you.Mermaids are the most fantastic and beautiful princesses of the ocean. Let your imagination run wild and don’t be constrained with anything when you are decorating mermaids with different colors. You will surprise yourself on your own ability in creating stunning colorful pictures with our 3D coloring book. Tap to paint different mermaids with mesmerizing shades.Sit down and focus on one thing, like the popular mermaid coloring images on your phone that will improve your concentration.How To Play:- First of all, select the voxel mermaid drawings and color mode to paint with glitters, crayons, and solid colors.- Unlock watercolors and oil paint in the premium offer.- After that, zoom in and tap on number blocks to see the drawing area for coloring.- Fill these blocks..
Simulator of the lie detector by voice, face, or fingerprint. Just joke.
Joke lie detector by voice, face, or fingerprintquickly discern truth and lies. You can test lie to you your friends, relatives, colleagues at work,Just press the START BOOK button and speak into the device the answer or the subject,Then click on the STOP and ANALYSIS button and you will get the result of a LIE or a TRUE.Special algorithms will analyze each byte and tone of conversation,Revealing the truth or lies.A good and funny substitute for a polygraph, please yourself and your loved ones.The lie detector detects lies at 50% success.This will be a real godsend for raffling friends and colleagues.
Powerball analyzer finally released
■ 모든 분석정보와 코멘트! 다년간 쌓아온 경험과 디테일한 분석을 통해 동행복권 파워볼 분석기 무료 제공 ■
Explore unlimited movies and tv shows
Notice of Non-Affiliation and Disclaimer:The app "SLink" does not host or store any copyrighted contents on its server and in application and all links present in app are hosted by external entities. Explore Rating, General info, genre, trailers and watch huge collection in all available formats.Features of this app:⭐ Astounding User Interface⭐ Showcases detailed information about a movie/tv show⭐ Subtitles ⭐ Watch trailers⭐ Add them to your Watchlist to watch them later.⭐ Requesting for unavailable content⭐ And progress trackingMedia is categorized in following manner:⭐ Latest ⭐ Popular ⭐ Top Rated⭐ Similar⭐ Recommended⭐ RecentsPlease mail us if you feel violation of any intellectual property and Copyright, which is totally unintentional, before reporting against this app .We will look forward towards correcting those as soon as possible. ⏯Start Exploring Now
Install amazing mods, addons, maps and skins for MCPE!
Mods for MCPE is an advanced tool which helps you to install MCPE addons, maps, resources, skins, mods and whatever you need for this game! Find your favourite mod and install it with just one click!- Add amazing monsters/mob skills with behaviors (portals, mounts, inventory)- Add incredibles maps to explore it! (Pink Princess House, Modern Mansions, Luxury Villages, Lucky Block Race)- Set up a lot of popular mods (Lucky Block, TNT Mod, Redstone House)- Auto-install and imported to your game.Addons Installer MCPE is quite easychoose your favourite addon and click on install button. Maps Installer is easy too and it's the same features.This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved.
Princess nail art wallpapers for girls with colorful nails polishes ideas!
🚶💜💄🤗💃🌷🎀😎👯👄🌹🍀Welcome to the “princess salon", where you can find the best “ideas for your nail design"! Awesome “nail art" pictures will make you paint your nails chic and fancy! Change your “nail art design" with new nail shades pictures, french manicure, wedding nail art images, step by step nail art wallpapers HD! You nails can look fabulous with this “nail decoration app"! See what your nail art says about you! Choose among many nail designs that are so perfect for summer! Find best nail art in this nail and makeup app!💖😘🚶💜💄🤗💃🌷🎀😎👯👄🌹🍀💖😘Princess Nails Wallpapers are the best apps for girls who want to paint nails, but don’t know how! Do your nails by looking at the best pictures of nail decoration. Wedding manicure, french manicure, Christmas nail art, summer nails, princess nails, glitter nails, acrylic nails, stiletto nails, nude nail art, gothic nails, Easter nails you will find in this “nail app"! Every trendy girl cares about her nail style! If you have long nails, all you need is a perfect nail makeup! This top nail application will provide you with..
An interactive score card for the tabletop board game, Warhammer 40K Kill Team
Kill Team Score Card is a score keeping app designed for use with the Warhammer 40K Kill Team table-top skirmish has been designed by players who know the game and incorporates score keeping for two people.the Kill Team Score Card app, using inputs from the players, is able to track Mission Objective Victory Points, Command Points, Tac Op Points, faction specific ability points as well as Total Victory Points. it can also track if your kill team has taken a leader, who has first turn initiative and if your kill team is painted to a table top standard as outlined in the Warhammer 40K Kill Team Core Rule Book by Games Workshop.
With the Sazka mobile application, you have everything at your fingertips for online lottery betting!
Bet online and have everything you need to know about Sazka games at hand. You can quickly and easily bet on selected lotteries such as Sportka, Eurojackpot, Happy 10, Extra rent, Euromillions, or fast lotteries Keno, Kameny, Rychlá 6 and others. You can also check your placed bets or which of your bets are waiting to be drawn, find out the results of the draw, find the nearest terminal or use the help for lotteries that you have not yet tried.The application offers:• Simple login using a PIN code, Touch ID or Face ID• Online betting of selected games• Helpers for generating random numbers• Quick and simple check of the ticketjust scan it or enter the numbers manually• Preparation of the bet into the code for loading on the terminal• History of all your bets incl. favorite numbers• Search for the nearest Sazky terminals (including opening hours)• Push notifications with the draw results of the games you are interested in• Instant draw results for all games• Notification of upcoming draw• Simple game guidesThe Ministry of Finance warns: Participating in a..
Control the services of your mobile operator online!
Easily manage all your services from SAZKAmobil! With our application you can access your account from anywhere. Here you will find an up-to-date overview of the credit balance, activated and drawn rewards, or statements of the use of services. In the application, you can also top up your credit or pay regular Bills of your Happy Tariff.Do you have a subscription? • check the credit status • Recharge credit online • activate the Reward for recharging credit • keep track of all rewards earned • keep track of current offers • manage all your numbers in one place • download statements on the use of services (calls, data, SMS, MMS) • manage your personal dataDo you have a Happy Tariff? • keep your expenses under control • buy additional services (packages) according to your needs • Pay your Happy Tariff online • keep track of current offers • manage all your numbers in one place • download statements on the use of services (calls, data, SMS, MMS) • manage your personal dataIf you have any questions or need help with..


Free DownloadGoogle PlayOfficial Website



Proč má aplikace 2Gb dat? To po sobe po kazde aktualizaci neuklizi instalacni soubory? Chapu ze dneska uz telefony maj mista dost, ale to je optimalizace opravdu tak sproste slovo?
Dobrý den Petře, za tuto chybu se omlouváme, dlouho jsme jí nemohli přijít na kloub protože se děla jen na některých specifických kombinacích zařízení a verzí OS, ale již se nám ji podařilo odhalit a v další aktualizaci za pár dní bude tato chyba opravena 🙏🏼 Ještě jednou se omlouváme a budeme rádi když nám pak dáte vědět, že problém je vyřešen.


Nemožná navigace k sazkam. Pokaždé bloudim než najdu sazku kterou hledám.


Přes 2 tisíce už pryč😂


Praha je území, kde nelze využívat z legislativních důvodů služby? Na české wifi (Vodafone/UPC) s českou SIM?
Dobrý den Stefane, napište nám prosím na e-mail [email protected] pokud váš problém stále přetrvává a podíváme se na to společně, chování které popisujete je zajímavé a dít by se určitě nemělo. Aplikace opravdu musí znemožňovat přístup ze zahraničí, ale pokud jste v Praze, na české wifi, s českou SIM kartou a bez ѴРИ, tak by mělo vše fungovat 🤔


Ještě tak vyhrát... Ten Jackpot se mě štítí jako čert kříže 😅
Děkujeme vám za hodnocení a doufáme, že se na vás brzy usměje štěstí v některé z našich loterií nebo losech ☺️🍀


Úplně k hovnu a ne, nebudu povolovat instalaci mimo Google play


Neni online sazeni
Dobrý den, stáhněte si prosím poslední verzi app (3.2.2) a po kliknutí na konkrétní hru (Sportka, Euromiliony, Eurojackpot, Kasička) ťukněte na modré tlačítko "Vsaďte si". ro uzavření sázky je potřeba předchozí registrace.


Proč byl přidán v povolenich aplikace přístup na bluetooth? Mám v aplikaci vypnute notifikace a přesto dostávám reklamní upozornění v notifikacich. EDIT:. A teď při každém spuštění otravuje s instalací nové verze mimo obchod google bez jakéhokoli vysvětlení nebo jen upozornění, že nová verze není oběma googkem.
Dobrý den, Google bohužel zatím neumožňuje v Google Play zveřejňovat mj. aplikace, které podporují online sázení loterií. Proto se Vám při každém otevření aplikace zobrazuje náš dialog s informací o aktualizaci. Jaké reklamní notifikace Vám chodí? Mohl byste nám na [email protected] prosím poslat screenshot z notifikačního centra? Díky!


Neskenuje sazku pomoci fotoaparatu. Nepomaha vynucene ukonceni ani promazani pameti. O problemu jste se zminovali v breznu a stale neni opraveno
Dobrý den, stávající produkční appku již opravovat nebudeme. Po svátcích snad vydáme novou verzi s online sázením a novou knihovnou pro skenování. Díky za trpělivost.


Nejde mi skenovat sazky... Fotak se neotevre na LG G6


Nejde vsadit, nejde prekontrolovat sazku atd.... Na tak velkou spolecnost jako je Sazka by clovek cekal, trochu jinej pristup


Nejde vsadit, takže k ničemu


Postrádám on-line sázky a on-line stírací losy snad Květnový update přinese nový rozměr zkostnatělé loterie


aplikace je celkem k ničemu, protože neumožňuje sázky online, což jediné bych od ní čekal.
Dobrý den, spuštění nové verze aplikace, v které půjde po předchozí registraci online sázet loterie, plánujeme cca na květen. Prosíme o strpení.


Po updatu na Android 7.0 přestalo fungovat skenování sázky. Už dříve ale fungovalo problematicky - musel jsem ručně pustit a zavřít aplikaci Camera, aby to šlo. Oneplus 3, oprávnění na foťák povolena
Dobrý den, u některých kombinací telefonu a OS o problémech při skenování bohužel víme. Nyní dokončujeme vývoj nové verze aplikace, u které použijeme jinou knihovnu a tyto a podobné problémy při skenování se tím odbourají. V tuto chvíli Vás bohužel musím požádat o pár týdnů strpení a o kontrolování sázky ručně nebo na terminálu. Omlouváme se.


Lenovo P770
Dobrý den, Kerri, a máte v nastavení aplikace ve Správci aplikací povolené používání fotoaparátu? A máte tento problém i v poslední produkční verzi aplikace, která je ve storu? Případně nám prosím napište na [email protected] a vyřešíme to. Předem díky.


Update vyresil padani, ted funguje paradne. Jeste mit moznost pomoci app sazet a je to idelani.
Dobrý den, to by se nám samozřejmě také líbilo, ale zatím v ČR není online sázení loterií povoleno. Až bude (a zdá se, že se tato doba blíží), počítáme s rozšířením aplikace o tuto možnost. Třeba nám poté dáte pět hvězd :-)


A mám poslední verzi ze včera. Vydat release bez testingu je neodpustitelné diletanství. Opravte to.
Dobrý den, aplikaci nám bohužel shazovala výše Eurojackpotu - byla tak vysoká, že nám zkrátka přetékala z tabulky a shazovala appku. Hned následující den jsme vydali opravu, tak jestli už je vše OK, třeba nám zlepšíte hodnocení .-) Omlouváme se za komplikace a děkujeme za upozornění.


Sazka has stopped.... Pořád - g930f


abych si zkontroloval tiket online, je to appka k ničemu.