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With Identiti you can train your math skills and improve your concentration in a playful way.
Procedurally generated arithmetical exercises make this possible – everytime and everywhere. No lazy excuses anymore!

The game principle is easy: Choose whether terms are equal or not – but don’t wait too long, you are just having a few seconds!

Connect your right and left hemisphere and become a computational artist!

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Want to keep your grey matter in shape?
With Identiti you can train your math skills and improve your concentration in a playful way.Procedurally generated arithmetical exercises make this possibleeverytime and everywhere. No lazy excuses anymore!The game principle is easy: Choose whether terms are equal or notbut don't wait too long, you are just having a few seconds!Connect your right and left hemisphere and become a computational artist!
This is an application which provides a platform for selling and buying watches
This is an application owned by Timelab. Timelab focuses on providing an interactive interface for the customers who are willing to buy and sell watches. Timelab consists of both English as well as Arabic language to promote the native awareness.

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